Yes, amazon and ebay are anti-gun.

I’ve been asked by several arm-chair researchers to prove my statements that is anti-gun. My own products are all banned from, how do you think I found out what is doing? It seems to be selective. They pick and choose. Same product from two different suppliers, they may ban… Read More

DIY Gun Thing…

I’ve had a number of setbacks on this project… Multiple causes. I’ve taken a step back and shifted my mindset on it. I’ve started over completely from scratch twice now. This post marks the 3rd… So, if anyone was wondering where all that went, yeah… It’s taken me almost 2 years to start over from… Read More


Parkerizing FBAs as we speak. Some emergency medical issues in the shipping department. There will be delays in shipping, but boxes are still moving. Just not as fast as usual. Returns delayed as well, I’m not ignoring you. Still using the same Parkerizing fluid I started with. Shooter Solutions is awesome. After over 150 muzzle… Read More

I’m a Misogynist Bastard – Part 1

Actually, my parents were married long before my conception. Speaking the truth is always maligned in modern liberal society. Anything that speaks truth against their agendas has a name; racism, bigotry, misogyny, outdated, ageism, sexism, stupidy, etc. Any time truth opposes the liberal agenda, they have a name to call it. [Name calling is, fundamentally,… Read More