The Nihilist Chicken, and His Egg.

Hell, that might even be a title for a book someday…

Even complicated words have been turned inside-out by brain-dead, all crotch no brains, animalistic so-called “society.”


This is the definition of pretty much every human being I have ever met. Coupled with being such dumb animals that they are oblivious to the fact that this is what they’re doing. They exist for no purpose except to do damage to others and laugh about it, oh, and lots of mindless smashing together of gonads.

It’s hysterical to see the human race go this direction… Where the only use it has for it’s supposed higher intellect is not to rise above the animals, but to see out new and creative ways to stoop lower than the animals. It’s everywhere… Success is defined as destroying your fellow man just to say you could do it. Money has no value except to use as a weapon of deprivation against those unwilling to stoop low a to abuse their fellow man in the same fashion. Being civilized and intelligent is mocked as weakness. He who stoops the lowest can wreck the whole party and take a few crumbs home for himself. Why produce and grow, when you can smash and grab, and the chicks totally dig it…

We could build something better with math, science, and collaboration, but why bother with all that when you can just wreck everything, grunt and thrust? This is the new “strength;” measured as a caveman would…

I’m not the Nihilist. I’m surrounded by them and they lack the intellect to see it… Up is down, black is white, short it long… Having the clarity, civility, and intellect to see it makes me the odd one out. This happens to all societies, eventually… Initially formed as a way to better life for all, turning into a weapon against those who’d rather not join in. Becoming so arrogant that they abandon reason and logic. Scorning the very science and math upon which their industrialization is founded. Deliberately separating different parts of their personality to justify their actions. “It’s only business. Don’t take it personally.” “It’s just sex. What’s love got to do with it?” Deliberately fracturing the psyche, and calling it normal. Anyone who doesn’t screw themselves up is the weirdo. Dysfunction becomes the norm.

No society has ever survived itself.

The fundamental flaw I’ve found that strings together the underlying defects in philosophers throughout history who have studied nihilism is this; they study it from the vantage of an Ivory Tower. What if God was one of us? What if they were one of us…

There is a dream that most people have. No, not a vision for the future. A real fall asleep dream. The dreamer is being attacked, and is unable to fight back. Even with the will, his gun won’t go off, the knife turns to rubber on impact, fists just can’t hit the target. The ability to protect one’s self seems impossible to achieve no matter how hard the dreamer fights back.

I had a different dream… It was a very fast dream… Up in the sky, looking down. Zooming in closer to the ground. Pass through the clouds, a small discoloration appears. It grows. It’s a city! roads, buildings… A big roundish thing in the middle… Still steadily approaching.. The round thing is a football stadium, or Colosseum of sorts, but bigger than any that actually exist… Small figures can be seen in the field of the Colosseum. Masses in the stands. Now comes the smell, the awful stink of the place! While appearing to be largely anthropomorphized, the entities in the field and the entities on the stands are not at all similar… I realize that I can’t make out the entities in the field because there is little to make out. They’re nothing but little white balls with cartoon-y arms and legs. I look around the stands to see, they’re a half-breed of pigs and humans. Standing on their back legs, shoving food into their mouths with barely articulate hooves for hands, defecating and urinating with total indifference to where it lands, and stays. Even upon the very food they’re consuming. Screaming and hounding unintelligibly towards the center of the ring. Disgusted, my attention turns back to the white balls with cartoon arms and legs. Some are bleeding. Many are dead. They all have weapons. Most of the dead have clearly been killed by weapons foreign to the arena. Meaning, they didn’t kill each other, something else killed them. Occasionally they take a half-hearted swing at one another, but clearly having no desire or malice in their hearts… They are at eye level now. I look at them and then look at myself, having a body of my own for the first time and not being an invisible floating observer. I am a white ball with cartoon arms and legs, and a sword.

Pearls before swine. One by one, killed by the onlookers as we refuse to fight each other to the death for the amusement of the pigs.

Ever since that dream, the other dream isn’t broken anymore…. The gun goes off and the bullet finds it’s mark. The knife penetrates and blood pours out. Fists land with superhuman damage, like a Dragonball Z remake.

I no longer consider restraint for the pigs. I know they’re going to kill me. It’s what they do. The only thought they have is how to make my murder as entertaining as possible. This is “normal people.” Filthy, stupid, vicious animals who see nothing at all wrong with being so. It’s like a cat looking in the mirror and having no idea that the reflection is itself.

After the first one, the rest are free.

Volkswagen TDI Scandal, and the EPA’s Ongoing War Against Reliability and Truth

I’ve had enough of this bullshit. The story goes much deeper than the distractions in the news lately.

I’ve been an unapologetic fanboy of the VW TDI for a long, long time. I had an AHU, and now an ALH. I’ve deliberately avoided the newer engines/cars. Why?


Read the EPA’s allegations. They mention both NOx and Particulate emissions, but do an expert job of blurring the line between the two. Particulate emissions are non-carcinogenic. It’s part of the reason that diesel engines are so clean. Their combustion cycle is higher pressure. They don’t even have spark plugs to help them along. They don’t need it. They don’t have the sloppy, half-burned pollutants that gas engines have. The much more complete combustion results in pure carbon. The basic building block of all organic life. Not the massive amounts of really nasty half-way-burned shit that comes out of a gas engine.

Realize that this “problem” has been going on since 2004.

In 2004, EPA “emissions standards” for diesel became drastically disparate from Gasoline engines. It’s a double-standard. Gasoline engines are allowed to dump massive junk into the air, but Diesel’s bar was set so high that it was believed no one would ever be able to make a Diesel engine pass. The objective was to eliminate the small Diesel engine by creating an obnoxiously impossible emission standard for it, while keeping the bar low for gasoline engines.

This is the crux of it. The EPA has had a war on reliable, long-lasting, efficient engines for a long time. VW really shit in their Wheaties in 2005, when they actually managed to pull it off. The crap they had to go to to make it happen made the engines not worth owning, in my opinion, but they managed to do it. That’s why I own an ALH, and will never own anything newer.

So, the EPA upped the ante, again, with even more absurdly disproportionate “standards” compared to gasoline engines. So, VW cheated. Gas engines are still allowed to dump nearly 10x as much junk into the air, because this fight hasn’t got a damn thing to do with emissions or the environment. Notice the years… This fight REALLY started back in 2004. But it wasn’t until 2009 that VW decided to cheat back against the cheaters at the EPA.

Nobody wants to talk about the fact that this is a fraudulent double-standard. I don’t contest or care that VW cheated. Knowingly. On purpose. The EPA cheated first! VW merely cheated back. And I’m damn proud to own one for it. This isn’t about emissions. It never was, and the story is much older than the fucking evil government and it’s media conspirators would have you believe.

The EPA’s war to eliminate reliable, efficient engines from the consumer market has been a long road. It’s another lightbulb conspiracy. VW TDIs last waayyy longer, when properly cared for, than gasoline engines. They can easily be multi-generational. If you had to buy a car only once every 30 years, that’s a lot more of your money you get to keep.

Government hates it when people find a way to keep their money. It’s the same old shit.

It’s easy to see the truth of it if you step back and look at the big picture that nobody wants to talk about.

If it’s really about the environment and emissions; why doesn’t the EPA enforce the same standards against gasoline engines? Why are gasoline engines allowed to pollute so much more? Aren’t there a lot more gasoline engines out there? Why is there a war against diesels? Just because you can’t see or smell what comes out of a gasoline engine, doesn’t mean it’s cleaner. Most of a gasoline engine’s emissions are colorless and odorless, but much, much more toxic. A gasoline engine’s incomplete combustion cycle is inherently toxic. It’s like sticking a gas pump up your nose and just breathing it in. Diesel isn’t. There are people who have made the embarrassing mistake of trying to commit suicide by running their diesel engine in the garage… The cruel joke’s on them, diesel exhaust doesn’t kill you! But gasoline exhaust will. Figure it out people… You’re being lied to, again…

This shouldn’t be about whether or not VW broke the law. It should be an examination of how absurdly fraudulent the law is. Don’t let yourself be distracted.

