No hope…

They’re having this conversation as if they haven’t already been savagely attacking the cryptocurrency industry.

Regulatory clarity? Are you fucking kidding me?

We’ve got clarity. No industry has survived the sort of vicious fraud that the the US government has committed against cryptocurrency development. It’s a miracle any cryptocurrency still exists at all. Especially garbage like Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, the worthless copycats, the “key feature” with no actual purpose, the one-trick ponies that actually ahve a good idea, but it’s only one thing so it doesn’t matter, etc… Cryptocurrency needs a lot of additions to be properly useful, not just one idea, or a bunch of hype…

Whatever “clarity” these people might think they can create, we’ve already got the message. No matter what you come up with, after the evil shit you’ve done, only a fool would trust you. I have no faith in the idea that you can come up with something that isn’t horrible anyway. You’re just going to increase the rate at which sane people get the hell out.

There’s a reason the US is losing pretty much everyone involved in cryptocurrency and being left behind in that new field, just like it’s being left behind in pretty much everything else; innovation-crushing government corruption of extreme magnitude.

Speaking of being left behind A few city blocks worth of just one of China’s sprawling industrial cities drwafs the entire USA’s industrial capacity. China has already beat you so badly it’s hilarious. And they know how to use it. The USA? They’ll throw you in prison for saying Men are Men and Women are Women! The USA can’t even even tell the difference between a penis and a vagina! You think you’re going to compete with anything, anywhere, ever? You reject the most fundamental concepts of reality, but you think you’re going to win?

On one hand, these poiticians feign concern for privacy when talking about Libra. Then they talk out the other side of their mouth saying privacy is evil and any crypto that enables it’s users to have any privacy is for teh criminalz! Pretending that the US Dollar in US Banks and US Financial Institutions isn’t used to commit “Financial Crimes” of far greater magnitude than the total value of all cryptocurrencies combined. It’s absolutely absurd to pretend concern for cryptocurrency being used for “illicit purposes” when that government’s own money is used for “illicit purposes” in plain view (the government itself is illicit) for several orders of magnitude more, and it’s given a pass because cronies. All this really does is prove that government is far more corrupt than we knew…

Such extremely corrupt liars have no place to pass judgement on me and tell me what’s a crime and what isn’t. You’re absolute pieces of shit. Fuck you for pretending you have station to pass judgement on me. You’re evil trash. You have no say. Fuck you, and fuck you again.

How the shit can there even be such a thing as a “financial crime” anyway? This is naked mark of the beast type shit here…

It’s a bizarre conversation, because privacy violation on the topic of Libra is the least of it’s flaws. It’s not really a cryptocurrency. It’s just shares of a holdings company distributed with a blockchain ledge which is really over-complicated for the job that needs done. It’s an elaborate excuse to hide a shabby security behind the “blockchain” buzzword.

But, they’re worried about privacy? Having the same conversation they had back in July? Proving out that they clearly haven’t done any research or learned a damn this since then?

Facebook privacy? Forget Libra. Facebook. Why haven’t they shut it down? Social Media in general is a dumpster fire of AIDS needles…

There are so many layers of lies, corruption, and fraud it’s hard to know what’s going on…

They continue to turn a blind eye to the weaponized IRS’s fraudulent classification of cryptocurrency as an asset, pillaged and persecuted under the following misapplication of Capital Gains. And why wouldn’t they continue to turn a blind eye to it? that’s their very intent…

The reason the US is losing hard in crytocurrency, is the same reason it’s losing hard in pretty much everything else.

We’ve already got regulatory clarity. 9/11 accelerated a trend already underway; overbearing bolshevik-style government controls on everything. The 4th Amendment was abolished, and now anyone who thinks the 4th Amendment was a good idea is considered a criminal until he can prove his innocence. They’ve been practicing the game of “investigate a person until you find something, if you can’t find something, use the investigation itself to cast a shadow.” They’ve gotten so bold that they now do it even to the President. Police work has become lazy and weaponized. The Stasi of East Germany is a perfect example. That’s exactly how the US Government operates now. The UK, Australia, and NZ are even worse… Most of Europe is a lost cause.

