WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

Why, you (don’t) ask?

I keep counting what I see in pictures, and I’m only finding 10 parts on the “not allowed” list for 922r. Which, if true, makes the rifle 922r compliant without replacing anything. That would nullify everything I keep hearing about why they won’t make larger mags for it. It doesn’t even have 10 parts, so it’s automatically 922r complaint even with 100% imported parts on it…

As usual, the gun industry is full of talking but very little knowing.

It’s not adding up. And when things don’t add up, I find out for myself.

Face-to-face, Cash, in Floriduh preferred.

WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

Welding? Whaaaa, I have so much sand in my vagina, I don’t wanna weld…

Look people, welding is not that big of a deal. It doesn’t have to cost a ton, either.

China Freight TIG w/ HF Start. $400.

17F torch direct from China on eBay, free shipping: $9.99

“Broken” 5-wire (2 for switch, 3 for variable resistor) foot pedal, eBay, $35.

All that was “broken” was that the strap had come off from around the resistor’s gear. Put it back on. Works fine.

Perfect example… Such a simple thing to do, wasn’t really “broken.” Just needed a screwdriver and a minimum of common sense…

Are you so lazy you can’t do that? For less than $500, DC TIG Welder just as good as any of the Red or Blue names.

Get fancy and replace the hole where the dial used to be with a plug for your new foot pedal. Looks like it was made that way…

See, it’s not that expensive. Now, buy it, do the upgrades, and teach yourself to suck less at welding.

For not too much more, there are plenty of import brands thatalready have these features.

Or you could blow several thousand on a Hobart or Miller for no reason.

If I can TIG 16ga sheet metal and make it look like a single piece, anyone can.

OMG, Life is Hell Without a Power Drawbar!

Watching videos on YouTube you’d get the idea that having to wrench your own drawbar for 20 seconds might be like catching Ebola, AIDS and Herpes all at the same time, while falling down a flight of stairs and getting struck by lighting while receiving a text from your 12 year-old son that he’s coming out of the closet…

I think it’s great to have a drawbar at all! I get to wrench on it!

I wonder what I would find to complain about if I didn’t even have one…

Jeez people, count your blessings…

Right after posting this, I saw that Toyota advertisement with the lady who goes for a jog; but she has springs for feet. She doesn’t have to go for a run, she gets to go for a run.

O-Rings for the 4003

Dash Number: AS3578-223

Available in a variety of materials. “Buna-N” is what the filter comes with, but there are plenty of other options. Some better-stocked hardware stores even have these in the bins-of-glory aisle, Neoprene. Silicone, for instance, is foodsafe. There’s always mcmonster…

The details are, 1.875 OD x .125 thickness. That’s nominal. If you measure it with your handy-dandy dial-caliper, you’ll find it slightly oversized. Becasue, duh, it’s an o-ring and it’s has to seal stuff by not quite fitting…

It seems that not all 4003 filters are created equal. I’ve found some made from 2 x 0.095 wall. Some 2 x 0.083 wall. End caps are not always perfect, either. Some have thread variance that makes you wonder if the machinst was drunk… All anomalies were found it the diagonally-branded yellow-printed NAPA ones. Not all of them sucked, that’s just the description of the ones that had weirdo problems. To put it another way, if you have one of those, it is suspect, but it may be just fine. The WIX ones with nothing but small white print seem to be all good…

You’re about to care about this because I’m about to do something about this.

mmmm, blood…

“The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” – Baron Rothschild

Denom, nom, nom, nom, nom! I fuckin’ love the carnage of stupid people slitting their own throats and jumping out of skyscrapers because they can’t face the horror of downgrading from a Rolls Royce to a Ferrari. Must have married themselves some expensive whores to be so distraught over the idea of them leaving, lols.

Yaarrr! Man the harpoons!

30 pieces of silver

While still above ground, the rewards of evil are as lavish as the rewards of good… Or are they? I never wanted to be rich, and I’m not, but I’m much better off than I was…

Maybe that question answers itself in the logical conclusion. I’m not well-off enough for the reward to have been from evil.

I guess that means I’ve still got something to do…

So abstract…

When you spend your whole life preparing for something. The first 90% of it you’re not even sure what that thing is, but you were still driven to it. You chased even when you didn’t know what you were chasing. Then the last few years it all crystallized. Then you caught it…

You’re a dog who’s been running for his whole life, chasing a car. Now he’s got a mouth full of bumper and car crying uncle…

You’re conditioned for the chase. You’re good at the chase. It’s all you’ve done.

What do you do with your goal? Are even the right person for it anymore? Has the duration of the chase made you into some who can’t fulfill the goal? Is there even a snowball’s chance in hell that you can figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do next?

To achieve a goal, one must have a goal. I did it… So, uh, what now?

Everything that I have been is now irrelevant. I am nothing at this moment. What must I become?