Sure. Diesels are loud. They last a lot longer than gas engines for reasons I’ll not get into here. They’re manly! They smell bad. You can see the clouds of carbon that come out of their exhaust pipes. But, that’s the very evidence that they’re clean! The combustion cycle doesn’t leave the half-burned fuel like a gasoline engine does. The really bad stuff, the stuff that comes out of the pipes of gasoline engines, is colorless, odorless toxic waste that is much, much worse and can kill you in a few minutes. The Environmental Protection Agency, you say? This hasn’t got shit to do with protecting the environment. This is about protecting a massive scam against consumers, and VW is the only one with the balls to fightback. There is a reason why gasoline engines are only common in the USA. Pretty much everywhere else in the world uses Diesel as the primary, because it’s better in every way. Even the mechanism by which it operates makes more sense.

Damn proud to be driving my 2000 TDI. Anything that pokes the evil, lying government in the eye, I love.

My next car is electric, or none at all. Zero is rumored to have a Big Deal up their sleeve for the 2016 models. A fairing, finally? Or an integrated charger that uses the regenerative braking circuit instead of the current redundant, wimpy charger? Tesla is supposed to be kicking serious ass with the Model 3 in only 2 years, Superchargers are everywhere now… There’s still no Electric FJ Cruiser tho, so I’m sad. :-p

Sometimes, even the assholes come up with genius…

I noticed this a few years ago, but didn’t think it worth mentioning until now.

I’m opposed to monopoly. That means, patents, copyrights, etc. You can’t be a Capitalist and support these things at the same time.

The Wix/NAPA 4003/24003 filter has a patent number on it.

Ever look it up?

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the filter. It’s just a random patent number they printed on it.

I wonder how many people say “Oh, it’s got a patent number, oh well, can’t copy that…”

There’s no patent on the filter, or any part, method, or mechanism of it. There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about any aspect of it, so how could there be?

But how many people don’t even bother to try, just because there’s a patent number printed on it?

It you’re an anti-capitalist who’s patent gets rejected, just pick any random, existing patent’s number, and print it on your stuff. Don’t spell out the whole word “patent.” Just do “Pat. No 1284585862468” Then if you get lawyered, “Pat. No.” is an abbreviation for something else… Like, Pattern Number. How could it be a Patent Number? That number isn’t for any patent of your’s, right? Why would you put someone else’s totally random and unrelated patent number on your product? That doesn’t make any sense, it must just be a coincidence that your Pattern Number happens to be the same number as someone’s patent… Even if someone does look it up, reading that stuff is totally crazy and they may assume some part of it might be covered by the patent… Monopoly, even when its fake, it still stifles competition.

Bullshitters… They win because you let them win. I can’t deny the genius of leveraging stupidity and laziness. Find a way to make money off of humanity’s negative traits and you’ll be rich because humanity is always looking for ways to suck more than it already does…

Operation: ComDE – Part 3

Humans are always complaining about how hard it is to get cryptocurrency. The hoops they have to jump through, the technical irresponsibility that holds them back…

I’m not going to get into the absurd degree of tech irresponsibility that has surged in the last 8 years or so… iPhone. Cater to the stupid, and keep them in the dark…

I just opened up the DASH wallet on my new OnePlus One. I haven’t used it yet, and it says right in my face:

No Dash received so far.

How to get Dash?

Trade for traditional money,
sell goods or services or
earn by working.

Uh, isn’t that the exact same thing you do for guvpaper? Why must this be explained? If you want money, or a kind of money different from what you’ve already got, you, like, totally do stuff, to get it. Or sell stuff, to get it. This ain’t fuckin’ magic.

You could buy one money by selling the other, it’s called currency exchange. But, the red tape involved is absurd because terrorisms! You signed up for it, you fell for it, there’s nobody to blame but yourself…

Why get stuck on that? We don’t need no stinkin’ exchanges!

Still can’t figure it out?

OK, I’ll spell it out for you: SELL STUFF ON THE DARKNET!

Yes, there’s lots of drugs and illegal stuff on the wide range of darknet websites that have cropped up in the aftermath of Silk Road. For every head the guvtrash chopped off, 10 more grew back to take it’s place.

You don’t have to sell illegal things there! Come on guys, fucking think about it…

The handed-to-you-on-a-silver-platter crypto marketplaces don’t get a lot of traffic. The barriers to entry caused by the average consumers’ own tech irresponsibility keep 99.9999% of your would-be market out of your view.

You need eyeballs on your stuff if you want to sell it, right?

So go where the eyeballs are. Go where the people who have at least made a baseline remedial effort to understand this already are!

Yes, you’re going to have to gain at least a baseline remedial understanding to get it done, too… Is getting into crypto without having to link your bank account to an official exchange and deal with the scam of AML/KYC worth a little effort?

I recognize that if you’ve cheated your way through life when it comes to tech, yes, it’s going to be a steep learning curve for you. Who’s fault is that? Are you going to own it and step the fuck up, or not? This shit is not hard. It’s a lot to take in if you’ve cheated your way through life, so the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming, but if you break it down one piece at a time, it’s not hard at all.

This is the easiest way into crypto. Take a darknet market and treat it like eBay. Aren’t the media already calling it “the eBay of drugs?” So, just sell something other than drugs! How hard is this? People who know how and have money to spend are flocking there already. The eyeballs are on. Have yourself a little garage sale on the darknet. So what if you’re setting up shop next to a bunch of drug dealers?

This is where the money is flowing. This is where the eyeballs are. So, pull your head out of your butt and learn how to do it. It’s a good way to learn the ropes and it’s safe. You’re not breaking the law, right? You’re just selling the same stuff you might sell on eBay. So, if you goof up, expose yourself; so what? It’s a great way to learn.

Look at it this way. We’re talking about the separation of Money and State. Money that isn’t published or backed by any manipulator. It’s value is inherent in the fact that it avoids that very corruption and manipulation. As long as Government exists, it will be more valuable than any paper the government prints. Why would you want to join Cryptocurrency to that corruption and manipulation when you don’t have to? The whole thing can be a closed loop unto itself. A separate economy in which the government doesn’t have it’s meddling nose shoved. You don’t have to be the spender to be part of an economic system. You could be the seller. Don’t mess yourself up thinking about the ways to get in, think about the ways out!

Think about cutting back the hours your work to the bare minimum needed to pay a few bills. All your recreational money is crypto, no job. Too different monies, two different economies. As long as you don’t take the easy way out, linking them together, then there is one the guvthugs can mess with, and one they can’t. We finally have the ability to get their grubby damn hands off of something they never had the right to touch in the first place.

We no longer have to rely on some law that was supposed to limit government power, we can enforce it as their corruption defies the limits we placed against them. This is We the People’s version of Law Enforcement. We made laws to guard against their intrusions. They refuse to obey those laws. What happens when you break one of these laws they created, and never agreed to be bound by? What does government do to you then? We can’t arrest them, we can simply ignore them. We can have our own damn money now. We don’t need theirs and all the strings that come with it. We can enforce the limits and laws they’re breaking. That’s the punishment; less tax income for them. They’re being fined and penalized by us for a change! They wouldn’t keep their grubby hands off, now we can forcibly remove their hands. Sure, they’ve made another law we never agreed to called “tax evasion.” But, didn’t the IRS shoot themselves in the foot by calling it not money? I have to pay income taxes on not income? Seems none of the various rogue agencies can make up their mind how they want to control something they can’t control anyway… None of them can agree, they’re all contradictory, you can’t obey one of their edicts without breaking another… Fuck it, just don’t be involved!