There’s no place on Earth where Western governments haven’t taken the ugliest parts of history and perfected them… It was supposed to be a warning, but to these evil people, it was an instruction manual.

Don’t get me wrong. Garbage like Bitcoin and all the other scams absolutely deserve to die. 99% of cryptocurrency is bullshit and scams. Bitcoin was a prototype experiment with a bunch of scammers/fanboys that took it waayyy too far and refuse to innovate or learn anything from the experiment. Now colluding with government to keep itself on top via protectionist regulatory fraud and weaponized tax authorities. It was a good example of what could be, but it needs so much more… And both ends, government and existing HODLers, are incentivized to make sure that “much more” never comes to be.

Privacy is a basic human right. If there’s no evidence of a crime, there’s no questions to ask. Fuck off. Being forced to parade around naked while trying to prove my innocence is only one of the many tyrannies I’ve had too much of. Fuck you evil pieces of shit. No more. I’ve committed no crimes. Fuck off. Leave me alone.

You’re gonna burn, and I’m gonna pour gasoline on you. The West has bathed itself in a myriad of stupidities and hedonisms for far too long. Continuing to double-down on it will not end well. The jig is up. The bill has come due. The everything bubble is going to burst no matter what obnoxious games you play. It doesn’t matter if you snuff me out. Blame me as on of “those people.” The consequences are coming.

You worry about human rights violations… Look in the mirror motherfucker. You’ve done more damage to the concept than any “terroists” could have dreamed…

It only proves how insidious you are that you want to poke holes in all the life rafts after poking holes in the hull of the ship… You evil communist thugs are the reason the ship is sinking, and you want to make sure there are no survivors… Western Governments/Societies are a cult of hate, lies, and death.

Not that it’s a lot better elsewhere… Just slightly less bad. This whole mess is going to come crashing down. It’s mathematically impossible for it not to. These impossibly expensive, invasive bureaucracies can’t endure their own bulk. Technology has only accelerated their sickness. “Look at all the evil shit we can do now [click].”

The less-than-pennies on the dollar worth of “tax evasion” they claim to be worried about won’t make a damned bit of difference to the bomb that’s going to go off. Social Security alone would require a 30% increase in taxation just to keep it afloat. Even 10% of that (3%), would smash what little is left of economic growth. Tell me, you brainless pinko shitheads, what’s 3% of nothing? What’s 10% of nothing? What’s 30% of nothing? What’s 70% of nothing?

What’s the big deal with asset reporting anyway? There’s no asset tax.


How can they fabricate bullshit accusations to use as leverage to steal assets, if they can’t find the assets, or don’t know what or where the assets are? How do they know who will be the most profitable to invent false charges against, if they don’t know what that person’s sum value is? They need a list and they need numbers before they can begin…

No different from a gun registry. Exact same purpose. Exact same end result.

It won’t be long before it’s considered “unpartiotic” to abandon the sinking ship, no matter how many decades of your life you dedicated to patching the holes the politicians kept putting in the hull. Politicians doing everything they can to sink the ship isn’t “unpatriotic.” But, fighting against their sabotage is “domestic terrorism.” Realizing it’s a lost cause and seeking an escape from the sinking ship of fools is considered bad…

Fuck you idiot trash. Fuck you.

First you sink the ship. Then you put holes in all the life rafts. Then you shoot anyone who knows how to swim…

…but I’m the bad guy.

Fuck you.

forget the topic is guns…

“10 boxes that you might be moving” is not a unit of measure… What the fuck does this incoherent rambling mean? I can’t even guess at what she’s trying to say…

This isn’t just Clown World. It’s not just lies. This is severe dementia on display. These people are publicly flaunting that they have severe mental incapacity.

Is she trying to say that AR-15s are really heavy? Because they’re soo very not…

…if AR-15s are extremely heavy, no problem. Who could pick it up and do anything with it?