And the ship goes down, you better be ready…

This article is a rowk-in-progress. I’m publishing it in this state because it has value even in an incomplete form.

LiteCoin, LTC. The first and most prominent Scam/Shit Coin. Promoted in ways that the creators knew from the very beginning were lies.

1) ACIS-resistant. No, actually, it is designed specifically for ASICs.
2) “Silver to BitCoin’s Gold.” Bullshit. It’s called a decimal point. Goodbye.
3) Faster block time. And? Anyone can count. Tits on a Boar.

It’s retained value is nothing but bagholders who don’t understand the mistake they made. Greedy to find “The next BitCoin” they all jumped in not knowing what it was and wasn’t and now live in denial or are still just as clueless as they were when they bought in and have no idea what/why about anything… These people probably hold DogeCoin, too… It offers no tangible advantage of any kind, and a few disadvantages… You should be able to figure it out if you have an IQ above room temperature.

DogeCoin, DOGE. Exactly like BitCoin but WITHOUT ANY DIFF! It’s a deliberate hyperinflation coin held in check only by the droves of people who fall victim to their marketing/meme, while also being possessed of the same cluelessness as those who jumped into LiteCoin. There is a lesson to be learned from it tho. Controlling coin supply is not as important as Satoshi thought. It matters, but not as much as was initially believed. Any economy that depends on massive expansionism to keep it out of the red is going to fail eventually. There are only so many stupid suckers out there. Granted, they’re 99% of the population, but even at that, eventually… Even if your IQ is well below room temperature, you should be able to figure out why DOGE is a failcoin with very little effort.

PeerCoin, PPC. It seemed like a good idea at the time. That is, until you actually think it through… You don’t mine PPC. You just hoard it… It has advantages in not being mineable, but the pure notion of hoarding a coin to get more of it… When is the last time you saw people using gold bars at the supermarket? As fungible as it may be, it discourages itself from being used as a currency. Dumping miners for a proof of hoard is an interesting idea. But, it is not a stand-alone workable idea.

This is a problem that many of the clone/shit coins out there are suffering. One good idea that by itself doesn’t do a damn thing. Or worse, falsified intent coins… Purpose Coins or Country Coins… Crypto doesn’t care where politicians draw lines. Crypto doesn’t care what you spend it on. The idea that “This coin is for online porn!” Or “This coin is for Iceland!” is just stupid. It’s a faux-idea. Even if it were real, these stand-alone ideas don’t do anything useful while standing alone. When you buy something, does the money care? What you bought? Where you bought it?

In fact, I bet there is a $20 bill in your wallet right now, that at some point in it’s life, was used to buy weed or a blowjob from a hooker. Or both at the same time. Do you know for sure that it was or wasn’t? Does that make you guilty of something? Do you care? The way the Down’s Syndrome Government tracks BitCoin transactions and accuses people, maybe you should be? If it could be known that your $20 bill was once used to buy contraband, what might happen if the guv was not smart enough to understand that it wasn’t you? Or they were just pretending not to be smart enough to know because they felt like railroading someone and they can get away with it. Or a crooked prosecutor (is there any other kind?) knows the Judge has no hope of figuring out that s/he is lying… With BitCoin, and all of it’s clones which inherit the same epic tracability flaw, it is known what was bought. From the beginning of time. OK, since the genesis block… But you get the idea. Every transaction is known, and the issuing IP… If identity was exposed at any point, ever, it all traces back to you and that Hard Drive you bought on bitcoinstore.com – You didn’t break the law, but the government doesn’t care about little details like that. You used a BitCoin, and somewhere along the line they can prove it was connected to a transaction on Silk Road, so, off to prison with you, you dirty drug dealer you! Take a look at that $20 bill again. Where has it been? Is it’s history since the day it was printed to be lumped on you? Rational people say no. But, government says yes! Try to buy BitCoins without having to expose your identity, I dare you… Government already has it’s claws in exchanges. If the blockchain shows your TX on down the line from a known criminal act, doesn’t matter if you had anything to do with it or not. Coinbase is already enforcing this against gambling sites, and any customer who’s coins lead back to one. What if that $20 bill was used in a poker game? Are you guilty of illegal gambling? Who decided it was legal or not anyway? Did you even get a vote? Do you even know about the last 30 transactions it was used in? 14 years ago today, that $20 bill was one of many it a big fat stack used to pay a hitman. You’re guilty! Go to jail! Go directly to jail!

This is why cash is a good thing; nobody can prove where it came from or where it went. Funny, isn’t cash invented by the government? Isn’t cash used to launder trillions upon trillions of black-market funds? Aren’t banks caught defrauding the public to the tune of similar numbers? Doesn’t the $100 bill get counterfeited quite a lot? Credit card fraud? But it’s Cryptocurrencies that are evil and bad? Really? Even though Cryptocurrencies are incapable of these bad things?

