Can you get it more backwards?

Men have a drive. It’s just biological reality.

Government, women, and society at large, have turned it into a weapon against us. Porn and wankin’ it take that weapon away from those who want to use it on us.

Crowder couldn’t be more wrong.

Porn and wankin’ it are not an addiction. They are tools for coping with how dangerous and disgusting women have become.

I don’t know a single man who isn’t aware of the effects. Quite the opposite. We’re very much aware of the effects, and that’s exactly why we do it.


Saves money. Saves time. Gets the pesky urge out of the way. Then we get back to our lives more productive and happier than any other option. We’re free to pursue the joy of productivity, creative inpiration, accomplishment, etc…

In the absence of screwed-up trash women, and all the misery, chaos, and stupidity they generate; everything, absolutely everything, is better.

Watch a little porn. Squirt a little goo. Ignore the parasites. Have a good life.

Though it’s taken out of context by most that cite it, I’ll take that false context and make an example.

If God would smite you for spilling your seed in the dust, what might His do to you for impregnating whores and forcing children to grow up in the broken, dysfunction messes that defective women always create?

Disease. Divorce rape. Poverty.

Associate with dirty women and what do you get?

You get what you deserve!

Don’t associate with dirty women. It’s much worse than wankin’ it to porn.

Note: “dirty women” is redundant. AWALT. You think yours is different? She’s not your girl, it’s just your turn. You’re dumb enough to blind yourself to it. The Church girls are the nastiest… That goes double if she’s married and has kids.

Rid yourself of the temptation to compromise, by clearing your head and hormonal build up. Wank it to porn. Take away their weapon.

Everything that it is to be a man has been turned into a weapon of his destruction. Purge it.

Take away the temptation to do something stupid. Give it a tug, and say goodbye to pretty much every problem there is.

There’s no such thing as consensual sex in a loving relationship. Women ended that. It’s just fuckin’. Sex has been stripped of the wholesome, committed, spiritual experience it’s supposed to be. Women did it.

Spare yourself the mental and emotional abuse. Just want it and purge the urge to expose yourself to women. They’re all evil as fuck, there are no exceptions.

Think of it as the Nicotine Patch. It’s better than smoking. Sure, it’s not perfect, either. But it’s a hell of a huge improvement.

How could porn exist without women? How many “webcam models” are men?

Right. It’s women. And, again, blaming men for what women do.

Prostitution is the oldest profession.

I live in Pattaya, Thailand. I see these idiots strung out on pussy everywhere. No way I want to end up like them… Pussy is a drug for those with too much Testosterone and not enough brains. It’s rarely a situation of large amounts of Testosterone, though they always have to tell you how manly they are… Overcompensate much?

The problem is low Testosterone with even lower IQ. Exactly what women want…

The best birth control there is, is integrity and intelligence. Women hate that stuff! If you’ve got a functioning moral compass and an IQ above 70; you’re girl-proof. No woman wants that. Women want dumb, hormonal trash, and as much of it as they can get. Doesn’t matter if he’s only got two pennies to rub together. She’s gonna take ’em, forget him, and do it to the next fool 5 minutes later.

Unlimited supply of dumb, weak men = unlimited supply of free money.

Porn and Masturbation are very useful tools that intelligent men use to avoid foolish temptations. I don’t find porn particularly great. It’s certainly not addicting. It just helps get the job done. Often I lie in bed before falling asleep and I just want to go to sleep… But my brain says “you know what’s gonna happen if you keep procrastinating. You’re going to get blurred judgement. You’re going to think about females more and more. You’re going to do something stupid that you’re going to regret. Just wank it, dumbass!”

It’s the opposite of an addiction. It’s the elimination of a built-in chemical addiction. A natural hormone addiction which under normal circumstances would be healthy and normal. But, we don’t live in healthy and normal… Deal with it like any other bad habbit, or it’ll destroy you.

Just wank it and forget it! For the children!

