Yes. I live in my own little world.

I was recently told, in a condescending tone intended to insult me; “You must live in your own little world!”

“Yes? And your point?” was my response. Most interestingly because I had never thought of it before…

It really put a pinpoint on my own goals and gave me the words for what I’ve been pushing towards my whole life.

The so-called “real world” is garbage and full of people who are worse than garbage. People who say such absurd things with such absurd intentions as that which I quoted in the first sentence. I don’t want to live there! It sucks! Those people suck! Why would I want to not live in my own little world? Aw crap, I split my infinitive again. And, in the exact same manner as last time! I also started that last sentence with a conjunction! It’s not so much improper as uncouth, but still… I digress, as usual.

My world doesn’t suck!

Yes. I live in a bubble of my own design. It’s better here! This is the definition of home and family that has been lost.

If you had any sense at all, you’d do the same!

One of my favorites…

I know this really doesn’t belong on here… Oh who am I kidding, this video was made for my blog. If you’re one of those people who hunts for things to be offended by so you can bully them, this will make your head explode. I laugh harder every time I see it. I wonder how many time I can watch it before it kills me…

Operation: ComDE – Part 1

Long overdue … and, probably going to offend a lot of people, like pretty much everything I have to say . Common sense is offensive to the stupid, it’s the nature of the beast… Problem, dumbasses?

I still accept payment via Cash by Mail for people who want to “stay off the radar.” These people aren’t really thinking it through, or simply don’t understand how the real world works, but I humor them. I agree with their sentiment and desire to “stay off the radar” to a certain degree, but they clearly do not understand that their methods are a complete failure and in no way are they actually staying “off the radar,” but contrarily, making themselves more obvious…

First and foremost is the foolish idea that mail isn’t tampered with by the government on an SOP basis at this point in history. It most certainly is. The seal of that envelope is not protected by the 4th Amendment, because this government does whatever the hell it wants and how are you going to prove it anyway? It’s easy to get a rubber-stamped search warrant for a trumped-up or even completely fabricated investigation of pretty much anyone, anywhere. Very few envelopes I receive do not show telltale signs of having been opened, gone through, photographed, copied, documented, etc. and then put back together sloppily and sent on to me. Yeah, like I totally didn’t notice…

Similarly, many packages I’ve sent out were tampered with in the same way. However, just as a fun game, they would put the wrong items in the wrong boxes with the wrong invoices before sending them on to their destinations. Again, “they” think I wouldn’t notice?

This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory bullshit. This is real. All the stuff your supposedly crazy Uncle who fought in Vietnam told you was going to happen; it has. This is not some future thing that might come true one day. It’s not a theoretical possibility written by Huxley or Orwell. It’s real. It’s now. I’ve lived the proof of it for several years now, death threats, shoot-outs and all. The revolution is not being televised.

So, how can you get around any of this dirty business the government is doing? I mean, the USPS is the government, after all!

4th Amendment Enforcement. Perform your business in such a manner that “they” simply haven’t the ability to do anything about it. To say it another way; you cannot cover your tracks. Ever. Period. No exceptions. If you’re about to say “But, what about…” you need to shut the fuck up. There is no “But, what about…” If you really think your point is valid on a “But, what about…” then you have failed to grasp reality. You are wrong. There is no “But, what about…” on the topic of covering tracks. You can’t do it. Ever. If you think you can, or think you have at some point in your life, you’re wrong. You simply got lucky and nobody happened to stumble upon your tracks, or never bothered looking for them.

All you can do is not leave tracks in the first place. You must be a fart in the wind.

I’m not speaking of breaking the law. I’m speaking of what may become the law. I’m speaking of the political persecution endured every time the psycho Neo-Soviets hold power. The law means nothing when Democrats are in office. They attack everyone and everything they disagree with. I ended that sentence with a preposition. You want to not have to deal with that shit, don’t you?