Nobody ever bought weed with cash dollars before? BitCoin and all it’s clones are traceable. It is not anonymous… How do you think the idiots keep getting caught? Follow the money, just like always. Spread misinformation about how it’s anonymous when it’s not, and all the dumbasses will make low-hanging fruit of themselves. You can sell on their markets without being one of them. You think that trusted, centralized mixer service isn’t the very honey pot that’s keeping track? You think that’s air you’re breathing? Welcome to The Construct. Time to learn Kung Fu.

Come on people… Think. You’ve got brains. Use them. You can’t fight this fight if your Kung Fu is weak. You may be willing, but are you able?

If you’re going to take the Red Pill, you damn well better swallow it before you choke.

Find something you’re good at and do it/sell it on the darknet. Shut the fuck up about costs and excuses of starting a business. It costs you nothing to get off your ass. Stand up from the couch/chair right now. How much did that cost? Nothing. Have a thought. How much did that cost? Nothing. It costs you nothing to get off your ass and think.

So, the (in)Justice Department want’s to fraudulently mis-represent the safest business ever as high-risk to chock off credit and card processing? Isn’t it ironic? The very same government forces onerous regulation and background checks on buying guns, but then calls it high risk? Did anyone check your ID the last time you swiped your (or anyone else’s) card at the Wal Mart self-check-out? Did they make you fill out a Form 4473? Did they force you to endure a NICS background check? So, how is the one where all that happens “high risk” but the one where it doesn’t happen, that’s not high risk? There’s absolutely zero confirmation that the buyer is who they say they are at Wal Mart, and tons of confirmation and background checks at the Gun Show… But, they label the zero confirmation, not even looking at it transaction as low risk, and the one with background checks and sworn forms, special licenses and extra taxes and paperwork, etc, as high risk… All done by the very same government… Do they trust themselves so little? That a deeply government involved transaction is somehow less secure than one where nobody is even watching at all? Do you not see the irony and obvious fraud of it?

Have a darknet garage sale for crypto. Sell your gun for Crypto. Fuck Operation: Choke Point. This is Operation: Choke on my Dick, Eric (and now, Loretta, too). It can’t and won’t succeed if you’re too stupid to figure out how. Use your brain or the evil bastards win because you were too stupid to learn how to show up for the fight.

Fuck You!

“If you’re offended by any word, in any language, it’s probably because your parents were unfit to raise a child.” – D. Stanhope

Nothing can be made to offend. A person chooses to take offense. Almost exclusively as a means to bully the speaker, with whom they disagree in spite of flawless logic…

Solar Array Help – II

So, I figured out that MPPT Solar Charge Controllers are really just giant DC to DC switching buck converters. The whole MPPT shtick is just a crazy marketing ploy. Why is it so impossible to just call things what they are? I fuckin’ hate humans. Bigass HV MOSFET ringing a bigass inductor.

For my absurdly high string voltage of 766V: <- higher Rds (resistance on Drain <-> Source while flowing teh As.

It seems these guys could do the deed single-handedly…

But, this doesn’t explain where I’m going to get a fucktastically huge inductor to go with… Seems it would actually need a good insulation value above all else, and current is no big deal because largeness of V.

Still considering string split just to have somewhat less crazy scary high-voltage DC pushing 10 Amps into my dumb ass…

While there are cheaper MOSFETs to be had at lower voltage, the remarkable Rds numbers of the high voltage units is impressive and worth the price IMNSHO. I guess they’d have to be super low impedance or you’d get thermal rejection like woah beyond controllable levels in microseconds. MOSFETs are already touchy, so… That’s a fuckload of (expensive) magic smoke (and fire and brimstone).

Solar Array Help – I

So I’ve got my 20x 260W Monocrystaline glory… I’m dreaming up a mounting system in SolidWorks, but I’m running into a different problem.

Charge Controller.

In series, my string would have an Open Circuit Voltage of 766V. That not only exceeds the wire insulation rating, but have you ever seen an MPPT charge controller with that input rating? Yeah…

I obviously need some way to run these suckers in parallel. A few smaller charge controllers that link and synchronize output? With noting but salesmanship, and nothing technical about how they work, I’m at an impasse.

I considered making my own, but I encounter a similar problem. I’m not using the traditional (stupid) Pb+H2SO4 Cells. I’m using LiFePO4. As long as it never tops-off, and only bulk charges below top-off voltage, any old charger will still do. I intend to bottom-balance the pack and then never fill it all the way to avoid unbalancing it; which is the death of LiFePO4 packs. So, I’ll never reach the top-off charge portion of the LiFePO4 charge curve, and never risk overcharging some cells while undercharging others until Bad Things. The unanswered question remains, how to assure the charge controllers work together.

I can’t just run parallel sets because the unequal wire lengths will cause slight voltage variations. One long High Voltage string is the best option, but an unavailable option…

Is a charge controller a kind of DC to DC converter? If so, how is it achieved? I have this handy-dandy Raspberry Pi sitting here. I can haz MOSFET? PWM into a bigass capacitor and monitor current load to suit? How do we trade Amps for Volts keeping Watts constant? A giant multi-tapped transformer? No answers, all kept secret. Even the DIY projects fail to explain. “Just blindly follow these steps and copy the code.” No thanks. I will have understanding. I am not a stupid monkey. My only holdup is that knowledge is kept secret to force consumerism… Painfully inadequate consumerism that fails to deliver a suitable product, as usual…

The conventional voltage regulator that simply throws away the “extra” as heat is obviously a hugely wasteful and unacceptable way to go. I even considered adjustable high-wattage power supplies, as in the Zero S DC Charger idea. That’s a lot of money to spend on a guess that may not work. I need information, answers, but as is usually the problem, the people calling themselves experts are in fact clueless, too.

To My Readers…

Both of you.

It seems silly to solicit feedback from a source where I know nobody goes… While my target demographic is exceptionally narrow, it’s also the only people who have an opinion I consider valuable or useful.

I’m trying to design an off-grid modification for a chest freezer, to make it into a refrigerator. A super-efficient, top-opening refrigerator that works way better than a typical dumbass refrigerator on a ton less juice.

You might think this is a really easy thing to do. All you gotta do is change the thermostat to 33 or 34 degrees, right?

No, not at all, here’s why:

The power inverter burns juice when it’s on, supplying power to other stuff. Usually it eats about 400 Watts on it’s own. That’s not a small thing in an off-grid system.

What’s that got to do with the freezer then, eh?

Duh, when the freezer is just sitting there, it’s using a tiny trickle of power, but it keeps the inverter from going into sleep mode. So, even though the freezer is only pulling microamps, it keeps the inverter powered up and sucking 400 Watts. Even when the freezer compressor turns on, it burns less than 200 watts as it pushes phase change…

So, my trick is to make a battery powered microcontroller with a thermal sensor. Stuff the thermal sensor up the drain hole, since this won’t be a freezer anymore and there won’t be ice. Still, spills, but whatever. Using the drain hole for sensor access. This part is no problem. PICAXE + Stainless encapsulated DS18B20 on a waterproof wire. The mass of the stainless alone helps attenuate hysteresis, so I can get pretty tight on the temp range I choose. A relay physically disconnects mains when target temp is reached. The system then pulls micro power as it checks the temp every 10 seconds until high temp triggers, pulls in the relay, and two things happen. First, the obvious running of the compressor. Two, this now connects the battery charger and power is replenished for the time it was running unplugged. I also throw in a bit of a safety measure in the form of a 2 minute time delay for heat soak/pressure surge. Don’t want it kicking off and then right back on again. Since I’m dodging the factory countermeasures, need to implant my own.