If they’re never born, they can’t be abused by psycho bitches.

“Why can’t I find a good man?”

Because only douche-bag losers are still in the game. Worthwhile men are finding ways to escape the meat grinder that wants to destroy them. Only the dumb and weak haven’t figured it out, so that’s all you can get!


As if these beasts need to worry about getting pregnant…

Ain’t nobody got time for the expedition needed to rape these sows… But, anyone who can actually get it up when faced with the challenge. Damn. I don’t know if I’m impressed, disgusted, or impressively disgusted…

Seriously? Forget how nasty. Just consider the logistics.. How do you even do that?

Killing babies: good
Being a white man: bad

Man Up!

Man up: Be a weak-minded pile of money and stuff for me to steal.

The manliest thing you can do is apply your standards and moral compass.

Just say no to 1-dimesional savages. They’re not people. Bestiality is disgusting. Don’t do it.

Women are already married to government, which pimps them out to find suckers to rob.

Men aren’t failing to launch. We’re realizing that there’s nowhere to go. You expect us to be too stupid and destroy ourselves for your pleasure and entertainment. Go ahead, call names you evil trash. It won’t save you from the consequences of what you’ve done. Burn, baby!

Women are the cause, not the solution.

I choose; refusal to serve evil.

No man ever accomplished anything worth a damn with a parasitic slut attached.


Only an idiot goes anywhere near these evil pieces of shit.

A “huge win” by being a morbid failure of a wife and mother… Because she “scored” a shot on target; her own husband and family. Smash the Patriarchy! Government in full support of destroying husbands and childhoods… Win!

It is every woman’s goal to destroy all that is good and decent. Which aligns perfectly with government’s desire to do the exact same thing.


Women can’t go 8 hours without being stuffed with a dick. Any dick will do. If you didn’t fuck “your” wife/girlfriend in 8 hours or less (if she’s hot, it’s 1 hour), someone else did.

Wait. PornHub has a Twitter?

Kali Yuga is in full effect… Obsessed with crotch. Nothing else has value. A bunch of damn animals.

How dare men deprive women of the seed they need to crotch farm! How dare men not be dumb savages!

Women need idiot trash.


Fulfill your proper role as a good man?

Get cheated on, robbed of all money and possessions, slandered with false accusations, life destroyed, no future, prison, prison rape.

The better man you are, the harder you’ll get fucked for it.

Only degenerate filth are spared/rewarded. Virtue is hated.

Go ahead, prove us all wrong you chest thumping idiots. When you get fucked over, come tell the story of how you should have listened to us… Traditional Family Values have been weaponized to destroy, families, children, and well-meaning, decent men who have no idea what they’re walking into…

We have only one option left… The Judicial Branch is Satan.


Facebook is not even remotely close to fair or ballanced.

They do not work with any conservative entity.

FOX News is not right-wing.

It is all controlled by evil government.

None of this is an accident or a coincidence.

but men are the pigs…

Disobey your femtrash masters, get your balls cut off.

You better worship crotch, and worship good…

Cut off his dick because he won’t buy you a pony. It’s hysterical!

There’s a little shred of truth to the “matriarchy” claim. Matriarchies won’t have wars, because they will collapse into obscurity and nothingness. That which does not exist cannot declare war.

Look into history. Pagan matriarchies are a great example. All that remains of them are crude stone tools, and statue’s and figurines of obese cunts. They didn’t even develop a written language… They can’t. They’re women.

We’re heading back to that 295,000 years of worthless shitness.

Civilization exists because of MGTOW. Without MGTOW, there would be no internet. There would be no air conditioning. There would be no written language. There would be nothing beyond straw huts. MGTOW created everything.

Don’t believe me? Name the wife of a great scientist, artist or author.


Not only has no woman done any great or fantastic thing, ever; women are such powerful destroyers of greatness, that mere proximity to women guarantees mediocrity, at best.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Knowing this to be true, when good men do nothing, they cease to be good men.