How many bars do you have?

Experiences in normal people.

For those who don’t know, I run a no-charge VoIP phone number. I don’t pay for cell phone service, I just use WiFi + VoIP. It starts a lot of arguments with the terminally fuckin’ dumb. “You said you didn’t have cell service, but I saw you talking on the phone at [fill in the blank that has WiFi]!” Don’t you usually hear someone talking? I know, I’m splitting hairs and avoiding the obvious becaue it’s obvious…

Usually iPhone users, and always female.

I just wanted to share my pain…

These are real conversations I have (repeatedly) had with so-called “people” with whom I was having a hard time staying connected.

Me: How much signal do you have?
Her: I don’t know what that means.
Me: How strong is the cell signal?
Her: Why are you talking weird?
Me: How many bars do you have?
Her: Oh, just one.
Me: So, do you think maybe that’s why we keep getting disconnected?
Her: No, it’s that stupid weirdo thing you use for talking on the phone. Why can’t you just be normal?
Me: Sweetie, because I’m way better than normal.

No, I never called her back after that.

Me: How much signal do you have?
Her: I don’t know, how do I check?
(at least she wants to know how to check! Maybe she’s got hope?)
Me: at the top of the screen there are a few icons, one looks like an antenna with bars…
Her: Oh, none!
Me: Well there’s your problem…
Her: Where do I buy more signal?

I hung up. How dare you give me hope that you might just barely have a brain, then say some shit like that… Fuck you.

Me: How many bars do you have?
Her: [while clearly drunk] I’m at a bar, but I’m not drunk.

I didn’t even know what to say. I was speachless and she hung up. Oh darn…

How is it that people, especially women, have managed to get so fucking stupid? Don’t you dare call me a misogynist. I never have this problem on a phone call with a man. Only women are this amazingly fucking dumb.

They’re only going to breed with losers like themselves… Women are ruining the species. They really are nothing more than a life support system for a reproductive organ. You can’t have a relationship with that.

Oslo Syndrome

I was pondering the notion of how/why people worship an oppresive, corrupt government such as all of those found in the USA, when I was interested to discover that this concept has already been studied.

Stockholm Syndrome

Reading more about Oslo Syndrome, it seems painfully obvious where my own research and logic was heading…

The USA is a population of hostages worshiping their captors. What the govenrment-funded studies call Stockholm Syndrome may actually be nothing more than admiration towards someone who is fighting back against the twisted designs of a society subjugated by way too much government. A secret fantasy of fighting back against it themselves, turned into admiration in seeing someone else doing it, even as the victim.

Much like the whole “Don’t Tread On Me” Tea Party wannabes of today. Lots of big talk, nobody ever takes action. Most people in the gun trade are collaborators, not defenders of anything; happy to take their 30 pieces of silver to fuck over all of us. Everybody is waiting for one person to make the first move, they don’t want to be “that guy.” Lots of posturing. But, then, even when it happens, nobody has got “that guy’s” back. They all just back away and talk about how crazy he is, even though they know damn well it’s the only thing that will ever work. Read a book. Government never backs down and always, always, always uses violence as the first and last option to get it’s way. If you’re not willing to trump that, you get to be a slave. That’s how it is, was, and always will be. You lose your freedom a little at a time. Slippery slope, chipping away, whatever you want to call it. The only way it ever comes back is in big, ugly, bloody chunks. That’s just how it fuckin’ is and the USA is filled with too many pussies who will never step up to that reality. The government knows it, too. When has voting Republican ever resulted in evil gun control laws being removed? Tell me. I’ll wait… When has a politician ever run on the platform of “I’ll get rid of that evil law!” It doesn’t happen. We all know it’s true. But does anyone have the balls to even say it out loud, much less do it?

Listen to the anti-open-carry losers for a while. “I don’t want to deal with the hassles of…” Really? A little social discomfort is too much to ask of you to support the Bill of Rights? No wonder it’s being shredded! Then the take the next step and say Open Carriers are just attention whoring…Are you fucking kidding me? Didn’t you jsut tell me what a hassle it is? You think I want the hassle? No. I’m jsut willing to deal with it for the Bill of Rights’ benefit. If soldiers can die for it fighting foreign enemies, why can’t you step up and do your fucking part on the homefront? Someone might call you a name? Really? This is how you let The Constitution die? Someone might think you’re uncool, so, fuck it?! Mocking those who do what they are too cowardly to do themselves. Then they take it to the ultimate stupidity; “If you Open C\arry, you’ll be the fiurst one attacked…” Oh really? Show me even one example of that ever happening. Even worse, it flies in the face of their own logic. The whole reason they conceal carry is so that they can whip it out and make the bad guy run away becasue gun! But they’re so desperate to defend their own petty cowardice that they defy their very own logic and pretend that gun will make the bad guys come after you, right after saying gun will make bad guys go away… There is no such thing as being more obviously insane than such a blatant contradiction on the very same terms for the sake of defending cowardice as some kind of advantage or wisdom… I’ve been trying to find a concise way of explaining this behavior, and Oslo Syndrom hits the nail on the head. This is EXACTLY what’s happening. They feel special when their guvgods give them a special permission slip to sneak around with a hidden gun and whip it out and show the bad guys who’s boss… Wow, won’t you feel like a big man on that day…

Open Carry; because an ounce of prevention is worth 10 tons of cure.