The 1st and most important step to this is to be NOT A DUMBASS! This is the ultimate problem; extreme dumbassery among We the People. If not for being a bunch of entertained, helpless dumbasses, the government wouldn’t have the foothold it already has. No matter how many “Dont Tread On Me” bumper stickers you slap on that pick-up truck, you are utterly useless if you don’t know HOW to fight back. Willing and ABLE. So very willing, but completely and hopelessly unable. Worse, they don’t even realize how unable they really are… They don’t know they have a problem, so they’re not fixing it. They really think they have it all figured out, and the soooo shamefully do not.

I’ve covered some of the ways that people are dumbasses and think they’re so clever, but aren’t. There are more. Oh, so many more… This is the root function upon which guvthugs seize. Stop being a dumbass and “they” have absolutely no hope of finding you. All of their tactics are based upon the lynch pin of you being a dumbass. So don’t be one!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Operation: ComDE, for more details on dumbasses who think they are clever, and how to not be one of them.

I totally split the crap out of that infinitive…

Conventional Stupidity

“The line between genius and insanity is drawn by those who comprehend neither.” – Me.

There is no difference. Only those who can’t tell they are the same… Most forms of insanity are not genius, but genius is a form of insanity through the eyes of the neurotypical, in the same way that a thumb is a finger, but a finger is not a thumb… Run-on sentence. A Square is a Rhombus, but a Rhombus is not a Square. Do you even know what a Rhombus is? No? If you haven’t already highlighted it to paste into a new tab and google it, stop reading and get the fuck off my website.

Most so-called “people” are driven entirely by the basest of hormones and instincts. Absolutely zero brain function, which if they had any, would allow them to claim the title of Human Being. They call themselves “human” exclusively by genetic virtues that they don’t deserve. They have none of the intellect that defines a Human as seperate and superior to animals.

Women are, by far, the worst offenders in this matter. This is why almost all of the stupid PETA activists trying to grant personhood to dolphins and cows, are female. They know themselves to be no different from these animals, and are experiencing Rights and Entitlements that they don’t actually deserve. They’re subconsciously trying to extend those undeserved Rights and Entitlements to their fellow beasts. Hey, you nasty, stupid sluts; maybe you’re equal to a raccoon, but I’m better than that. I wouldn’t fuck you with, even with someone else’s dick, on an 11 foot pole especially designed for people who wouldn’t touch things with a 10 foot pole. I’m not an animal. I don’t fuck. I’m better than that. I’m more than that. Sad that you’re not, and that you deliberately choose that condition. Nasty.

That which the neurotypical refer to as “Genius” or “Insane” is actually plain old comon sense that isn’t so common anymore. Dumb animals can’t wrap their dumb animal heads around it.

Through the learning and experience of these realities, I can no longer consider most humans as humans; they chose to dispose of their humanity, so, not really human anymore. Who am I to argue with their choice? If they want to be animals, that’s up to them.

However, I certainly don’t want to have a “relationship” with someone who more closely resembles a barnyard animal than a person. There’s a word for that; Bestiality. Gross. Women repulse me in the same manner. What sick bastard would I want to do that… Disgusting… Or is it?

Maybe this is why there are so many jokes about Scotts and sheep? If there’s no actual difference between a woman and a goat, why put up with the bullshit? Just because she stands up on two legs doesn’t preclude that fact the she’s a damn, dirty ape, and that makes it beastiality…

It’s lonely at the top … of the food chain. Won’t someone else please climb the mountain so I can have someone with which to converse?

Genetics give you the shape and the body parts. But, being human is a thing you have to make an effort to live up to. I ended that sentence with a preposition.

Illegal Alien Amnesty

How about we add something to sweeten the pot? Like an NFA amnesty?

Open the Machine Gun registry for a day. Let us drag in all our “undocumented machineguns” for NFA registration amnesty.

Oh, you douchebag liberals don’t like the idea when it’s on the other foot, eh?

Fuck you. The NFA and gun registration are evil bullshit anyway. I wasn’t being serious. Just exposing the hypocrisy.

All the faux-conservatives who sold the Bill of Rights down the river with their overpriced limited-availablility NFA toys would never allow a dilution of their pie slice anyway. 30 pieces of silver still go a long way, it seems… How’s that for the hypocrisy of conservatives that go to church?