See you at the boogaloo.

this dude just deals out winners…

Lols, keeping tabs on him like a felon on probation.

These clowns think it’s because she’s paranoid that he’s cheating. Isn’t it cute that she thinks this? No. It’s because she’s cheating and wants to be sure you don’t come home while I’m plowing her in the butt! Do you know how many chicks I’ve fucked while they text insults to their boyfriends/husbands? Women love texting because they don’t have to be quiet or mind background noise… Like rhythmic slamming together of sweaty flesh.

Women are disgusting. They get off on betrayal.


It’s not prostitution when a woman does it…

Don’t be captain save-a-ho…

Of course they don’t think if it that way! No hooker wants to admit she’s a hooker.

I live in frickin’ Pattaya! Go on. Call a hooker a hooker. See what happens! Ha!

Women are garbage…


If I were a borderline-retarded snowflake afraid of my own shadow, and went around pointing a gun at people every time I had some irrational “fear for my safety,” I’d be in prison.

Pin a badge on that same mental defective, that makes it all ok…

Ah, the commie thugs investigated themselves and cleared themselves of all wrongdoing. Nothing to see here…

Well, I’m convinced. [/sarc]


If she dreamed of bring a good wife and mother, then maybe she should have, you know, been a good wife and mother. But, of course, no man is good enough for her… She’s so fucking amazing! Can’t you understand?

If all these women are “choosing” the spinster life, why do they keep complaining about it? Why do they have wedding ceremonies where they marry themselves? Why do they invent delusional gibberish like “self-partnered?”

Yeah. They’re not chosing it. Nobody wants a fucked up trash bitch abusing his kids. This is why they collect losers on social media. This is why they screw every piece if trash they can find and brag about it. It’s all they’ve got and my ng to themselves is the only way to avoid suicide.

Ha! God made me in His image. I’m doing just fine on my own. Don’t need hags dragging me down. He made me like this so I could endure.

I age like Whisky.

Women age like dairy.

If she hadn’t spent her 20s proving her worth to a man, she’s done unless she can find a desperate idiot to pick up the leftovers. After 60+ years of playing this game, desperate idiots are becoming very hard to find…

MGTOW, for the children.

Big Daddy Gubmint! Attack the men! Steal their shit! Pay for our lifestyles! We made ourselves into disgusting shit and men have too much common sense! They don’t want us! More Communism! Er, I mean, more welfare! Reward us for being trash! Commend us for making all the wrong choices! Praise us for being traitors to the species! Tell us we’re pretty! Give us free shit!

Smash the Patriarchy!

Please, save me from my arrogant stupidity, patriarchy! Destroy yourself even further, for my whims and luxuries!

you are guilty of being male

If only other countries had it as good as Spain! In the US and Australia, it’s much worse; women have gotten comfortable with having any man they want executed with a word. Cops and Judges have wet dreams about it.

…and the kids are stuck in the middle. For simply pointing that out, I’m considered a pedophile.

On my way back into my condo, on my F800R, a married Thai woman and her toddler, just learning to walk, were playing in the grass. I paused to watch the simple joy of a child learning basic motor control. Wobbly, but just barely making it work. I smiled, she smiled. Then I moved along.

Had this happened in the US, I’d be in prison. A child rapist and sexual predator. Beaten half to death by police who actually do rape children and get away with it daily, laughing their asses off that I’m being strung up for their crimes. Standard Operating Procedure.

If there is a God (which I’m beginning to doubt, I admit) He will burn the US to the ground. Then piss on the ashes, and burn that, too. Satanic Democrats and moral coward Republicans have transformed the US into a disgusting shithole in just a few decades.

Trapped in the slaughterhouse.

Muh Trump! Whatever… All Trump has done is continue, and make worse, the evils Obama created. Obama continued, and made wore, the evils that Bush Jr. created. Every politician, not just presidents, have been hell bent on converting the US into East Germany 2.0, complete with Stasi 2.0.