It makes sense…

If you were trapped in a room with “that guy,” even if he was holding you hostage; if you already wished you had the balls to fight back, it only makes sense that you might admire someone who does what you only dream of doing. Your job makes you part of the problem and you know it. You drink or get high to self-medicate the guilt away. Or, you come up with lofty excuses about your cowardice is a smart move cuz you don’t want to end up how “that guy” is going to end up. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re so fucked up that you actually like being a slave and forcing others into the same all in the name of getting a pat on the head from your guvgods…

It’s not the twisted psychological problem that government-funded stiudies want to portray it. It’s just natural common sense.

Or maybe you’ve got Oslo Syndrome and you already worship the government that is holding you hostage, and violating you horribly, as if it were a god… You’d never dare think well of someone fighting your god…

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I’m damn offended. Someone called The Presiturd a monkey.

What the hell did monkeys ever do to deserve that?

Oh, but it’s totally the racisms… Ain’t we all descended from apes? Is you is, or is you ain’t mah kunstichinsee?

Fuckin’ clowns. Wait, is that a reference to brillo pad nappy hair? I just can’t stop being racist. I’m such a terrible person.

Screw that. It’s a phrase I reserve for those who have truly earned it. Obama is a damn nigger if there ever was one. Monkeys are several steps up from him.

Spoiler Alert

No, not Beth! Fuck you! Fuck you!

I did like how they made it seem like Rick was going off the deep end, but in that moment, clearly, he is not. He’s just double plus badass in a way that nobody ever really wants to be…

It’s kinda sad when there’s a TV character I respect, but no actual people.

Please, bring on the Zombie Apocalypse; I can’t live like this…

Full Circle.

Success, Failure and Females

In order to succeed, we need to know what success is.

Success is accomplishing a goal. It’s not some generic societal view of what “a successful person” is or isn’t. That’s a bullshit dream you’ll never catch. It’s absolutely as much bullshit as the idea of “contributing to society.” No one has ever done either of those things in the same fashion that I do not live on the 4th floor of a vacant lot. No one has, and no one ever will.

Failure is not accomplishing that goal. Yet.

Failure is temporary. Failure is the root of success. If you wish to accomplish your goal, you must first define it. Then, fuck up horribly until you get there. Don’t stop. Every time you fuck up, you’re one step closer.

Women have a “big picture” view of success. It’s a very generic and social definition that has absolutely zero basis in reality. Their objective is to latch onto a man who fits this bizarre and impossible notion and suck him dry. To spend his money on every sort of extravagance, waste his time on petty gossip, and keep him skating on such thin ice that he dare not take the risks he needs to take. To force him to be stuck in failure because there’s nothing left with which to try again.

Then tell him that it’s all his fault and run off with some other dude. Fuck the kids, they don’t matter. Just a residual payment…

If you want to accomplish your goals, ditch the bitch. They’re never on your side. You will never, ever find a woman who will go with you on the journey towards success.

All they want is to mooch off of someone who is already there, run him into the dirt, and move on to the next. Women are the modern day Plague of Locusts.

You can’t succeed living the life they force upon you. So don’t. If she’s not on your side, sack the fuck up right now and get rid of that trash. Her only redeeming quality is the genetic disposition to shoving male offspring out of her hole. Failing that, she has no reason to even exist. Why are you paying for all this mess and letting her hold you back?

It’s sad to say these things, but women have chosen to make themselves into this. No one put a gun to their heads and told them to stoop so low.

Don’t let anyone fool you into viewing “success” as something that it isn’t. Success is accomplishing your goals, not some dumb slut’s brainless socialized opinion of you. If she’s holding you back, you have to be man enough to walk away.

No woman would ever consider me successful, but I’m the most successful badass I know. How can I say that? I accomplish my goals. I fuck up horribly and keep on going. I do not give one flying fuck what a bunch of do-nothing accomplish-nothing morons think about it. I’m not afraid to fail, I’m not afraid of what others will think of me, because I’m still doing a hell of a lot more than they ever will.