Electric Car Incentives

This is not exhaustive, only exemplary.

Fed Guv gives a $7,500 Tax Rebate for buying an Electric Car.

There are some State Incentives, notice the locale…

Us stupid inbred hillbillies who can’t even do math, much less buy an electric car:
Georgia; $5,000
Louisianna; $13,600 (!)

Enlightened hippie liberal elitist snobs who look down on everyone:
California: $2,500
Massivetwoshits: $2,500

Such green. So progressive. Wow.

Oh, and that Federal credit… Created by Dubyah.

So, yeah, who’s got their what up their where?

Way to go, liberal hippie douche bags! You sure showed us!

Of course, Floriduh is $0 – just like it is with everything that matters… Floriduh is such a trash state…

Why Doesn’t Your Cup Runneth Over?

Psalm 23:5: Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Waste not, want not.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



I drove a hitch-hiker to Tallahassee today. I wasn’t going to Tallahassee. Again. It was 70 miles in the opposite direction I was going.

Am I bragging? No. It’s just a thing I can do since I’ve chosen a cup of appropriate size. It’s actually pretty small. It’s not that hard to make it runneth over.

If you wonder why there is so much gone wrong in the world, maybe it’s not everyone else to blame? You laugh when I say I’m on a mission from God. So are you. If you laugh at mine, do you laugh at your’s? Maybe that’s why the world sucks? Maybe more people should take their missions more seriously?

How big is your cup? How big is your mission? It’s all just a dream, go back to artificial reality…

Yes, amazon and ebay are anti-gun.

I’ve been asked by several arm-chair researchers to prove my statements that is anti-gun.

My own products are all banned from, how do you think I found out what is doing?

It seems to be selective. They pick and choose. Same product from two different suppliers, they may ban one and not the other. Depends who they like more? Often they ban a product from a seller, then make their own and sell it themselves.

So, for you assholes who thought you were calling me out; maybe you should try to do actual research, instead of just seek out what suits your desire to believe that isn’t a bunch of dicks.

As one of these articles points out, explicitly bans anything relating to so-called “assault weapons.” Since there is no such thing, it’s just a scary phrase made-up by douche-bag liberals, it can mean whatever they want it to mean today, and maybe something else tomorrow. Or one guy’s item is “assaulty” and the exact same item from someone who bribes them more, is not “assaulty.”

I’m sick of being the Fact Welfare. If you don’t want to beleive something, that does not excuse you from doing your own research. If you were in search of the truth, instead of pushinig your agenda, you could have found it just as easily as I did. Here, let me google that for you… Took me a whole 2 seconds to find this information. You say you couldn’t find it? You didn’t look. You’re a fraud and a liar. You know who you are.

eBay is identical in behavior. I’m not going to hand it all to you. You could easily find this data if you made even a tiny effort. The whole “refuse to do any reasearch, demand that someone else prove it” crap is juvenile. No, sorry, even most children aren’t so idiotic. I appologize to juveniles for that comparison.

Just becasue you can find something on there that they haven’t banned yet, or they beat one supplier down while allowing another, or beat everyone down, stole it, and sell it themselves… Get a clue, you simple-headed brats.


“That’s just the way the world works.”

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“Contribute to society.”

“Be a functioning member of society.”

Take a good look at what this really means. Look at this society and tell me it isn’t a completely backwards clusterfuck. I dare you.

What is it to be a functioning member of a dysfunctional thing? It’s just hiding the truth behind a double-negative, then leaving out the double part in the middle. It’s really not that clever, but you won’t see it if you’re not looking for it because the lie is in what’s missing, not what’s there.

What is an educated, responsible, hard-working child molester?

Social mores, conventional wisdom, etc… It’s just a verbal slight-of-hand to hide and glorify the truth of dysfunction in our society. No respectable person would choose to be a part of it.

If this society is really so great, why are most people in it miserable slaves? Because it, and the behaviors it teaches, are dysfunctional.