Replitards et al have completely betrayed their constituents. They ignore what the people who voted for them want, and take their marching orders from the nakedly Communist DemonRats. The open sedition, treason and escalating violence of the Judicial Branch is further evidence that there is no longer any fear that Constitutional Law and Order might be instituted/restored. This is the breakpoint. This is where it all comes unglued. It’s Endgame stage. They’re not afraid to show their true colors because it’s too late to do anything about it. Once you get sucked into the system, it’s all over. Drumhead in a kangaroo kourt, you’re fucked.

The only chance would be mass non-compliance with gun and tax/financial laws. But, We the People are idiot savages. They can’t get their heads out of their crotches long enough to see what’s happening, much less do anything about it.

Only degenerate communists can survive in the US anymore. It’s a Manson/Springer petting zoo of lies and perversion. Morality and Virtue are mocked, slandered, incarcerated, and even murdered; traded in for crotch worship and lies. We the People cheer for it… The Church has been infiltrated by Paganism/Feminism; more crotch worship.

What started as a war on expats, has been moved up to a war on any non-Communist. Now, they want to string you up before you can escape. Anyone opposed to the Communist agenda is being targeted. If you try to renounce your citizenship you WILL be denied. The ship is sinking, and the bastards have cut holes in all the life rafts. The US is a suicide cult, and the Government is making sure no one smart/sane enough to notice can escape the Kool Aide. White Nights are no longer an option…

Just last year it was easy to find information regarding the rates of renunciations, but all data regarding (fraudulently) denied attempts was kept secret. Now, the Internet has been almost completely scrubbed of data. Nearly anyone discussing the topic has been threatened into taking it down and going silent. The process has been made extremely convoluted and expensive. It’s functionally impossible.

Why isn’t it this hard to get in? The opposite of how it should be.

The assholes who say “if you don’t like it here, then leave” are the same assholes who secretly made it impossible to leave. Of course. Who wants to live in East Germany 2.0? Tell me, didn’t the East Germans and North Koreans and the Cubans, etc., do the same damned thing? Forbid their people from leaving. The same assholes who opened the borders to illegal invaders. The same assholes who rob me to pay for free stuff for all those invaders… Free stuff which I am forbidden…

Typical Asshole US Citizen: [makes it impossible to leave]
Typical Asshole US Citizen: “If you don’t like it, then leave!”

It’s impossible to escape now. The US is a prison. You might be physically outside the borders, but you can never throw off the yoke of being claimed as the property of the US. It’s impossible to leave.

The Globe is full of 1s and 2s. My whole life, I’ve watched the US slowly decay from a 10, to a 3. Now we come to the point where it very rapidly becomes a 0, and all those 1s and 2s are looking pretty good…


Pretending that revulsion is fear to prop up their massive, narcissistic ego problems.

Red Flags, bad. Screeching your Red Flags in my face with hilariously misplaced pride in your intentional failure, megabad.

Stupid trash too stupid to see how embarrassingly trashy they are… All Western Females are like this, they just put on an act until you’re trapped with them and they get to destroy you and your children.

Common sense. But they call it fear in a passive-aggresdive attempt to slight the ego. Yeah, I’m totally terrified… Whatever, losers.

This obsession with rapes that don’t happen is yet another delusional passive-aggression. It’s an effort to imply desirability. “We’re so hot we get raped.” Nobody wants you. Nobody wants to talk to you. Nobody wants to see you naked. Nobody wants to fuck you. Nobody wants to marry you. Nobody wants to rape you. You have to lie about what rape is, change the definition of the word, and fabricate fantasise that never happened You want to imply that you are desired while slandering men as a collective, and fake “rape” is your tool. It’s all a lie and a narcissistic delusion to suck fools into your world of fake narratives. It’s textbook narcissism. This is exactly what narcissists do.