Easy, right?

Well, there’s this thing called inductive start… The compressor, while running, is remarkably efficient. But at the moment this thing trips the relay, the contacts have to endure a huge inductive surge, even though operating current is quite low. It’s a worst case scenario for a mechanical relay, and it happens every single time… The relay will die a very premature, glorious, flaming death.

Then you say, well, of course, just use a Solid State Relay. It’s what they use on the huge compressors in your air conditioner unit, and that’s just a bigger version of exactly the same thing, so why the hell not use this obvious solution?

Because of the very same problem I mentioned at the top. Solid State Relays have current leakage. Even when off, a teensy bit still flows, and this would keep the inverter in a constant on state sucking 400 Watts, defeating the whole purpose. It’s like the AC version of a MOSFET. You never really get absolute 0 current.

So, instead of either/or, why not put the SSR in series with a standard mechanical relay? Have the PICAXE pop the mechanical relay on first. Which does nothing except close the contacts. THEN pop the SSR. That way, the mechanical relay can make the full circuit disconnect to avoid the leakage current, and the SSR doesn’t allow the inductive punch to land until AFTER the contacts are already solid, thus protecting the mechanical relay from an early demise. Shut down in reverse for same reasons.

Could even use a much cheaper mechanical relay since it won’t be taking so much abuse. Already sourced a 25A SSR (way overkill to avoid a need for heatsinking) for under $5. Have a handy 10A relay board for under $3. This is the Golden Age of tinkering with electronics…

Sound like a plan?

Not that it’s a surprise…

Being discriminated against in an already oppressive and criminal government system shouldn’t really be a surprise.

That I’d be personally singled out, also doesn’t come as a surprise.

Every Form 1 I have ever filed has been rejected. Filled out exactly the same as many thousands of others that have been approved.

What’s more fun? They keep the money, too. Every single $200 fee has been kept in spite of every single Form 1 being rejected.

A Tale of Gun Fail

Well, more like Gun Company fail.

I’ve had a Taurus PT1911AR for many years. It failed out of the box. Safety popped out, damaged itself, slivers of metal, etc…

It sat in a box for years until I finally arranged to send it back for repairs. Lifetime warranty.

There was a major clusterfuck involved in getting it shipped and sent back, largely due to Liberals. But, I got it back.

With the very same problem with which it was sent to be fixed. All that hassle, it wasn’t fixed. I wonder if anyone even looked at it.

I decided to man up and learn how the safety on a 1911 is removed, and how it works.

About 15 minutes later my PT1911AR is working perfectly.

Once again, the fact is proven that there is no substitute for personal responsibility.

This is now my favorite gun. It fits my hand perfectly. Recoil is a mild shove compared to snappy lightweight guns in smaller calibers. I’m beginning to see why so many swear by the 1911 as the best handgun ever made. I need a WWJMBD? t-shirt. I want some 80% 1911 frames, but can only find them in aluminum… Guess I gotta do it myself. Again. Still. Thank God I have that CnC mill!

I Love Dirt!

Dirt has never lied to me. Dirt has never screwed me over. The only times dirt has ever hurt me, it was my own damn fault. Dirt has been a better companion than any human being. To make the comparison is an insult to dirt. Dirt is even kind enough to get itself all over me, and make me look and smell like someone that all those terrible, hormonal, shallow, petty, disgusting animals that have the gall to call themselves “people” want to avoid. I don’t have to figure out who is good and who is bad, dirt does it for me. Dirt is the best friend I’ve ever had. It’s even willing to grow food for me and it expects nothing in return. Dirt is selfless and giving and it helps to protect me by keeping the terrible people away. I completely neglect my dirt, and it doesn’t get mad, start any drama, or waste my money. Dirt never starts any trouble because it didn’t get the stuff it saw on TV. Dirt never pretends I’ve done it wrong as an excuse to abuse or manipulate me. Dirt never imagines itself mistreated because I didn’t spend a bunch of money on it. Dirt gets all over my bike so nobody wants to steal it. Dirt has more love, compassion, and common decency than any person. I choose my friends by comparing them to dirt, and see if they’re any better. If dirt is better, I stick with dirt. So far, dirt has always come out the winner. Dirt always sticks with me, and I even feel guilty for considering a person. It’s like I’m cheating on dirt to think about it. Dirt always has my 6. Dirt has never betrayed my trust. Dirt has never abandoned me. Dirt has never stabbed me in the back. Dirt has never taken anything from me. Dirt is always there. Dirt has been a better partner in my life than any woman, nay, any human being at all… The more people I meet, the more obvious it becomes that dirt deserves my love more than any of them. I love you, dirt. You’re the best. If I could find just one woman to live up the the shining example that dirt has set, I’d give her a shot. But I’ve never met such a woman. I’ve never met anyone, regardless of gender, who can call him or herself dirt’s equal, much less it’s superior… I love dirt because nothing and no one else has done so much to earn it and prove it. Dirt has more right to be in my life than any person. Don’t you dare clean my stuff!

Why I Hate The Cops

I don’t want to explain this for my benefit. Whether or not the one guy who reads my blog understands it or not is of no concern to me. I don’t need the world to know what I think or why. What I think is wise and well considered, and that’s a thing of which the world needs more. So, I’m putting it out there.

To explain the title, I have to explain that my so-called “hate” for cops stems from something more fundamental. A general hate for government.

Note the phrasing I used. It does matter.

I don’t hate the government. I hate government. Why? Something, again, more fundamental.

What is love but the choice to give it?

Government, by definition, takes away choice. It creates laws. It is nothing but a subset of something, yet again, more fundamental. But worse than it’s progenitor because it uses force in the absolute, and is perpetually corrupt because of that absolutism.

The fundamental underlying issue is my hate for society in general. It’s a loose term, and deliberately so.

Society is a concept meant to be created by humans to better their lives. To come together for the purpose of making life better. Science, art, general happiness. But what happens when it’s inventions become dependencies? What happens when the individual cells of the larger organisms become helpless, lazy, stupid, dependent upon convenience to the point that they no longer provide mutual benefit, but dispense an attack upon their fellow man? What happens when this assault is made law because the majority are the lazy, stupid, and unproductive?

Socialism. Always violent while pretending to be compassionate. Always unproductive while not even making an effort to pretend otherwise. Always hating the idea of guns in the hands of those it targets. Pretending to disarm the populace for it’s own good, while enacting that violence through government that it hires; with the guns taken from it’s victims.

So, what’s this got to do with hating the cops? They’re socialists? No. That’s not the problem.

Very few cops maintain the luxury of buying into the liberal/socialist/democrat idiocy. Most see the ugly truth of it hourly. They’re asked to suspend reality for the dregs, while being assaulted by the dregs. They’re asked to do the impossible; be responsible for others en mass. But, are generally too stupid to realize that this is impossible.

Doing the impossible is very stressful. Especially when it might cost you your life, your job, your family. Protests against you, riots when you do the right thing… I attended the police academy for slightly less than 3 weeks. I saw the ugliness brewing in those stupid animals. The stress of doing the impossible leads the neurotypical to become monsters themselves. I hate them for being the distraction. I hate them for being the pawns. I hate them for being too stupid to know better.

I hate them for something that stuck in my mind at the academy: “Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.” This is one of the biggest lies ever told.

Integrity is being devoid of the animalistic traits that would drive you to do what is wrong in the first place; regardless of who is or isn’t watching. Avoiding temptation? Or, facing it and purging yourself of the taint that makes wrong tempting to begin with? Integrity is an internal concept, it has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else, watching or not watching, or what their neurotic opinion may or may not be.