If you look around at what everyone else is doing, and you see they’re not getting ahead, aren’t happy, etc., why the hell would you follow suit? Are you stupid?

You’re looking right at it! Everyone is shooing themselves in the foot, and complaining about how hard it makes life to have a bleeding hole in their foot. So, hey, here’s a jenius notion; Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because everyone else is doing it! Is this really such a difficult concept to understand?

This is why I’m a “weirdo;” I don’t participate in Conventional Stupidity. How hard is it to not do a thing? You can fall asleep and not do pretty much everything there is. How about not being a dumbass? Some people are at their best when they’re asleep because it’s the only time they’re not being a dumbass…

Scofflaw, vagrant, ne’er-do-well; the names given us who have, and practice, common sense. Rabble, trash, riff-raff, etc…

Proud rouser of rabble, I am.

Lightbulb Conspiracy for Guns

Read this carefully:

Especially this part:

The disconnect is a consumable item and will need to be replaced. The life of the disconnect depends on the length of barrel of your MPA model, caliber and type of ammo. Life expectancy will be in the 600-1200 rounds range.

Just the thing every M-11/9mm owner would want, oh, but we couldn’t be bothered to heat treat it, so you’ll have to buy a new one every couple weeks…

Are you effing kidding me?

I want to get a patent on being a stupid asshole. I wouldn’t be one, I’d just sit on the patent so I could sue everyone else who decided to be a stupid asshole, and there would finally be a punishment for such behavior.

Common Gun Thread Combinations

This is a list of the more common thread associations. If you have one of these, then the threads are probably what is stated here. This is by no means exhaustive or guaranteed. There is nothing that forces Gun A to have Thread A. You should always double check. There is always a chance the barrel was originally un-threaded and someone put who-the-hell-knows-what threads on it. Guns that don’t come from the factory threaded, or at least with that option, are likely to be unguessable. You’ll just have to find out the old-fashioned way. Yes, I just made up the word “unguessable.”

AR-15 .223/5.56mm – 1/2-28
AK-47 – M14x1LH
AR-15 9mm – 1/2-36
AR-15 RRA .458 SOCOM – 5/8-32
AR-15 WC .458 SOCOM – 11/16-24
AR-10 .308/AR-15 .300 AAC Blackout – 5/8-24
M14/M1A – .595-32
1911 .45 – .578-28, .575-40, or M16x1LH
Glock .40 (conversion barrel from larger caliber)/.45 Cal. – .575-40 or .578-28. Can be M16x1LH (or some other weird stuff) if euro barreled
Glock .40 – 9/16-24
Glock 9mm – Mostly 1/2-28, but sometimes M13.5x1LH if euro barreled
FN FAL Inch (L1A1)/MP-5/M1 Carbine – 9/16-24, maybe? Sometimes?
FN FAL Metric – 9/16-24LH (occasionally these are off-the-wall metric, but that’s pretty rare. My STG-58 is 9/16-24LH)
HK SOCOM Mk.23 – M16x1RH, weirdos…
Walther P22 – M8x0.75 recessed
GSG 1911 .22lr (and the SIG copy) – M9x0.75 recessed
Umarex .22lr rifle, and the assorted rebranded versions thereof – M8x0.75- the Walther P22 adapter would work, but odd
SIG Mosquito – M9x0.75
SIG P220 .40/.45 – .578-28
SIG P226 – M13.5x1LH
HK G3/53/HK91/HK93/PTR91 – M15x1
Cobray/MAC/etc… M-11/9mm and most clones – 3/4-10
Steyr AUG – M13x1LH
Yugo PAP/MPAP/92 w/ “big weird threaded thingy” – M26x1.5LH
AK-74 w/ “big weird threaded thingy” – M24x1.5RH

If you have something odd or unguessable, please don’t ask me to guess, too. I’m some dude on the Internet. How can I possibly have more information than you, the owner, who is holding it in his hand? Guessing in person is better than guessing over the Internet. I’ll try to help where I can, but don’t get mad if it’s wrong. I have no idea how many fingers you are holding up right now… Maybe just the one in the middle? ;-)

If you have any additional information or corrections, feel free to post a comment.