Women manifest Sociopathy (and to a lesser degree, Psychopathy) through narcissism because they crave attention. They want to be desired. Denial won’t change the truth. This is why social media is their gateway into severe mental illness, not abuse. Sociopathy (and to much lesser extent, Psychopathy) is rarely sterile. Social Media (attention) whoring is what gives women massive overload doses of what they crave. This is what they become. Every woman with an Instagram and Facebook account are grossly underdeveloped in exactly the same way. It reduces them to one-dimensional extreme predatory narcissists, asserting their delusional bubble onto others, trying to suck them into it to grow their bubble. Moar, moar, MOAR! Like a heroine addict being encouraged and praised for their habbit, no limits, no barriers, only encouragement, praise and unlimited supply. The worse they get, the more “you go girl” they get for doing it…

They’ve convinced government that their severe mental problems are an entitlement, a Right. Rarely do they ever get caught, because if a woman does X, then X isn’t a crime. If anyone dares to consider X a crime instead of an entitlement, they will be mocked, slandered, browbeaten, etc… If she manages to cross a unicorn respectable cop, who recognizes her sickness and criminality, he will turn a blind eye to save his job. Rarely does any sort of criminal prosecution take place. Invariably, they get a slap on the wrist compared to a man comitting the same crime. The “statistics” are useless, because women are rarely arrested or prosecuted for their crimes. Pussy Pass, they get away with anything. Usually just lies and slander against any man who dares not worship them as all their followers on Social Media do. And government is always there to dish out the punishment for failure to worship them as commanded… Whatever fake accusations they dream up, Big Daddy Government, the only thing to which women hold any loyalty, is there to attack…

Everything is a narcissistic delusion, and you better go along with it, or else.

They fill the hole where their soul is supposed to be with increasingly vicious attacks and hate. It’s the only thing that keeps them going…

Damn it feels good to be a shitlord!

ok boomer

Millennials are entitled brats for expecting lavish lifestyles to be handed to them without earning it.

They’re just following the example of their Boomer parents, who did nothing and lived a lavish lifestyle. They want the same thing, but they don’t realize the evil shit their Boomer parents did to make it happen, and that it can’t be replicated. Once you learn what Boomers did, would you be evil enough to repeat it if it were possible?

Boomers destroyed their Childrens’ and Grandchildrens’ futures, lived the easy life by deficit spending and appropriating the future, and expect everything to continue being handed to them on the backs of those same children and grandchildren. They expect to have their asses kissed when they not only do not deserve it, but destroyed everything in greed and hedonism. Including any hope for the future. They mortgaged the future, and salted the Earth as they went. Then complain about Millennials.

Millennials suck. Boomers are much, much worse.

I get it. I’m Gen X, stuck in the middle. I saw this coming. I saw it getting worse my whole life. Millennials have nothing to live for and no reason to try. Boomers made it so. Boomers shrug and say they’re lazy, even though Boomers had it fucking easy because they destroyed the future to have a luxurious, easy now. The most obvious example is Social Security. They paid no attention to how it was bastardized and mismanaged, but still demand the payout. If I shit on my own investments, do I still get to demand that the next generation pay me anyway? No. Boomers are far worse than Millennials.

It reminds me of the insufferable “We didn’t start the fire” song. So, pouring gasoline on that fire wasn’t a bad thing, if only it hadn’t been a fire… It’s not your fault that there existed an inconvenient fire in the spot where you decided to pour your gasoline… Which you describe in detail, yet act in a manner totally oblivious… Just keep doing what you’re doing with total disregard…

In a healthy society, it’s incredibly arrogant to claim you’re the only sane person in it… But, a sick society will never admit it. There’s nothing more insidious than the evil, insane society that uses the same mantra to mock and destroy the sane few trying to pull it out of the fire…

Fine then. Burn, you worthless shitbags. Say some shit about “some men just want to see the world burn” as YOU pour gas on the fire.