Cops have it shoved in their face every day, at the potential cost of their lives. And those who do have integrity to do the right thing even when everyone is watching and might riot… What about their dumber compatriots who fail, who become the monsters, who do the things about which the riots are had?

Lastly, I have to say that cops aren’t shit. Shit is hand-picked for the job by much larger turds. Government turds doing the bidding of a lazy, stupid, violent voter base who want to disarm their intended victims for easier enslavement/genocide. SOSDD. I’d say they aren’t shit to start out. They just have the baser qualities that mean the exposure to the dregs mentioned above will likely turn them to shit. No, that’s not quite right, either… Hmm… Ah, here are the words: They have the potential base qualities through which the exposure to the negative stimuli of the job will be bourne out to kinetic base qualities. They were sleeping monsters turned into awakened monsters. The politicians are very selective about screening for exactly this sleeping monster sort, and hold the job out to those sorts with as much exclusivity as they can. Maybe a few good ones slip through the process… There are about a half dozen oath keepers in the country, eh?

So, after that, I say it again; Cops aren’t shit. Shit is hand-picked for the job by much larger turds.

This is why I hate cops. They’re almost all very, very deeply disturbed, evil people. Hand-picked specifically because they are sick and evil, by politicians who are even more sick and evil, put in place by a voting population of filthy animals who are the pinnacle of sick and evil; who want to disarm their victims in the name of “the children” while setting to enslave, murder, and pillage any who dare disagree with their 51%. It comes full circle when the cops can’t avoid seeing who the real evil is, and be asked to suspend reality for them, keep them safe from themselves as they behave like trash… It’s impossible. It’s insane. It’s what the filthy animal voters call “normal” and wonder why there’s anything wrong with what they demand…

I hate the cops because they continue to stand for what they falsely believe is the right thing. They continue to crush themselves under the weight of trying to suspend reality for those least deserving of the privilege. Too stupid to figure it out… Made into an unthinking monster by design of their choosers who suffer none of the consequences.

Do the right thing; quit. Not because I hate you, or anyone else hates you. Not because you fear the riots, or the activist injustice system that was supposed to have your back. Quit because it’s the right thing to do. Let these animals have their police-free neighborhoods. Let them see what happens. Let them have what they wished for. Stop sacrificing yourselves to the unworthy trash who both demand that you do the impossible, and then try to kill you for doing exactly as they demanded. Fuck them! Shielding those who most desperately need to learn the hard way is not integrity. It is the opposite of integrity. Some people only learn the hard way. It seems like some of these caps are among them… But to rob someone of the stimulus to learn is damned sinful. Some may not learn, ever. They’ll be purged. That’s the nature of it. Step out of the way and let it become the self-solving problem it is designed to be.

Stop standing in the way of the feedback loop with your bodies. The longer you postpone the inevitable, the worse that inevitable correction will be. Lt the damn burst before the water built up behind it gets and greater… Hello? Am I getting through? You can’t hold it off until it subsides; it will never subside. Let it burst. At any given moment, it is better to let it burst in that moment, than the next moment. All delays result in a worse result later. This is exactly what those who hired you want… Politicians always want the worst possible outcome. They then claim it had nothing to do with them, and, in fact, more power for them will mean they can fix it all and make everything better… And so the cycle begins again… If not for Dead Children at Sandy Hook, how could the politicians clamor for more power for themselves? How about some parents that actually care for their kids instead of throwing them to the lions? Oh, what an insensitive thing to say… The truth is ugly. Especially when dead babies are on the table; how fucking dare you pull that distraction ploy!

More irresponsible animals, pointing the finger at the very people who are trying to convince them to stop doing such dumb things… Voting out of false-compassion, to act government violence against those very people who are least involved in that ugly fate. A social auto-immune disease.

Creating the police force int he first place is what allowed the pressure to begin building.

I don’t hate the police. I hate the idea of police. Not because of what they are or wish to be. But, because of the inevitable consequence of their mere existence.

I don’t hate the government. I hate the idea of government. Not because of what it is or wishes to be. But, because of the inevitable consequence of it’s mere existence.

I don’t hate this society. I hate the idea of society. Not because of what it is meant to be, but because of what it inevitably becomes.

What is Love but the Choice to Give it? Evil begins where Love ends; the elimination of choice. The creation of a rule. The legislating of a law. When do we say “That’s enough laws, we don’t need any more.”? (wow, I crapped all over that sentence) Do politicians ever stop manufacturing problems to justify their power-grabbing solutions that only result in more problems, to justify their… Government is evil because it never stops taking choice away.

OK, I’ll even get biblical on you: I John 4:8: “God is Love.” That verse alone needs context. God gives us free will because without it, love does not exist. Why does the caged bird sing? Who would choose to be a caged bird simply because the food is free?

The only thing I truly hate, is that which eliminates love by proxy of the elimination of choice. Be it a manipulative whore of a woman who turns love into petty prostitution for material gain at the cost of family and childhood, or a government who does the bidding of an evil degenerate majority with a police proxy to act it’s violence in the name of non-violence… All it takes is too many stupid people who can’t figure it out. The cops, even if stupid, face it too much, and are under too much pressure to not figure it out. They sacrifice themselves to shield those who should be allowed to experience those consequences. This only allows the pressure to build… It’s not a good and honorable thing. It’ just a waste that postpone the inevitable while allowing the final stupidity to be worse tomorrow than it would have been if faced today. Just get out of the way!

I share this no because you need to know my mind; but because, if you were as smart as you imagine yourself to be, you’d already agree with me. You will not survive disagreeing with this. Learn and let go before it’s too late to fix what comes next.

What is the true content of your so-called revolution? What is your intention? But, are you actually causing the opposite? IT’s easy to pretend that you care. Easy to believe it if you’re too stupid to see the consequences of ill-advised choices… But when you start taking choice from others, that’s when you should start to wonder if you’ve crossed the line. Is gun-control really love? Or are you smart enough to realize that it’s actually causing the slaughter, not stopping it? Cause and effect. You cannot simply do a thing because you “feel” that it is good. You have to look at the consequences. You have to quantify the output. You have to measure the results. You have to compare what you thought you were doing against what you really did. If it makes dead babies, doesn’t that make it even more important think think it through instead of resting on “feelings?”

I ply the same argument to the cops. Is it really such a heroic thing to deprive the animals of the only thing that will help them learn? Is it really a good thing to sacrifice yourself on the altar of keeping stupid, irresponsible, unproductive, rioters, pillagers, rapers safe? Great, you gave your life in the name of doing the impossible; keeping hate alive.

They were not careful what they wished for. Now, step out of the way and let them have it. not out of spite, or anger, or hate. But because you wish them to learn, and this is the only way. Some only learn the hard way. As a Father does for his Son, let him; and be there to pick up the pieces.

Violence is a natural thing. Sometimes, there is no other way. Those who claim to want it the least, are usually using it on others the most, while also deserving it the most. Why do you think they cry out against it? They know they deserve it. Compassion, Love, and Violence are not always opposed concepts. Sometimes, you have to let them hurt themselves for a while. It’s the only way that they grow from being animals, to utilizing their higher intellect and becoming people. Deprive them of this and you keep them in a cage of ignorance, angst, and frustration. Sometimes, there is no other way. Don’t be so stupid that you can’t figure out, or are too weak and cowardly, to find tough love when it’s needed.

A Wade Through the Cesspool Called Humanity

Possibly the most reliable, predictable, one might say absolute, things in the world is; the neurotypicals’ ability to forget that I am not among them… Everything else just sorta happens…

Every day is Jerry Springer Day. It used to be a spotlight on stupid animals, now it’s called “normal.”