If you can find a way to put meaning to the gobbledegook nonsense falling out of her mouth, even then, it’s self-defeating… The totally made-up statistical data… The gibberish… The lies…

This is the incoherent rambling of a senior citizen suffering from late-stage dementia. Should have been removed from office based on mental incompetence long ago. But this nutter is in charge of whether I get to have a gun or not? This is the arbiter of my mental health?

This is clear and blatant proof that the lunatics actually are running the asylum. It’s not a euphemism. This woman is fucking nuts.

Government has become obsolete. Ignore it. Do as you will. If it tries to assert itself (which is always in the form of violence, it’s all they know), respond with maximum counter-violence. These freaks a fucking nuts.

Listen to the ridiculous crap… He’s basically lamenting that we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore. There’s nothing that can be done “to stop” 3D printing. He says “digital blueprints” like this is new, and he has no idea what it means… These are good things!

OMG big daddy Guvjina can’t control everything! Fucking GOOD! Evil people like this are why western societies are collapsing. Leave us alone you evil communist perverts!

Let’s ban unicorn farts! Anyone who disagrees is a Nazi and must be killed! Uhleeguhl gunz!

Lies, stupidity, dementia…

Serial detectable number! Like engraving is magic… As if you can tell where serial numbers come from. As if the bullets (could) have them somehow matched… These people have zero contact with reality, and the welfare idiots who vote for them have never had a real job, either.

I don’t need the forging or the jig. I can make guns entirely from scratch. Machine guns, even! What are you gonna do? Make a law? Oh no, not bunch of politicians putting their cluelessness to paper and publishing it for all to see, and laugh at! You can’t legislate away reality! You’re delusional! This doesn’t make any sense! You can’t do it! You may as well tell the ocean to stop making waves! You imagine yourselves gods. You imagine yourselves to have mystical powers that you don’t have. You’re insane!

gun control

When Beta gets rid of his guns, I’ll still not get rid of my guns.

Funny, government genocide isn’t included in “gun deaths” statistics… The Left would never put the mass murder that they commit on the list. Estimated at over 150 million… When Democrats slaughter tens of millions, it’s a good thing… Just as throughout all of history, if you disagree with a Democrat, of course you deserve to die. Duh!

even worse in the US

…this assumes they ever get investigated, arrested, or charged; which pretty much never happens. Women can do whatever the hell they want. No consequences, ever.

This data is skewed because most female criminals never become part of the statistics to begin with because they are not pursued simply because they are female.

Going to prison is worse for women because they’re more important… So girls should be let off.

I hate vagina supremacists. No, you’re not fucking special and more important. By your own arrogance, if women are so much better, why aren’t they held to a higher standard, instead of no standard at all?

Oh, right; same reason as cops… Be a piece of shit, get rewarded by the piece of shit government.


Will the US Become a Socialist Country?

“Regulation” is just code for “seize the means of production.”

It’s not merely Socialism. The US is transitioning to full-blown Communism. Corporations are no longer private. This makes them too big to fail. They like it. The CEO is a puppet, but a puppet with subsidized gains and no chance of failure no matter what. “Bail outs” they called it.

Failing economies around the world are seeking negative interest rates with functionally government banks. Governments’ hands are so far up banks’ asses they aren’t banks anymore. …and they like it.

If you outwardly express any sentiment of being non-communist, you can’t go into stores to buy the basic necessities.

Wear a MAGA hat or Open Carry a gun? No food for you. No clothes for you. Be thrown out of your home. Bank accounts shut down. Social media presence purged. Assets seized. No job for you. No passport for you. No car for you. No plane ticket for you.

This is waayyy past socialism… The US, and most of the west, has already snuck in fascist Communism under other names. We’re already there.

It’s the consequences which are still pending… The US has already fallen off the cliff. The fools all think they’re flying just because they’re airborne and haven’t hit the ground … yet.