I’m just going to stand back while you stupid shitbags double-down, yet again, on being proud of what stupid shitbags you are. Sure, I’m the crazy one. Whatever… I’m out. You losers can all fuck off a cliff.

I don’t want to see the world burn. I’m just not going to continue letting you stab me in the back for trying to put out the fire. You think you’re being smug and all-knowing, too stupid to understand that you’re the one burning it down… The lunatics are running the asylum. Fuck you, idiots.

For the Phoenix to be reborn from the ashes, it must first burn. Let’s just get it over with already… Boomers, just fucking die. You’re the reason everything went to shit.

earning the hate

I’d have killed all 4 of them if I saw that… Cops are evil trash. Pussies picking on an old man. Badges make it acceptable… Fuck you. No, it doesn’t. You motherfuckers need to die. Sadistic fucking perverts. These fat pieces of shit think they’re badass because they can pick on an old man? What happens when they fuck with something waayyy out of their league? These evil pieces of shit are going to get slaughtered. Hopefully, their families will get to watch.


Even “jerk” auditors serve a purpose. Jerks have the same rights as everyone else. If cops are supposedly “a cut above,” then handling a jerk should not be a problem.

Doing it wrong is better than not doing it at all.

What is the correct way to rock the boat? “This isn’t the right way to do it.” Is the mantra of a lazy coward trying to lob insults at his/her betters.

There’s a damn good reason I don’t do audits; I don’t have the patience. There’d be a bunch of dead cops and a dead me the very first time. To do audits, one has to have patience and tolerance for treason, and I have none.

My favorite cop encounters ended like this:

Cop: “I’m not going to argue with you.”
Me: “Good, bye now!”

Me: “WHY am I being detained?”
Cop: “I’m not detaining (realizes what just happened) you.”
Me: “k, bye!”

Cop: “You think you’re a lawyer? You think you’re going to tell me about the law?”
Me: “Somebody has to.”

I’m not interested in protracted arguments for YouTube game. I want the Commie shitbags to fuck off.

I wasn’t comitting any crime, or doing anything that could be mistaken for a crime. It was purely politically motivated prejudice, and an attempt to threaten and intimidate me for disobeying Democrat Communist agenda.

Pinko pigs looking for a fight…

Careful what you wish for, shitbags… Bullying the weak and stupid does not prepare you for what you’re fuckin’ with now.

men don’t want to be owned and controlled…

…and slandered and insulted because of it.

We sure as hell don’t want to raise a family with you when you behave that way, you worthless, disgusting shit!

Seriously… The best thing women can do for themselves is kill themselves. It only gets worse from here. Tomorrow will be the worst day of your life… Every tomorrow worse than the next… I shouldn’t tell you this. I want you tovreap what you’ve sown. I don’t want you to escape the hell you’ve made for yourselves.

Self-partnered? Delusional! Why would you use the word partnered if it wasn’t what you were desperate for?

I’m alone. I like it. I don’t need delusional self-convincing word salad bullshit. After decades of introspection, I’m a great person. Degenerate trash cannot comprehend. I’m never lonely. Just alone and happy with it. A distinction women cannot comprehend. They even try to use it to mock me, because they’re such dumb animals they can’t sort it out.

Women are disposable, and they’ve thrown themselves in the trash. How dare I not want them…? I just can’t see how these dumb cunts think they can insult me. All they do is draw attention to what trash they’ve made of themselves. Being hateful is the only bright spot in their lives… I have no pity for those who pull the roof down on their own heads. Then, continue to double-down! A spiraling delusion of hate and lies…

Buh bye!


You cannot “Back the Blue” and “Don’t Tread on Me” at the same time. Police are the enemy of all that is good and decent. Police serve Communism above all else.

There a reason the Police defend Antifa, and hunt down all who oppose the leftist agenda. There’s nothing Police love more than a Communist revolution. Same reason Law Enforcement draws exactly the sort of people who should never have any power at all. The exact same reason Government loves to hire those same sadistic perverts.