Shows like that don’t work anymore. Not because they were a fad that no longer gets our attention, but because there are so few people left that see anything wrong with the behaviors it showcased.

USA = Jerry Springer Nation. Be offended? I wish it weren’t true. I’m not going to lie just because the truth is ugly.

Too much to lose?

I was pondering the notion of Americans having too much to lose, so they’re not willing to risk it in the name of losing everything if they don’t… Never mind how stupidly circular that is…

Then why is it everyone’s goal to get rich?

Because they think they’re going to buy freedom.

But, if you have too much to lose to risk fighting for your freedom, how will having even more to lose motivate you?

No matter how you slice it, it’s fucking dumb. Are you smart enough to figure out the monkey trap? Standard of living, at the cost of quality of life? The prize is what’s killing you. The problem is not the solution. You can’t cure an STD by getting more STDs…

There is no such thing as “financial independence.” The more you have to lose, the smaller becomes the quantity of things you’re willing to do. Independence from finances, well, that’s a real thing. It comes from not needing money, not having a bunch of it weighing you down.

Motorcycles are Dangerous! You’re Crazy!

Stupid people never stop promoting their stupidity…

What would a person from the Dark Ages think about my Galaxy Mega 6.3? Magic? Insane?

People who lack a skill or understanding often exclaim that those who have it are “crazy.” It’s simply Projection. They can’t do X, so obviously nobody else can do X…

I almost never wear a helmet. I wear shoes even less frequently! I’ve completely abandoned all of my riding gear.


I’ve advanced my skills well enough that this stuff actually gets in my way instead of helping me.

The self-proclaimed know-it-alls call me stupid and crazy. They tell you how many years they’ve been riding, leaving out the fact that it’s only for half an hour once a month during the summer. They loudly profess how often their gear has saved their ass.

Think about that…

Do you know how many times my gear has saved my ass?

Zero times.

Because I don’t put it to the test by being a shitty rider! I don’t crash. I don’t run into shit. I stay on the road. I pay attention to what the fuck I’m doing. I look where I’m going. I don’t go stupid places and do stupid things while in those stupid places that I don’t go… I sure as fuck don’t get drunk and high, ever, much less while riding or driving a car…

“But, road debris! You need boots!”

Or, I could just look where the fuck I’m going and not run into shit! Novel concept!

“But you can’t control that!”

Really? I think you might be fit to have your license taken away… I’ve got eyeballs, a brain, a throttle, brakes, and handlebars. I’m absolutely in control of all of “that.” So sorry that eclipses your brain functions, but it doesn’t eclipse mine. Look where the fuck you’re going and don’t crash into shit. It’s really not that hard.

“You can’t control the other guy!”

Nope, no I can’t. But I sure as fuck can NOT GO WHERE THE OTHER GUY IS. Don’t ride inside city limits. It’s fucking stupid because that’s where all the stupid people are. There’s too many to keep track of them all. So just don’t go to stupid places and do stupid things! There’s not a damn thing inside city limits that a smart person can’t live without. There’s just no reason to be there. Nothing good ever came from inside city limits anyway…

Out on country roads, enjoying the scenery, rarely encountering “the other guy,” and when I do, in small numbers that can be tracked and avoided…

“But what if it rains?”

Don’t ride in the ice, rain, and snow, dumbass! The one and only time I have ever “been down” on my bike; it was during a hurricane, I was on a clay road that was soaked. I hit an especially gooey spot that glued my front wheel into the road at the same moment that a gust of wind nearly 75mph hit me at 90 degrees and tossed me. I was idling. There’s no one to blame be me. I went to a stupid place at a stupid time and did a stupid thing. I played a stupid game and I won a stupid prize. Instead of glorifying my gear like a fucking retard would, I learned a lesson that taught me how to not need the gear… Don’t do stupid things at stupid times in stupid places!

“But I have to be somewhere at X O’Clock!”

Now we’re getting into meta-stupidity and that’s outside of the scope of this rant… Letting one stupid thing drive you to doing another stupid thing is 2x stupid. Don’t let other people control you. That’s fucking stupid. If someone is trying to force you to so stupid things, the risk is your’s and not their’s, fuck that piece of shit excuse for a human being. If you ever get the chance, kill that person so that the world becomes a better place. Such a person is pure fucking evil and deserves to fucking die.

Riding a motorcycle is not at all like driving a car. And yet, most people who can’t even manage driving a car properly/safely want to get on a bike and then tell me how it’s done… Fuck off. Especially you shitstain politicians making your shitstain motorcycle laws… Stop protecting the fucking morons from themselves. They SHOULD die. They NEED to die. It makes the gene pool better to remove this junk from it!

For the Children? Really?

Less than 1% of the energy derived from burning gasoline in your Internal Combustion Engine Car, actually gets used to move the car down the road. And we’re supposed to believe (and stupid people do) that cars and gasoline have something to do with transportation.

Less than 1% of all harm that comes to children has anything to do with firearms. But the crusade against human rights, we’re supposed to believe, has something to do with saving the children, when there is, obviously, much more important things that could be done instead. Wow, holy run-on sentences Batman!

Here’s an idea. Maybe, if parents stopped being selfish and stupid? I ask this question over and over again, and all the anti-gun assholes can do is change the subject to avoid the truth:

What if, Parents, you know, Adults, stopped choosing to be just as helpless as the children who look to them for protection? Put the bullshit political agendas away, and think for just one second. If you actually care about the children, nay, your very own children, why do you choose to be just as helpless as they are? Why do they choose an impossible crusade against human rights as a whole, when they could simply choose to be responsible parents that actually care instead? You can’t get rid of guns any more than you can get rid of gravity. Being so outrageously fucking stupid that they don’t understand that is why the blood is on the hands of the anti-gun crusaders. There are always consequences for being an irresponsible fucking idiot. When that consequence is dead children, isn’t it time to pull your head out of your ass and give it some real thought, instead of telling lie upon lie to protect your ego from the guilt of proof that it’s your fault? How many have to die before you put the children higher on your priority list than your pathetic, cowardly ego problem?

If a child is helpless, and they are, how does being just as helpless as they are make you a guardian and protector? How many adults die in shootings right along side the children? Do they not care enough to shoot back? Apparently not… These adults deserve to die for being so selfish and stupid. These children deserve better teachers and better parents. But they got dead instead.

OK, if you’re still too stupid to grasp the concept… How many times do you see reported in the news, some asshole saying “It was so horrible, there was nothing I could do!” Bullshit! There is something you can do. Carry your own gun and shoot the bastards instead of standing idly by and granting them Carte Blanche to slaughter the innocent. Those who choose to be unarmed, choose to allow this evil to happen. They not only choose to be victims themselves, they choose to condemn those children who looked to them for protection.

Evil exists. Bad people who want to do bad things exist. You cannot stop them from getting guns any more than you can stop gravity. All you can do is take responsibility. If you refuse to do so, you deserve to die, and, unfortunately, so will the innocent you refused to protect. For less than $1 each, their lives could have been spared. But you’d rather crusade against human rights than admit that you’re wrong? No doubt, it’s a hard thing to face the fact that children, your own children, are dead, and it’s 100% your fucking fault. Nothing will bring them back. But, you could stop lying about it, and convincing others to let their children be slaughtered, too. How fucking demented are you? You made a horrible, baby-killing, irresponsible mistake, and the only thing that makes you feel good is doing everything in your power to make sure it happens to others, too?