“I need a screw for my car. It’s a blue car with tires. WHY WON’T YOU HELP ME!!! YOU SUCK I HATE YOU!” Would you really expect any non-telepathic person to figure that out? I’m trying to help, but you gotta give me at least a rational hint…

“I wish you would just tell me. Why do you have to make it so hard, I’m trying to give you my money!” I wish there were a simple answer, but there isn’t one. I could lie to you… Nah, I couldn’t.

I’m not the one who made it this way. A world full of jerks who want you to have to buy special threads at $[too expensive] from them made it this way. I’m trying to undo it. There are tons of ridiculous threads out there, and none of them have any rhyme or reason, many have no published specs at all. They’re just plain made-up. Others are done poorly by a drunk guy on a sloppy manual lathe and don’t fit what they claim to be. There’s a world of crap out there…

Here’s an excellent example. Mk23. M16x1RH. The same company makes plenty of guns with the normal M16x1LH. Why did they do the Mk23 backwards? It’s the only one in the world like that, and it even defies their own conventions because they make plenty of other guns that have to proper thread…

There are standards and then there are “common conventions.” There are no standards that dictate a certain thread on a certain make/model/caliber of gun. There are common conventions, but there’s no guarantee that they were followed on your gun.

DIY Gun Thing…

I’ve had a number of setbacks on this project… Multiple causes. I’ve taken a step back and shifted my mindset on it. I’ve started over completely from scratch twice now. This post marks the 3rd… So, if anyone was wondering where all that went, yeah… It’s taken me almost 2 years to start over from scratch today. If I didn’t care about the goals of garage manufactuability and using it as a teaching tool, it could be done in an afternoon. But, speed is not the goal of this project…

Shipment Delays

The USPS has screwed up their online system for printing shipping labels. We were promised a solution by two days ago, and it never happened. Shipments may go out by 1st Class Mail instead, simply because Priority Mail won’t ship at all due to this now-perpetual screw up.

There were some medical delays in the shipping department, but since they were eclipsed by this ongoing screw up at the USPS, it’s like that never happend. The only issue having actual impact on delays is the USPS itself.

Need Some Help…

My Step Dad is a Veteran of WWII and a Marine. He’s got a few Purple Hearts to go with it.

He’s dropped some hints about wanting one of the paracord things I’ve been playing with, but I wanted to make him something special to go along with what I just mentioned above. Any ideas what colors/patterns would suit? I’ve been looking around at other paracord stuff and I’m not impressed. Maybe paracord just can’t reach what I want it to… His birthday is coming up soon, input appreciated.


Parkerizing FBAs as we speak.

Some emergency medical issues in the shipping department. There will be delays in shipping, but boxes are still moving. Just not as fast as usual. Returns delayed as well, I’m not ignoring you.

Still using the same Parkerizing fluid I started with. Shooter Solutions is awesome. After over 150 muzzle brakes, it still fizzes like Mentos in Pepsi. I have to be careful when I dunk more than 5 at a time or there might be a mess. Amazing stuff! If you feel like Parkerizing something, I can’t recommend Shooter Solutions enough.

More mail tampering…

I’ve got a tablet in transit.

Tracking number shows it arrived in Georgia, tomorrow.

Let me be clearer. The tracking number shows that the package has arrived at a date and time that has not yet occurred.

“Arrived at FedEx location ELLENWOOD, GA – SEPT 24th 2:27AM”

Same Time Zone as destination…

It is currently Sept 23rd, 11:04pm

This little temporal anomaly happens with every tampered package, among other things only a complete moron would fail to notice.


I wonder what’s being installed on it, and how easilly I’ll get rid of it.

Nice try, guvtrash.

Mmmm… Brains…



The extortion and abuse of ICE and Oil are finally coming to an end. At least for me. Unto the masochistic stupid, their own choices…

Zero will, supposedly, be announcing the 2015 models Oct 1. Waiting for news on those. The Tesla Model S is just too much of a gawdy pavement princess for me. I just can’t justify paying that much money for a prissy, turd of a car. Maybe the Model 3. I’m not going to pay useful vehicle prices for a prissy turd.