The only good cop is a dead cop. They are evil freaks committed to destroying The Republic.

There is no Law Enforcement. Only SELECTIVE Law Enforcement. If you’re a violent Communist thug, cops will watch and laugh. If you’re the victim of the communist thug, the cops will come after you, joining in with the communist thugs, because they are compatriots on the same team…

4 cops, on video, witnessing an assault, attempted theft, and property damage. All of them LIE about it and refuse to do anything. Protecting their Antifa brothers.

Notice these cops didn’t have to get together and coordinate the lie. They all knew which side they were on before they showed up. Cops and Antifa are one and the same. Cops are traitors.

Finally, the leftists who caused the crisis, understand the problem they’ve created. Maybe.

We’re beginning to understand that privacy isn’t about hiding bad things, but that it’s about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are. Our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities.

Asshole Boomers and Millennial Snowflakes teamed up to destroy The Fundamental Human Right of Privacy.

“We’re beginning to understand…”

We? Who the fuck is “we?” You got a turd in your pocket, you fuckin’ asshole?

The leftist assholes now claiming that “It’s gone too far” are the very same motherfuckers who set up and made sure that “it” would go too far…

I’ve watched this evil growing my whole life. It’s why I hate the left. Since government in general is always pushing further and further left, it’s why I hate the government. It’s why I use Tor. It’s why I don’t use the garbage heap of humanity known as Social Media (only degenerates use Social Media). It’s why I use DASH. It’s why I cut out of my life any moral coward who makes excuses and/or fails to take a stand for Fundamental Human Rights.

“We’re beginning to understand…” Fuck off with this “we” shit. YOU. The Tor project has always supported left-fringe evil. How about a little contrition? Not even an “Oops” out of these arrogant leftist shitbags… DASH is exactly the same. They’ve nearly sunk their own ship pushing leftist ideology.

Tor and DASH have done everything in their power to Assist and Enable The Hangman, then they feign surprise when it’s their turn…

If you undermine Fundamental Human Rights, you are not welcome in my life.

Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right. Death to all who violate it. Which is, of course, rather difficult to achieve without guns, and the reason why owning guns is also a Fundamental Human Right.

It’s only a matter of time before the people who hate privacy become aggressive and you’ll have to defend yourself from them. History shows it every damned time. If you don’t hang on to your guns, they kill you with theirs. You don’t have to go out hunting them like an idiot zealot. They are the zealots. They can’t stop themselves. They always come to the point of hunting down any and all who dare to disagree with them. Make your stand when they come for you. Yes, it’s too late. You’re going to die. Take as many of them with you as you can. You don’t win, but Human Rights do. They can only kill you once. How many times can you kill them?



It doesn’t matter if Tyranny is the plan or not. Doing exactly the thing which enables Tyranny opens the door, and there’s always a bunch of evil motherfuckers who take advantage at the earliest opportunity. Why set up evil for success?

Why would you prepare to do X, if you have no intention of doing X?

Gun-control is preparing to commit Democide. If you have no intention of committing Democide, why prepare to commit Democide?

Right; because you are the evil motherfuckers, and you very much are preparing to commit Democide, and Tyranny very much is the plan.

Gun control has only one purpose; oppression and mass murder. Those who want him control, want oppression and mass murder. No if’s, ands, or buts. No exceptions. This is an absolute truth. Obviously, people who want to commit oppression and mass murder aren’t going to tell you that what they’re planning. Just like Joy Behar recently explained on The View. You don’t tell people you’re planning to kill them. Duh! They obviously won’t vote for you then… You lie to get power, then you kill them.

Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign Immunity. The United States was created by a war whose root premise was to abolish Sovereign Immunity for all of the obvious reasons why such an evil cannot be tolerated.

Yet here we are… As if that never happened…

The notion of Sovereign Immunity is mutually exclusive to the notion of the United States. They both cannot exist.