And you wonder why there is so much hate for anti-gun shitbags? Why we have no compassion for “mourning parents?” I have no compassion for people who deliberately fail in their most important of parental responsibilities, in the name of granting more power to the free stuff gods. Unarmed parents are unfit parents. I don’t feel sorry for them when they reap the obvious consequences of their selfish, petty irresponsibility. I’m glad their children escaped them and are in a better place now, with someone who actually loves them instead of tossing them to the lions for free stuff. If the parents of Sandy Hook had been looking through the windows of that classroom, do you think they would have wished to unmake their foolish decision to support politically expedient lies?

Even in Prisons, the most controlled environments on the planet, bad people still get and make weapons. Even guns! You can’t get rid of them. All you can do is take responsibility. If you refuse; you don’t deserve to be a parent, you don’t deserve to call yourself a human being, you don’t deserve to live. You deserve the pain of seeing your child, pale and limp, in a morgue locker. You worked hard to make it happen. You earned it. I have no pity.

I Figured Out Why I Paint My Toenails.

A convergence of several things that, at first, seemed totally unrelated.

Initially, I had many reasons. A reason is not necessarily the reason.

There are so many direction to approach this, it’s like a spiderweb… It all seems like a noisy mess until the end…

The first chink in the armor of this quandry came as I ran out of details to explore in my man/woman studies. I think I subconsciously knew all of this for a long time, hence my frustration… Always knowing it’s not quite right, but not finding the answer…

The growing rift between men and women is just a symptom of a larger problem, not the problem itself. Seeing it as the cause, when it was just a symptom, was my error.

Men who aren’t men anymore. How did it happen?

Not quite socialism, but over-socialization. A woman’s selection process is completely backwards now.

Men aren’t men because they have become women with dicks. But how and why?

Social dependency is the failure that grew out of leadership. To be utterly useless for anything but manipulating others to get your way. It’s seen as the ultimate manliness in the eyes of women today. Being a idiot douche bag and getting away with it. Behaving like a damn animal. The worship of ultimate degeneracy seen as the ultimate man.

That’s the woman’s role. I know, you’re rolling your eyes…

From a genetic disposition, it has always been the woman’s position as physically smaller and weaker, so she developed leverage. The ability to use a dumb man’s hormones to control him.

But we’re so isolated from that caveman reality now, that it doesn’t make sense. As we have become more socialized, physical strength was no longer a delimiter. But, all things in moderation…

We’ve gone too far. 99% of the population are useless leaches. If they’re not on welfare, they have a welfare job. Only 1% are productive, intelligent, and useful. Mooching from them, stealing from them, etc, is how the 99% survive. Women are not blind. Now both genders have become manipulators.

She finds the douche bag attractive because being a douche bag looks like being a provider. Being a douche bag is how the 99% leach off of each other while not actually doing anything useful or productive. Just a series of people stabbing each other in the back in a giant circle. When that is what your over-socialized society becomes, then who’s to blame the reproductive selection process for adapting to it?

People with brains, that’s who.

A society that is so far gone that 99% are just mooching back-stabbers, carried by the 1%… It’s not going to last. When that shit comes crashing down, as math says it inevitably must, and there’s nothing left to steal from your fellow man, being good for nothing but back-stabbing will provide what?

This twisting of what women see as a provider role has two major flaws. 1) It is an indicator of a society that cannot possibly survive and the very trait their are mistakenly valuing will result in total annihilation. 2) It makes bigass Jerry Springer Drama.

We may not live in caves anymore, but estrogen still exists. No matter how many times she picks a girl-with-a-dick, helpless, useless, socially dependent, douche bag, she’s going to be unhappy with her choice. She craves manly qualities no matter the socialist feminazi brainwashing. The socialist feminazi brainwashing makes her pick the worst possible loser every time. But the over-socialization condition confirms that she’s right, being useless trash is where the money’s at… I ended that sentence with a preposition, but I did it intentionally because you know you’ve heard the “where the money’s at” phrase before and it rings true here.

But for how long? This twisting is an indication of something much bigger; a society that has become so fat, stupid, and useless that it cannot possibly survive. The ability to navigate that dying behemoth looks like the ultimate leadership skill, but for how long will it have value? It is an indicator of it’s own impending uselessness. Once the imminent collapse comes, what good are these losers? Cannon fodder, if even that…

What is a man who has no function beyond that of hijacking a woman’s leverage? Is that a man? Really? No. And even though she says she hates a real man, why is she perpetually unhappy with the douche bags she keeps picking?

One may call it the stereotypical problem of men and women, but it wasn’t always a problem. It is only within the last 40+ years that gender strife has become the norm and not the exception. Sure, it’s always been there, but now it’s everywhere…

Women have gotten worse to reflect it. A vagina is just a tool for money. Men can’t have abortions. We can’t use our kids for welfare and child support. We don’t have a Uterus. So women pulled the trump card in being womanly in ways that a man cannot imitate. Men may have all become manipulating, useless, douche bags, but we can’t abuse our Uterus for income, wreck the family unit, etc.; because we don’t have a Uterus. In the race to the bottom, women win.

Don’t believe me? Father a child with a woman. She WILL leave you. The only reason she was with you is so that she could leave you, and reap the egotistical and financial rewards that come from doing so. Prostitution is illegal, eh? So what’s next? Use the kids. Child Support. Alimony. You ever push a baby out through your Phalus?

You want some scary proof? The next time you’re about to “get lucky,” demonstrate your manly responsibility. Tell her how you take your potential offspring seriously. You’ve got your life together. You want custody. She can pay child support and keep trolling bars and clubs like the one you two just recently exited. You’ll take responsibility for your seed and it’s well-being and she can keep being what she is. Watch that bitch run for the hills like her ass is on fire. A responsible man is the last thing she wants. It’s fucking horrible to her. You may as well have tried to stick a frozen turd in her vag. She wants a dumbass hormonal fool she can get on the hook for a check. Nothing disgusts and pisses-off a woman more than a man who takes seriously his responsibilities to a child that doesn’t even exist yet. Try it. See for yourself. It never fails. You’ve never seen a woman move that fast.

They seek out the lowest trash with which to breed, and it’s been trashing the genome for half a century. Women assume they always have the Child-Support/Welfare card all to themselves. Take it away from her and see what happens. Turn the tables, tell her she get to pay because you have the established home and resources to make it so. That bitch will be humping some jobless, illiterate, over-compensating, rent-paying, image-obsessed douche in less than 12 hours. Her crotch is a busniess that goes bankrupt in the company of a real man.

I have so much more to write on the subject, I haven’t even got to the part where this is the reason I paint my toes pink… But like most of my blog, I’ll probably lose interest because I know it won’t do any good… Trash loves being trash and they think they know everything, because there’s nothing that matters which is not between her legs.

Fistbump to King Solomon: Bros before Hos, Biblical Edition

Ecclesiastes 7:28 – While I was still searching but not finding; I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.

Bitches ain’t nothin’ but hos and tricks. Men aren’t much better. But at least 1 out of 1000 men is worth a damn. The entire population hasn’t one decent woman.

Men Going Their Own Way – Because women are garbage. Long BC, to the present day. Nothing has changed. Every single one of them, lying, stealing, cheating, whoring… and proud of it. My life has never been so great as that since I swore off the shitstains that call themselves women.

It’d be nice to find a good one. If there is such a thing… But I’ll not let my desire for meaningful companionship reach a point that I compromise and settle for garbage. Better off alone if womankind can’t step up.

Frankly, I have better things to do than search for a needle in a haystack… Maybe she’s out there. She’ll have to make herself known. I’ve got shit to do.

The subtleties…

Matthew 7:6: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

I recently realized that the most important part of this verse is the last 6 words.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Crappy people view getting away with betraying someone’s trust as a good thing. They’ll bite the hand that feeds them and run away with a free lunch, acting like you were a fool for letting them get away with it. They don’t realize that all they’ve really done is ruin something much more important. But they’re selfish animals… It’s sad that it has to be explained to them in selfish terms, that they had much more to gain from not acting that way… Is not the value of friendship with a genuine soul not good enough?