Failure is what you have to do to accomplish your goals. There is no such thing as fear of failure. There is simply not being man enough to do what needs doing to accomplish the task. No woman will ever understand or acknowledge this. All they know is their crotch, and how to use it to manipulate stupid, weak men. Don’t be one of them. Vaginas are not a big deal. Half the planet has one…

Gravity holds us all down. Do you whine and cry about Gravity being to blame for your inability to flap your arms and fly away? Do you let Democrats tell you that Gravity is just a Republican Conspiracy to make you a slave to Big Oil and Big Car? Does hating Gravity and the evil Republicans who invented it to kill babies make your life any better? If you kill Whitey and steal his stuff, where will you be a year later? Did the Wright brothers find excuses and people to hate and blame, or did they invent the fucking airplane? It’s surprising how much like liberals most so-called conservatives really are…

But that’s just impractical! Yes. Yes it is. Is it manly to be unable to do anything outside of the realm of practical? How practical is a car to a caveman? Doing the impractical, even the impossible, is what makes the conveniences of today into the excuses you say you can’t live without. Step up and quit whining you damn sissies! Be a man already! Stop worrying about what the dumb bitch will say or do if you dare to act like a man for once in your life. Will she leave you if you don’t obey her? Will she cheat on you to punish you for not obeying her? Hello? That’s not love. You think you have a relationship, but you don’t. She doesn’t care about you. What do you think you’re preserving by putting up with that crap? More importantly, what are your kids learning from watching you put up with that crap? It was over a long time ago. Possibly before it even started. All she wanted was the control you were dumb enough to give her. Now you can’t succeed at anything because she’ll keep you running on empty forever.

Ditch the bitch. Man up and get rid of her. Your goals depend on it.

Yes. I live in my own little world.

I was recently told, in a condescending tone intended to insult me; “You must live in your own little world!”

“Yes? And your point?” was my response. Most interestingly because I had never thought of it before…

It really put a pinpoint on my own goals and gave me the words for what I’ve been pushing towards my whole life.

The so-called “real world” is garbage and full of people who are worse than garbage. People who say such absurd things with such absurd intentions as that which I quoted in the first sentence. I don’t want to live there! It sucks! Those people suck! Why would I want to not live in my own little world? Aw crap, I split my infinitive again. And, in the exact same manner as last time! I also started that last sentence with a conjunction! It’s not so much improper as uncouth, but still… I digress, as usual.

My world doesn’t suck!

Yes. I live in a bubble of my own design. It’s better here! This is the definition of home and family that has been lost.

If you had any sense at all, you’d do the same!

One of my favorites…

I know this really doesn’t belong on here… Oh who am I kidding, this video was made for my blog. If you’re one of those people who hunts for things to be offended by so you can bully them, this will make your head explode. I laugh harder every time I see it. I wonder how many time I can watch it before it kills me…

Operation: ComDE – Part 1

Long overdue … and, probably going to offend a lot of people, like pretty much everything I have to say . Common sense is offensive to the stupid, it’s the nature of the beast… Problem, dumbasses?

I still accept payment via Cash by Mail for people who want to “stay off the radar.” These people aren’t really thinking it through, or simply don’t understand how the real world works, but I humor them. I agree with their sentiment and desire to “stay off the radar” to a certain degree, but they clearly do not understand that their methods are a complete failure and in no way are they actually staying “off the radar,” but contrarily, making themselves more obvious…

First and foremost is the foolish idea that mail isn’t tampered with by the government on an SOP basis at this point in history. It most certainly is. The seal of that envelope is not protected by the 4th Amendment, because this government does whatever the hell it wants and how are you going to prove it anyway? It’s easy to get a rubber-stamped search warrant for a trumped-up or even completely fabricated investigation of pretty much anyone, anywhere. Very few envelopes I receive do not show telltale signs of having been opened, gone through, photographed, copied, documented, etc. and then put back together sloppily and sent on to me. Yeah, like I totally didn’t notice…

Similarly, many packages I’ve sent out were tampered with in the same way. However, just as a fun game, they would put the wrong items in the wrong boxes with the wrong invoices before sending them on to their destinations. Again, “they” think I wouldn’t notice?

This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory bullshit. This is real. All the stuff your supposedly crazy Uncle who fought in Vietnam told you was going to happen; it has. This is not some future thing that might come true one day. It’s not a theoretical possibility written by Huxley or Orwell. It’s real. It’s now. I’ve lived the proof of it for several years now, death threats, shoot-outs and all. The revolution is not being televised.

So, how can you get around any of this dirty business the government is doing? I mean, the USPS is the government, after all!

4th Amendment Enforcement. Perform your business in such a manner that “they” simply haven’t the ability to do anything about it. To say it another way; you cannot cover your tracks. Ever. Period. No exceptions. If you’re about to say “But, what about…” you need to shut the fuck up. There is no “But, what about…” If you really think your point is valid on a “But, what about…” then you have failed to grasp reality. You are wrong. There is no “But, what about…” on the topic of covering tracks. You can’t do it. Ever. If you think you can, or think you have at some point in your life, you’re wrong. You simply got lucky and nobody happened to stumble upon your tracks, or never bothered looking for them.