The Baht is up 20% against the Dollar in 3 years… You think the Baht is managed well? Hell no! Just slightly less terribly than the Dollar.

The people are used to it. Gold is still understood to be the real money here, and it’s an isolated market due to being globally untradable at 96.5% bullion. It’s an island. Thailand’s mines went dry a long time ago. They import from the Swiss and add brass to intentionally dilute it. This isn’t a clever plan, it’s simply their traditional purity level and they stubbornly adhere to their traditional pride. But, that makes it no less beneficial.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Thailand has several broken clocks, and it’s coming to the time of day where they’re all right.

Rayong is another one of these broken clocks. It’s been a growing industrial district for a while now, but since the Trade War with China, it’s blowing up. You can’t get competitive pricing on pretty much anything, because demand is so high they write their own checks on your bank account. Just don’t even bother…

Worse yet, pretty much all manufacturing interests in Thailand are owned by, yup, the Chinese. It’s East Africa, but worse, and more profitable. Herp derp, thanks to FATC/FBAR, US citizens are functionally forbidden from foreign investment. Nobody in the free world (yes, compared to the USA, China is the free world now) will deal with the liability of having a US citizen involved in any of their affairs. Can’t even get a bank account. The woketards that run the US can’t stop shooting the US in the foot. The Chinese don’t even have to try. The US is screwing itself up far worse than it’s enemies could have dreamed… The Trade War isn’t hurting China in the slightest. They’ll pretend to say “ouch” just to get the gullible idiots in the US to think it’s working…

USA: I smash you!
China: Oh no Br’er bear, not the briar patch…

Fucking dumb.

The Chinese race to the bottom seems counter-intuitive to most, but their game is to be king of the ashes… And the US has deliberately set itself on fire.

…I’m designing all my new ideas in metric for good reason. Material costs. Getting basic materials in non-metric now costs significantly more due to a lack of economy of scale. The volume is so much higher in metric production that the same stuff is cheaper by a considerable margin merely in a different measurement system. If you don’t think that doesn’t demonstrate the direction things are headed, you’re an idiot.

Let me say it again…

The fundamental building blocks of industrialized society are made in Imperial measures in such small quantities, that even though the bulk of the process is identical, simply being a different size in the final step causes a large price disparity. …the most important commodity known to man, and the US uses and produces so very little of it that… Oh, nevermind. You idiots will never understand.


The crazies snap easy, and accomplish little. You want to see true carnage and righteous pandemonium, wait until the sane start snapping…

Then, when people like me are done with your crap… May God forgive you for taking it that far, because I won’t.

The sane cannot, and will not, tolerate an insane society.

herp derp

Colt hasn’t made anything worth buying for decades. They only make money in a closed market controlled by cronies. In an open capitalist market place, they’re extinct.

No innovation. Exceptionally low quality. Obnoxiously high prices.

Yeah, the anti-gunners had something to do with this. [/sarc] Lols… Celebrating non-victories is just another admission of failure. Colt has been trying to kill itself for at least 30 years… Military contractor corruption is the only thing that’s kept them alive this long.

Everyone and their brother has started making ARs. Even the fancy stuff has become cheap. It’s absurd. The market is so flooded nobody makes money. It’s a terrible business to be in… There’s no hope at all that a company as backwards as Colt can survive in it.

…oh, a woman said it, now it matters…

Men, white men, can say it for decades. They’re just worthless domestic terrorists.

But, a woman said it this time.

Now it’s important.

Now it matters.

I guess the talking is over, since you won’t listen…

…guess what comes after the talking stops?

Beware the silence.

Try to take my guns, I’ll kill you with them. Fuck you, Beta O’Dork.

…and to this proper Lady; hell yeah!

Colion is allowed to speak because he’s black.

That Lady was allowed to speak because she’s female.

But, me? If I speak, I’m a criminal, a threat, a terrorist…

Every parent of more than one child understands that you can hear them playing in the other room, or outside. But when you don’t hear the racket, something is up.