Tesla’s Superchargers are a major temptation. But, again, access comes at the price of driving a prissy turd. Just can’t do it.

But, with a pair of those MeanWell DC power supplies, every Type 2 J1772 and RV/Dryer outlet in the world becomes a Supercharger for the Zero S.

I’m not expecting big changes for the 2015 Zero. But, maybe just enough that I should hold off for it… The 2014’s built-in charger is an absolute lolwut. Leaky, self-destructing tank compartment. Shock and bearing drama. Come on October! This stuff shouldn’t be hard to fix. Oh, and another color would be nice… Blue or Green, maybe?

Oh, and The Walking Dead will be back. I find the show to be an excellent satire of Sane People trying to survive the Democrat onslaught. Mmmm, smartphone, DLNA, ╬╝Torrent, BigAssTV…

Defective Perspective

It’s not the panicked whine of “What am I gonna do now!?”

It’s “What am I gonna do next? How can I visit contempt upon evil (government) and expose it’s insidious intent (slavery and genocide a.k.a. liberalism)? It’s not about how far will I go, but how do I become man enough to go as far as is necessarry. My next task is always too big to handle, how do I grow myself to it’s challenge? How do I pull off the impossible? Again. Still. This time. Next.”

Good news? Maybe? Dare I?

Been getting some Parkerizing done with some fluid obtained from a new supplier. I’m intentionally doing small batches and deliberately taking time in between.

So far; best Parkerized finish I’ve ever seen.

All I did was switch to a new supplier. Everything else is the same. So, to everyone who says I’m stupid and incompetent; suck it. I was being sold junk.

To those who tried to help me sort it out; I appreciate it, but, the problem wasn’t me or any detail of my process. All I really needed was more confidence in my experience instead of letting a supplier insult me and listen to it. I figured “he’s the expert,” right? Wrong.

There is, of course, the chance that the material was tampered with while in transit. Everything I buy via mail-order is tampered with by guvtrash these days. But, this kind of packaging is hard to mess with, so, I doubt it could be done without me noticing. If this is indeed the case, I’ll see a decline in quality after a few re-orders as the guvtraitors tamper with the new soure’s product in transit, again.

My main concern is Winter supply… WA State; how does one keep the fluid from getting way too damn cold and self-destructing in shipping during times of such very low temperature?

Shooter Solutions – Wish I would have switched to them sooner, good stuff!

…so far…

I’m a Misogynist Bastard – Part 1

Actually, my parents were married long before my conception.

Speaking the truth is always maligned in modern liberal society. Anything that speaks truth against their agendas has a name; racism, bigotry, misogyny, outdated, ageism, sexism, stupidy, etc. Any time truth opposes the liberal agenda, they have a name to call it.

[Name calling is, fundamentally, admitting that you know you are wrong and have no argument to present; if you had one, you would use it. It should be noted that there is a difference between identifying stupidity, and calling someone stupid. Some people are stupid. It’s just a fact. It’s not an insult. It’s not ‘name calling.’ It’s just a thing that’s true. Some people are fuckin’ stupid.]

Let me be clear: I find it sad. So many cultures of the world where women are treated like trash, struggling to be more. Then the women who live in supposedly “better places” choose to throw it all away and deliberately stoop to being trash! I do not believe, for one second, that women are inherently inferior to men. They choose and insist upon being inferior, and it’s sad and revolting. Even worse, pathetic, weak men led around by their dicks with no brains at all, follow them downwards into this shitty hole.

I realized the final few pieces of a puzzle I’ve been building for over a decade. It came while studying Falconry. Since these final pieces have recently been exposed, my full breadth of thoughts on the light they shed are still congealing. My thoughts on the topic are subject to change as I discover facts that change my beliefs. Did you see that? My beliefs change based on the facts I find. That alone makes me an outcast in any human society because humans push their hatred and agendas instead of adjust to reality and live and let live. But, I digress, as usual…

Raptors and Human Females are just about the same. Except Raptors are at least useful. Their behaviors, mortality rates, attitudes, and even the reasons for it all, are almost identical.