All you can do is not leave tracks in the first place. You must be a fart in the wind.

I’m not speaking of breaking the law. I’m speaking of what may become the law. I’m speaking of the political persecution endured every time the psycho Neo-Soviets hold power. The law means nothing when Democrats are in office. They attack everyone and everything they disagree with. I ended that sentence with a preposition. You want to not have to deal with that shit, don’t you?

The 1st and most important step to this is to be NOT A DUMBASS! This is the ultimate problem; extreme dumbassery among We the People. If not for being a bunch of entertained, helpless dumbasses, the government wouldn’t have the foothold it already has. No matter how many “Dont Tread On Me” bumper stickers you slap on that pick-up truck, you are utterly useless if you don’t know HOW to fight back. Willing and ABLE. So very willing, but completely and hopelessly unable. Worse, they don’t even realize how unable they really are… They don’t know they have a problem, so they’re not fixing it. They really think they have it all figured out, and the soooo shamefully do not.

I’ve covered some of the ways that people are dumbasses and think they’re so clever, but aren’t. There are more. Oh, so many more… This is the root function upon which guvthugs seize. Stop being a dumbass and “they” have absolutely no hope of finding you. All of their tactics are based upon the lynch pin of you being a dumbass. So don’t be one!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Operation: ComDE, for more details on dumbasses who think they are clever, and how to not be one of them.

I totally split the crap out of that infinitive…

Conventional Stupidity

“The line between genius and insanity is drawn by those who comprehend neither.” – Me.

There is no difference. Only those who can’t tell they are the same… Most forms of insanity are not genius, but genius is a form of insanity through the eyes of the neurotypical, in the same way that a thumb is a finger, but a finger is not a thumb… Run-on sentence. A Square is a Rhombus, but a Rhombus is not a Square. Do you even know what a Rhombus is? No? If you haven’t already highlighted it to paste into a new tab and google it, stop reading and get the fuck off my website.

Most so-called “people” are driven entirely by the basest of hormones and instincts. Absolutely zero brain function, which if they had any, would allow them to claim the title of Human Being. They call themselves “human” exclusively by genetic virtues that they don’t deserve. They have none of the intellect that defines a Human as seperate and superior to animals.

Women are, by far, the worst offenders in this matter. This is why almost all of the stupid PETA activists trying to grant personhood to dolphins and cows, are female. They know themselves to be no different from these animals, and are experiencing Rights and Entitlements that they don’t actually deserve. They’re subconsciously trying to extend those undeserved Rights and Entitlements to their fellow beasts. Hey, you nasty, stupid sluts; maybe you’re equal to a raccoon, but I’m better than that. I wouldn’t fuck you with, even with someone else’s dick, on an 11 foot pole especially designed for people who wouldn’t touch things with a 10 foot pole. I’m not an animal. I don’t fuck. I’m better than that. I’m more than that. Sad that you’re not, and that you deliberately choose that condition. Nasty.

That which the neurotypical refer to as “Genius” or “Insane” is actually plain old comon sense that isn’t so common anymore. Dumb animals can’t wrap their dumb animal heads around it.

Through the learning and experience of these realities, I can no longer consider most humans as humans; they chose to dispose of their humanity, so, not really human anymore. Who am I to argue with their choice? If they want to be animals, that’s up to them.

However, I certainly don’t want to have a “relationship” with someone who more closely resembles a barnyard animal than a person. There’s a word for that; Bestiality. Gross. Women repulse me in the same manner. What sick bastard would I want to do that… Disgusting… Or is it?

Maybe this is why there are so many jokes about Scotts and sheep? If there’s no actual difference between a woman and a goat, why put up with the bullshit? Just because she stands up on two legs doesn’t preclude that fact the she’s a damn, dirty ape, and that makes it beastiality…

It’s lonely at the top … of the food chain. Won’t someone else please climb the mountain so I can have someone with which to converse?

Genetics give you the shape and the body parts. But, being human is a thing you have to make an effort to live up to. I ended that sentence with a preposition.

Illegal Alien Amnesty

How about we add something to sweeten the pot? Like an NFA amnesty?

Open the Machine Gun registry for a day. Let us drag in all our “undocumented machineguns” for NFA registration amnesty.

Oh, you douchebag liberals don’t like the idea when it’s on the other foot, eh?

Fuck you. The NFA and gun registration are evil bullshit anyway. I wasn’t being serious. Just exposing the hypocrisy.

All the faux-conservatives who sold the Bill of Rights down the river with their overpriced limited-availablility NFA toys would never allow a dilution of their pie slice anyway. 30 pieces of silver still go a long way, it seems… How’s that for the hypocrisy of conservatives that go to church?

Electric Car Incentives

This is not exhaustive, only exemplary.

Fed Guv gives a $7,500 Tax Rebate for buying an Electric Car.