If you don’t hear me… Trying to silence me with intimidation, threats, false accusations… If it actually worked, and I fall silent…

Pray you never get what you wish for…

I’m not some retarded loser that will lose his temper and go on a selfish shooting spree. I can do waayyy better than that… What I can do would make Pershing lose his lunch. That’s not a burden to be carried lightly. You can’t understand it. Stop asking for it. I don’t want this. You do, because you’re a fool.

OMG! Signs!

Who is being TARGETED by this ATTACK?!?!

If you’re a stupid, woketard asshole, you might get a paper cut while having your aneurysm…

Ban assault paper and high-capacity printer feed trays…

Listen to these hateful, stupid bitches. They have no idea what it means, or if it affects them… But, they hate it and tore it down. Thus, proving the whole point of it…

Perfect trolling.

Western Females are hateful and stupid. I won’t call them “women.” Women, or Ladies, have brains, manners, respect for the rights of others. Western Females don’t. They are hateful and stupid.

Unhandled Exception in Module: Outrage

Traceback, something something reeeee

karma’s a bitch…

In no way am I defending the bad guy here.

Just pointing out, there are consequences for betraying The Republic. Nature is messy. Karma’s a bitch.

Especially when you’re a limp-wristed shit show of a snowflake with a badge. Trying to clear the gun the second you see it? In the middle of the fight? Wait, your own BUG fell out of your ankle holster and the BG almost got it? What a fuckup you are. Look at that scrawny little Trudeau wannabe trying to pretend he’s a man… Careful, don’t break a nail there, sweety…

Judges need to punish the bad cops appropriately, and this shit will stop happening. Of course, that’ll never happen. Judges use dumb cops to further their slow-burn sedition. Dumb cops end up as human shields. The cycle of fucking stupid continues. …but I’m the bad guy for pointing it out.

Severely punish cops instead of letting them off, or rewarding them. Fail to heed this, it’s gonna get worse, and random cops will suffer the punishment instead. Maybe the dirty judge let’s you off, but you will never escape nature’s punishment. One of you fuckers in the blue ISIS gang is going to take the bullet. You will not escape justice. You’ll just get a different kind.

Excellent explanation of overwhelming your adversary tho. It really is that simple. Never forget it when dealing with cops: massive violence is the only chance you have for justice. The instant cops get the slightest bit uppity, put as much lead in them as you can. You’re dead if you don’t. You’re probably dead if you do… But, a slim maybe for survival is better than guaranteed death.

As for this scenario… If you know you’re going to have to get physical with badged traitors, don’t pull over and be nice. The pigs should be full of lead before they get out of the car. Stop fast, before they get a chance. Crack the door, stand up with your .308, and pump rounds into the fuckwipes before they can get out of their car(s). Sure, they could ram, but not effectively from that point. Especially the clowns that park at an angle because they’re afraid of getting rammed themselves by sloppy drivers… Besides, they drive automatics. It’s easy to see when the trans goes into park. Time your move. The moment the car’s not in drive anymore, dump rounds into the fucker. That’s when he’s at a disadvantage. If you wait until any point later in the interaction, it’s too late.

If you pull me over, and live long enough to talk to me, understand it’s because I let you live. I understand how this works and I decided to take a chance on you not being a piece of shit. Don’t make me regret letting you live. Odds are, I wouldn’t have pulled over if I didn’t have my own backup ready to take your communist ass out from 200+ yards…

Behave, or leave the scene of “routine traffic stop” in a bag; where every single one of you complicit motherfuckers deserves to be.

Yes, that’s a threat. It’s a threat that’s over 200 years old, uttered first by the Founders of this nation. I repeat it now because, apparently, you’ve forgotten…

Sadly, these pigs lived, which means others will have to die to settle the score. 1:2 ratio, at a minimum.

this is why cops get killed

It’s demonic left-fringe feminazi activist “judges” like this that get cops killed. And the cops are too fucking hormonal and stupid to understand why.