I’m covering only one aspect today. It actually branches into other things. Like all of reality, it’s a spiderweb and can’t be oversimplified like the average brain-dead human pretends the world to be… So it’s going to be a lot of thinking and writing that I’m sure very few, it any, dirty damn humans will give a shit about. They’re animals; they don’t, and can’t, care about that which they do not understand, refuse to understand, and don’t want to know becasue it would require them to step up and be something more than, literally, dirty fucking animals. Humans never want to step up, least of all, female humans.

Raptors do not form affectionate relationships with their hunting partners, the humans. They hang around for their own interests and their own interests only. The raptor is just barely smart enough to realize that life with the human hunting assistant is much safer, more reliable, and more productive than without the human. This is what the ‘training’ is; simply demonstrating to the bird that it’s better off with you than without you. It has no loyalty and is 100% selfish. It’s an animal, that’s how it is. If the Raptor believes, even falseley, that it can get more elsewhere, it leaves. It’s not a smart bird, so you have to keep it convinced that it’s better off with you in very simple ways that it can understand. If it learns something that is untrue, and bases it’s decisions on that stupidity, there’s nothing you can do. It’s going to leave. Exactly like a female human! Much like a woman, Raptors do not understand the better life, medicine, and unheard-of lifespan available to them as a result of what the human hunting partner can provide. All they understand is their hunting/eating instinct, and if the human increases the utility of it, or not. You teach them not to fear you, then you teach them to join you. Harris Hawks are a bit of an exception, and it would be an unforgiveable insult to the bird to compare it to a human female.

Human Females are exactly the same, but their game is a little more complicated. They won’t catch rabbits for you. Instead, they fake “love” and use empty genstures of fake affection, up to and including sex, to make a man “feel” like there is more going on than simple animal instincts and hormones. There isn’t. Love is an idea that exists in the brain of a man, and nowhere else except maybe dogs. Women use it. Women are dirty animals and that’s it. There really is nothing else to know. If you can understand how to train dogs and birds, you can have any woman you want begging to hump you inside of 40 minutes. They really are that simple. They “give” something of no actual value, which does not actually exist! It’s an act and an illusion. They have no loyalty, no class, no integrity, and the shittiest me me me attitudes of any living thing thus far discovered by man. Women see infidelity as a rite of passage. If they’re not sleeping around with every dick they can find (doesn’t even have to be human), while abusing the one they’ve got fooled, they don’t consider themselves to have fulfilled their womanhood. Their higher intellect is used, on the occasion that it is used, exclusively for behaving worse than an animal, for being as abusive and manipulative as possible. At least the birds will help put meat on the table. Women expect to be “taken care of” and/or “supported.” For what? It is genetics alone that allows them to just barely qualify as people! They bring nothing to the table! If I wanted to fuck a goat, I would! But I don’t want to fuck. And I sure don’t want to fuck a damn animal! Women are worse than this because they play on emotions to get a free ride, and have no emotions of their own. Women are not, absolutely NOT emotional creatures. They fake them and manipulate them in others. They are instinctual and hormonal because society encourages them to subdue their human traits, dispose of their higher intellect, and indulge in being as depraved and disgusting as possible. Even their own children me nothing more to them than an alimony/welfare check. Why would any self-respecting man tolerate this? He wouldn’t. That’s why the losers get “the action” and real men are loners. Real Men are completely unappealing to a woman, because a Real Man lives to a higher standard than putting up with abuse to get pussy. A Real Man is not interested in that shit. He can’t be manipulated with sex because he wants more than that. He’s not a damn dirty animal and won’t be treated like one. He doesn’t “support” her because he knows it’s nothing but glorified prostitution. Call it tradition. Get your hormones involved in pretending you’re “a good man” for being her sucker. Real Men can’t kid themselves about that even if they want to.

This is just part one. Comparing one single aspect of how Raptors and Human Females are similar. I intend to explore this further.

I blame the rap, so-called “music.”