There are some State Incentives, notice the locale…

Us stupid inbred hillbillies who can’t even do math, much less buy an electric car:
Georgia; $5,000
Louisianna; $13,600 (!)

Enlightened hippie liberal elitist snobs who look down on everyone:
California: $2,500
Massivetwoshits: $2,500

Such green. So progressive. Wow.

Oh, and that Federal credit… Created by Dubyah.

So, yeah, who’s got their what up their where?

Way to go, liberal hippie douche bags! You sure showed us!

Of course, Floriduh is $0 – just like it is with everything that matters… Floriduh is such a trash state…

Why Doesn’t Your Cup Runneth Over?

Psalm 23:5: Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Waste not, want not.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



I drove a hitch-hiker to Tallahassee today. I wasn’t going to Tallahassee. Again. It was 70 miles in the opposite direction I was going.

Am I bragging? No. It’s just a thing I can do since I’ve chosen a cup of appropriate size. It’s actually pretty small. It’s not that hard to make it runneth over.

If you wonder why there is so much gone wrong in the world, maybe it’s not everyone else to blame? You laugh when I say I’m on a mission from God. So are you. If you laugh at mine, do you laugh at your’s? Maybe that’s why the world sucks? Maybe more people should take their missions more seriously?

How big is your cup? How big is your mission? It’s all just a dream, go back to artificial reality…

Yes, amazon and ebay are anti-gun.

I’ve been asked by several arm-chair researchers to prove my statements that amazon.com is anti-gun.




My own products are all banned from amazon.com, how do you think I found out what amazon.com is doing?

It seems to be selective. They pick and choose. Same product from two different suppliers, they may ban one and not the other. Depends who they like more? Often they ban a product from a seller, then make their own and sell it themselves.

So, for you assholes who thought you were calling me out; maybe you should try to do actual research, instead of just seek out what suits your desire to believe that amazon.com isn’t a bunch of dicks.

As one of these articles points out, amazon.com explicitly bans anything relating to so-called “assault weapons.” Since there is no such thing, it’s just a scary phrase made-up by douche-bag liberals, it can mean whatever they want it to mean today, and maybe something else tomorrow. Or one guy’s item is “assaulty” and the exact same item from someone who bribes them more, is not “assaulty.”

I’m sick of being the Fact Welfare. If you don’t want to beleive something, that does not excuse you from doing your own research. If you were in search of the truth, instead of pushinig your agenda, you could have found it just as easily as I did. Here, let me google that for you… Took me a whole 2 seconds to find this information. You say you couldn’t find it? You didn’t look. You’re a fraud and a liar. You know who you are.

eBay is identical in behavior. I’m not going to hand it all to you. You could easily find this data if you made even a tiny effort. The whole “refuse to do any reasearch, demand that someone else prove it” crap is juvenile. No, sorry, even most children aren’t so idiotic. I appologize to juveniles for that comparison.

Just becasue you can find something on there that they haven’t banned yet, or they beat one supplier down while allowing another, or beat everyone down, stole it, and sell it themselves… Get a clue, you simple-headed brats.


“That’s just the way the world works.”

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“Contribute to society.”

“Be a functioning member of society.”

Take a good look at what this really means. Look at this society and tell me it isn’t a completely backwards clusterfuck. I dare you.

What is it to be a functioning member of a dysfunctional thing? It’s just hiding the truth behind a double-negative, then leaving out the double part in the middle. It’s really not that clever, but you won’t see it if you’re not looking for it because the lie is in what’s missing, not what’s there.

What is an educated, responsible, hard-working child molester?

Social mores, conventional wisdom, etc… It’s just a verbal slight-of-hand to hide and glorify the truth of dysfunction in our society. No respectable person would choose to be a part of it.

If this society is really so great, why are most people in it miserable slaves? Because it, and the behaviors it teaches, are dysfunctional.

If you look around at what everyone else is doing, and you see they’re not getting ahead, aren’t happy, etc., why the hell would you follow suit? Are you stupid?

You’re looking right at it! Everyone is shooing themselves in the foot, and complaining about how hard it makes life to have a bleeding hole in their foot. So, hey, here’s a jenius notion; Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because everyone else is doing it! Is this really such a difficult concept to understand?

This is why I’m a “weirdo;” I don’t participate in Conventional Stupidity. How hard is it to not do a thing? You can fall asleep and not do pretty much everything there is. How about not being a dumbass? Some people are at their best when they’re asleep because it’s the only time they’re not being a dumbass…

Scofflaw, vagrant, ne’er-do-well; the names given us who have, and practice, common sense. Rabble, trash, riff-raff, etc…

Proud rouser of rabble, I am.

Lightbulb Conspiracy for Guns

Read this carefully: http://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpa930-16d/

Especially this part:

The disconnect is a consumable item and will need to be replaced. The life of the disconnect depends on the length of barrel of your MPA model, caliber and type of ammo. Life expectancy will be in the 600-1200 rounds range.