Any time you’re dealing with h the corrupt judicial branch, have a plan and strategy to dispense extreme violence at the drop of a hit; if/when they get uppity.

Corruption is the new normal. Even 3rd world countries and “banana republics” are better.

There will be no justice later, you’re a fool if you trust the system, the only hope for justice is to fight to the death immediately. You’re almost certainly going to die because they are a hoarde of zombies. The only way to win is to change the conditions of victory. The only thing you’ve got going for you is that they are a hoarde. They can only kill you once. How many of them can you take with you?

After The First One, The Rest Are Free.

You don’t really win. But, the Constitution wins.

If the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, make it, at a minimum, a 1:2 ratio.

Walmart is gay

Think they’ll stop selling cigarettes and alcohol?

Maybe they should stop selling condoms and Hydrogen Peroxide?

Fuck these commies.

This stupidity is just like Republican politicians who listen to Democrat voters… Ignore the people that voted for them in favor of people who hate them and try to get them removed from office. Simultaneously ignore the people who DID vote for them.

Anti-gun commies don’t shop at Walmart. They don’t even have money. They’re welfare trash. Walmart shits in the face of the people who patronize their establishmenrlt, while pandering in a useless manner to people that have been preaching hate against Walmart forever… Why pander to trash? They hate you! They don’t shop at Walmart! They don’t even have any money to spend! They’re degenerates!

Why are western “people” so goddamn stupid that they want to please scum, and hate decent people?

fuck beta o’dork

Fuck beta o’dork. He’s evil.

It’s easy to make guns. You can’t take them.

If you try, I’ll use them on you.

No. You’re not going to take my AR-15. You’re not going to take my AK-47. You’re not going to take my RFB, my Saiga .308, or my KSG.

You’re REALLY not going to take my T-Series M3(s).

You can try. But, that’s exceptionally hazardous to your health. Get fucked, commies.

You crave war because you’re a fool. You’ve assured that war is inevitable.

It’s my job to make that war so horrible that your foolishness is remembered for eternity.

commies everywhere

Join the club. Communist Corporations have been inflicting this political prejudice for decades… If you’re not a communist, or you refuse to submit to Communism, you are banished to the Stone Age.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to buy/have clothes.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to buy/have food.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to have a place to live.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to travel.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to have a Bank Account.

Defy the communists, you don’t get to have a job.

They’ve siezed a lot more than the means of production… You say that my use of the word “communist” is hyperbole. I say that it’s an understatement. The word to describe something that is actually IN EXCESS of communism doesn’t exist. So I settle for communism.

It’s not just socialism with the addition of sirzing the means of production. It’s socialism that has siezed the means of existing.

It’s actually a combination of the worst parts of communism, and gynocratic hate.

Facts don’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter. Math doesn’t matter. Science doesn’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter.

Feelings matter. Hormones matter. Delusional perception matters. Stupidity and ignorance are the foundation of all arguments. Stealing entitlements matters. Crotch obsession matters. Black is white. Up is down. Short is long. Sophistry. Conflation. Chicanery. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Hating anyone who has a problem with this, matters. It is the maximum achievement. Hate is all that matters, and at the root of everything western societies and western governments do. This is what happens when you let women have their way. …and they hate that, too! They even hate hearing it. They hate the one who dares to say it. They hate everything.

The West has become a seething hate against all that is good and decent. It deserves to burn.

They’ll hold your head underwater, then claim “the water did it.” Dummy doesn’t know how to breathe properly, guess it’s survival of the fittest. Learn how to breathe! That’s an oversimplified analogy, but it’s precisely the game The West is playing.

Bowing to evil is never the answer.

the wrath of the Saxon be a carnival of righteous pandemonium

Kipling’s version of “White Men are patient and forgiving. Until we’re not.”

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign not show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Except for Ogden’s Fourth Man. He tried to warn you. But, you didn’t listen… You let him be killed to save your own ass, but, eventually, your number comes up. It always does.