I just wanted to share…

Me: “Looking for fettuccine, can’t find it.”
Cashier Lady: “Wuts dat?”
Me: [sad] “Fat sketi.”
Cashier Lady: “Aisle 3, all the way back, on the left.”

This is why I speak poorly; I don’t like repeating myself. Nobody can understand me if I speak properly, so why bother? It just wastes my time… I have to speak a language that they can understand or it becomes a clusterfuck. While I do tend to be a Grammar Nazi and try to be proper, I spend most of my life in a state of being so horribly frustrated with other peoples’ stupidity that I don’t bother. They can’t tell the difference anyway. They can’t even understand it…

12 items or WHAT?


They vote.

Why Fishing is Better Than “church.”

One Sunday an old cowboy entered a church just before services were to begin.

Although the old man and his clothes were clean, he wore jeans, a denim shirt and boots that were very worn. He carried a worn out old hat and an equally worn out Bible.

The church was in a very upscale part of the city, the largest and most beautiful church the old cowboy had ever seen. The people of the congregation were likewise upscale, dressed with the most expensive of clothes.

As the cowboy took a seat, the others moved away from him. No one greeted, spoke to, or welcomed him. They were appalled at his appearance and didn’t attempt to hide it. The preacher gave a long sermon and a lecture on how much money the church needed to do God’s work.

As the old cowboy was leaving the church, the preacher approached him and asked the cowboy to do him a favor. “Before you come back, have a talk with God and ask him what He thinks would be appropriate attire for worship.” The old cowboy assured the preacher he would.

The next Sunday, he returned to the same church wearing the same ragged jeans. Again, the congregation shunned and ignored him. Again, the preacher approached him and said, “I thought I asked you to speak to God”…. ”

“I did,” replied the old cowboy.

“What exactly did God say was the proper attire for worshiping here?” asked the preacher.

“Well, sir, God told me that He didn’t have a clue what I should wear. He says He’s never been in this church.”

The Lie of Omission

For a finish process that is supposed to be pretty easy to perform, Parkerizing has been, and continues to be, an absolute bitch. Why do I put up with it?

It’s the best.

Best? Isn’t that a subjective term?


It’s the best in durability and corrosion resistance.

But what about Black Oxide Coating or Anodizing?

Black Oxide is fun for manufacturers and Sellers because there are several ways to do it and they don’t bother to tell you which they are using. Only one Black Oxide process is worth a damn. It’s actually more complicated than Parkerizing, and results are no better, if one could even say it’s on par to Parkerizing. I don’t say that. The other pocesses are still “Black Oxide” but are nowhere close to the durability and corrosion resistance. Cold Black Oxide will even rub off with your finger! Not all “Black Oxide” processes are the same. Not even close. Read:

Anodizing is similar. Hard Anodized? Just color? I own a Bumpski for my AKs. I’m not going to get into the dislikes I have for a bump stock that cost more than the rifle it goes on. I touch it and I get black stuff all over me. The t-rail is flaking aluminum off at an alarming rate. For an almost $500 piece of hardware designed to attach to the most rugged rifle known to man, I doubt it’s going to last 1000rds before the t-rail is completely destroyed. An accessory for your AK that turns it into a delicate, high-maintenance fairy princess, and will fall apart anyway no matter what? Really? It’s color anodized, not hard anodized. It’s easy to tell the difference by looking at a mil-spec anodized AR-15 receiver and then looking at the Bumpski. Not even comparable. But, again, it’s a process that lets the manufacturer and seller get away with dishonesty by saying “Anodized Aluminum!” Not all anodization processes are the same. Not even close.

Some just say it’s black with no details at all, not even deceptive details. If you’re going to piss in your customers you can at least tell them it’s rain…

I’m not going to bother talking abohut all the glorified spray paint options out there… They have a place, but that place is not here.

Basically, all the more convenient options are not very good and mislead the buyer, often deliberately.

This is why I continue to put up wih Parkerizing; you know what you’re getting and it’s the best. Even when Parkerizing goes wrong, it’s still functional, even if not pretty…