Just the thing every M-11/9mm owner would want, oh, but we couldn’t be bothered to heat treat it, so you’ll have to buy a new one every couple weeks…

Are you effing kidding me?

I want to get a patent on being a stupid asshole. I wouldn’t be one, I’d just sit on the patent so I could sue everyone else who decided to be a stupid asshole, and there would finally be a punishment for such behavior.

Common Gun Thread Combinations

This is a list of the more common thread associations. If you have one of these, then the threads are probably what is stated here. This is by no means exhaustive or guaranteed. There is nothing that forces Gun A to have Thread A. You should always double check. There is always a chance the barrel was originally un-threaded and someone put who-the-hell-knows-what threads on it. Guns that don’t come from the factory threaded, or at least with that option, are likely to be unguessable. You’ll just have to find out the old-fashioned way. Yes, I just made up the word “unguessable.”

AR-15 .223/5.56mm – 1/2-28
AK-47 – M14x1LH
AR-15 9mm – 1/2-36
AR-15 RRA .458 SOCOM – 5/8-32
AR-15 WC .458 SOCOM – 11/16-24
AR-10 .308/AR-15 .300 AAC Blackout – 5/8-24
M14/M1A – .595-32
1911 .45 – .578-28, .575-40, or M16x1LH
Glock .40 (conversion barrel from larger caliber)/.45 Cal. – .575-40 or .578-28. Can be M16x1LH (or some other weird stuff) if euro barreled
Glock .40 – 9/16-24
Glock 9mm – Mostly 1/2-28, but sometimes M13.5x1LH if euro barreled
FN FAL Inch (L1A1)/MP-5/M1 Carbine – 9/16-24, maybe? Sometimes?
FN FAL Metric – 9/16-24LH (occasionally these are off-the-wall metric, but that’s pretty rare. My STG-58 is 9/16-24LH)
HK SOCOM Mk.23 – M16x1RH, weirdos…
Walther P22 – M8x0.75 recessed
GSG 1911 .22lr (and the SIG copy) – M9x0.75 recessed
Umarex .22lr rifle, and the assorted rebranded versions thereof – M8x0.75- the Walther P22 adapter would work, but odd
SIG Mosquito – M9x0.75
SIG P220 .40/.45 – .578-28
SIG P226 – M13.5x1LH
HK G3/53/HK91/HK93/PTR91 – M15x1
Cobray/MAC/etc… M-11/9mm and most clones – 3/4-10
Steyr AUG – M13x1LH
Yugo PAP/MPAP/92 w/ “big weird threaded thingy” – M26x1.5LH
AK-74 w/ “big weird threaded thingy” – M24x1.5RH

If you have something odd or unguessable, please don’t ask me to guess, too. I’m some dude on the Internet. How can I possibly have more information than you, the owner, who is holding it in his hand? Guessing in person is better than guessing over the Internet. I’ll try to help where I can, but don’t get mad if it’s wrong. I have no idea how many fingers you are holding up right now… Maybe just the one in the middle? ;-)

If you have any additional information or corrections, feel free to post a comment.

“I need a screw for my car. It’s a blue car with tires. WHY WON’T YOU HELP ME!!! YOU SUCK I HATE YOU!” Would you really expect any non-telepathic person to figure that out? I’m trying to help, but you gotta give me at least a rational hint…

“I wish you would just tell me. Why do you have to make it so hard, I’m trying to give you my money!” I wish there were a simple answer, but there isn’t one. I could lie to you… Nah, I couldn’t.

I’m not the one who made it this way. A world full of jerks who want you to have to buy special threads at $[too expensive] from them made it this way. I’m trying to undo it. There are tons of ridiculous threads out there, and none of them have any rhyme or reason, many have no published specs at all. They’re just plain made-up. Others are done poorly by a drunk guy on a sloppy manual lathe and don’t fit what they claim to be. There’s a world of crap out there…

Here’s an excellent example. Mk23. M16x1RH. The same company makes plenty of guns with the normal M16x1LH. Why did they do the Mk23 backwards? It’s the only one in the world like that, and it even defies their own conventions because they make plenty of other guns that have to proper thread…

There are standards and then there are “common conventions.” There are no standards that dictate a certain thread on a certain make/model/caliber of gun. There are common conventions, but there’s no guarantee that they were followed on your gun.

DIY Gun Thing…

I’ve had a number of setbacks on this project… Multiple causes. I’ve taken a step back and shifted my mindset on it. I’ve started over completely from scratch twice now. This post marks the 3rd… So, if anyone was wondering where all that went, yeah… It’s taken me almost 2 years to start over from scratch today. If I didn’t care about the goals of garage manufactuability and using it as a teaching tool, it could be done in an afternoon. But, speed is not the goal of this project…