The Forth Man’s dark, accusing song
Had scratched our comfort hard and long

It will not swiftly abate…

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the Black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – Mencken

History marks the date, when the White Man began to hate…

You’ve had far more than fair warning. You have failed to heed it. There will be no more.

We’re coming for you, Hangman.

I hope you enjoyed our little tune…

Get fucked, Beta O’Dork

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Josh Sugarman flatly states that a new, scarier word was needed which he could deliberately conflate. So-called “assault weapons” are just guns. It’s a new, scary-sounding word for all guns. It was chosen expressly because stupid people will fall for it. Josh Sugarman flat out said it.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Look it up yourself.

Before 1987, the phrase “assault weapon” didn’t exist.

…when The Devil hates you.

Ecclesiastes 7:26-29

I find more bitter than death
the woman who is a snare,
whose heart is a trap
and whose hands are chains.
The man who pleases God will escape her,
but the sinner she will ensnare.

“Look,” says the Teacher, “this is what I have discovered:

“Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things—
while I was still searching
but not finding—
I found one upright man among a thousand,
but not one upright woman among them all.

This only have I found:
God created mankind upright,
but they have gone in search of many schemes.”

Normally, The Devil keeps his/her mouth shut. To express his hatred of a man, is to provide proof that this man is on the right path. For the same reason he doesn’t show himself colored red, with horns, a pitchfork, and a pointy tail; makes things kinda obvious.

But, when he hates you so much that s/he can’t keep his/her face hole shut… That’s when you know you’re winning.

“Feminine rage is the weather vane of truth.” – Dick Masterson

The Almighty Guvjina strikes again

They will investigate themselves and clear themselves of all wrongdoing.

You’re next.

Cops are far worse than any criminal they might supposedly protect us from, even though the Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that they have no obligation to do anything at all.

Yes. The only job in which the Supreme Court has decreed that they don’t have to do anything. Just sit around all day and get paid. On the tax payers’ dole.

Or, if you get bored, go kill the very people you were supposed to “serve and protect.” Nothing will happen to you. Perfectly acceptable. Just go kill some people and make up a bullshit story. Video evidence contradicting your bullshit story? From your own fucking camera? Screw it. Doesn’t matter. The Seditious Judge is there to let you off the hook while burning down The Republic.

Make up some bullshit about an “alarm” (this guy had no alarm or any contract with any alarm company, or anything resembling such, unfortunately for the cops, he managed to live, so you can ask him yourself). Have any random cop on the force make a recording of a fake “call” after the fact. Pretend it happened… Lie, lie, and lie some more.

a few dozen lying bigoted shitbags at the VA relate to this fat black scum

White men are only allowed to exist if they’re sniveling coward sissies…

Fucking lying, lazy, hatemongering pieces of shit.

You’re garbage. It’s not my fault you’ve made the choices you have. Stop blaming me. Stop making up hateful bullshit to justify your attacks against me.

White people are patient and forgiving. Until we’re not.

Fuck off before I reach that point, you worthless, lying shitbags.

never question a woman’s lies and hate…

A woman’s lies are righteousness.

A woman’s hate is glory.

How dare you call these demons out…

Hail, the almighty Guvjina!

Give them guns and pepper spray? They’ll kill any man who rejects their extortion, and make up post-mortem lies that he tried to rape her, or some such bullshit.

Lie, lie, and lie some more.

Oh, also… The only gender pay gap is that men are pushed to the back of the line for being men. That goes bouble if you’re a white man. Women are hired first in everything, and paid the most, just because they are women. Corporations are terrified of being slandered and sued by a pissed off bitch who got caught being the shit that she is.

The EARNINGS gap is a result of these entitled, lazy, incompetent shit excuses for human beings (women) not showing up for their overpaid jobs where they fuck up everything they touch.

Even though they get hired just for existing, and get paid MORE per hour; they don’t show up! They make their own bankers’ hours, if even that much. If you say anything about it, you’re a rapist, you’re fired.