You can’t force human garbage to become respectable. If they want to behave in that manner; let them. Let them talk their trash and spread their lies. Let them take what little they manage to take; they’re going to need it. Let them call you a fool for it. Let them prove their bankruptcy of character to all who will listen to their bragging… You don’t have to say a word. You can disappear for months and they’ll do all the unpleasantness in your absence. Even if you try to stop them, they’ll hang themselves on their own words; convinced that being trash and proving it beyond all doubt is a thing of which to be proud.

There is so much written in this single sentence. I was just paying attention to the wrong part. It’s not about labeling people as garbage. Some things are just fact. If people want to be human garbage, they will be. Identifying it is not the same as passing judgment. It’s about saving yourself the trouble of what garbage will do. No good can come of it. Do not give of yourself to the undeserving, they’re only going to squander it and stab you in the back.

It’s similar to the Native American parable of the Fox and the Scorpion. Even to its own destruction, the nature of the Scorpion is to sting.

Are you kidding me?

I had the misfortune of having to use Winblows 8 the other day.

Asside from feeling like I had ventured intot he digital equivalent of a condemened, burned-out trailer park full of squatters, I had this specific experience:

A password was forgotten. Oh, you can unlock it from


Are you fucking kidding me? It’s backdoored and they’re selling it as a feature? People actually buy this product? This doesn’t set off claxxons in your brain and make you run screaming as far away from it as you can get? I say again; are you fucking kidding me?

Microsoft can grant remote access to your computer to anyone they feel like, and you people agree to this?

No, I’m not surprised that Microsoft would do this. I’m in disbeleif that so many people can be so magically fucking stupid that they don’t have a problem with it, and even like it that way…

Are you fucking kidding me? Are humans really this fucking stupid? How do you even stay alive if you’re that stupid? Is this why there are so many Welfare Voters? There aren’t words to describe my dismay… Humanity is such a disappointment. We need a good plague to wipe out this human junk… There is absolutely no fucking excuse for being so exceedingly, magically fucking stupid… A species can’t go this far down the tubes and survive. There’s just no way such a disgrace can continue…

I’m glad someone finally said it…

Ever since I’ve been old enough to go to the gun range with my dad, it’s been an obvious unwritten rule that you dont’ dare say out loud lest you be accused of cop-bashing.

When there are cops at the gun range; GO HOME!

The Antelope Club was almost shut down because nearby residents complained about bullets coming voer the birm and hitting their cars and houses on a certain day. They petitioned to have the range shut down multiple times. But when it was reveraled that the day this was happening was the day that the cops were the only ones there… Oh, that’s ok if you shoot my house and my car. No problem. It’s the cops. That makes it OK… Fucking sheeple…

Cops are, by far, the most dangerous people on the planet. I’d rather give a gun to a drunken homeless guy, or a known violent drug dealer. It would be less dangerous.

This represents their version of the four, cardinal rules of gun-handling:

1) All guns are always unloaded

2) Unloaded guns are “safe.” When around “safe” guns, you can relax!

3) When handling “safe” guns, never be concerned with the direction in which they’re pointed. After all, they’re not really guns anymore, are they? There is no reason to even look!

4) When handling “safe” guns, have your finger constantly on the trigger, for good control

If you want to live; leave the very second you find out there are cops at the gun range. I’ve watched the idiots plug their ears with a loaded gun, finger on trigger!

There is a reason why people like me, who have adopted loaded guns into their lives, don’t have “accidents.” There is no such thing as an accident with a gun, only NEGLIGENCE. I have loaded guns all over the damn place. I treat them as such. Nothing bad ever happens. FUCKING DUH!

Stupid Magazine Laws are Stupid

AR-15. .223/5.56 30rd standard capacity magazine. Illegal in a whole bunch of places where brain-dead shitbags are allowed to vote.

But, that exact same magazine is only a 9rd magazine when loaded with .458 SOCOM.

AR-15. .223/5.56 20rd standard capacity magazine. Illegal in a whole bunch of places where brain-dead shitbags are allowed to vote.

But, that exact same magazine is only a 7rd magazine when loaded with .458 SOCOM.

That’s a 20 round magazine that is really a 7 round magazine. It suits the shit-for-brains opposite-of-SAFE act in NY… But will they call it a 20 round mag?

So, if you own a .458 SOCOM, are you allowed to have any magazines at all?

People who vote for, and legislate, mag cap restrictions are certifiably insane… There’s no such thing. I have 32rd Sten mags that had brass liners put in to restrict to 20rds. I took them out and they’re back to being 32rds.

People who make these laws are the same people who demand to see an ObamaCare Free Doctor because they’re sure that their hair never grows and they want a damn refund on the tomato soup they rubbed into their scalp to make it grow faster 15 minutes prior to arriving at the Doctor’s office… Oh, and it never rains on Pluto, except on my birthday… Stupid shit ain’t even a planet anymore…

Wut? Dafuq?

Exactly. Welcome to understanding gun control; you can’t. It only makes sense to people who are equally insane…


Ft Collins, CO –( “Delay in the use of force, and hesitation to accept responsibility for its employment when the situation clearly demands it, will always be interpreted as weakness. Such indecision will encourage further disorder, and will eventually necessitate measures more severe than those which would have sufficed in the first instance.” ~ United States Marine Corps Small Wars Manual

A lack of appropriately applied violence only encourages the degenerates to proliferate. They know this. That is why degenerates denounce violence; they know that they deserve to have it happen to themselves.

Those who claim to oppose violence are, every single time, it’s most devious and insidious practitioners. Everyone who says “give peace a chance” votes to have government steal and kill on their behalf. And, of course, the sick bastards in government just love being told to do what sick bastards do… Why do you think they hand-pick psychopaths to be cops? Duh…

WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

Why, you (don’t) ask?

I keep counting what I see in pictures, and I’m only finding 10 parts on the “not allowed” list for 922r. Which, if true, makes the rifle 922r compliant without replacing anything. That would nullify everything I keep hearing about why they won’t make larger mags for it. It doesn’t even have 10 parts, so it’s automatically 922r complaint even with 100% imported parts on it…

As usual, the gun industry is full of talking but very little knowing.

It’s not adding up. And when things don’t add up, I find out for myself.

Face-to-face, Cash, in Floriduh preferred.

WTB: Taurus CT40 and/or CT9

Welding? Whaaaa, I have so much sand in my vagina, I don’t wanna weld…

Look people, welding is not that big of a deal. It doesn’t have to cost a ton, either.

China Freight TIG w/ HF Start. $400.

17F torch direct from China on eBay, free shipping: $9.99

“Broken” 5-wire (2 for switch, 3 for variable resistor) foot pedal, eBay, $35.

All that was “broken” was that the strap had come off from around the resistor’s gear. Put it back on. Works fine.

Perfect example… Such a simple thing to do, wasn’t really “broken.” Just needed a screwdriver and a minimum of common sense…

Are you so lazy you can’t do that? For less than $500, DC TIG Welder just as good as any of the Red or Blue names.

Get fancy and replace the hole where the dial used to be with a plug for your new foot pedal. Looks like it was made that way…

See, it’s not that expensive. Now, buy it, do the upgrades, and teach yourself to suck less at welding.

For not too much more, there are plenty of import brands thatalready have these features.

Or you could blow several thousand on a Hobart or Miller for no reason.

If I can TIG 16ga sheet metal and make it look like a single piece, anyone can.

OMG, Life is Hell Without a Power Drawbar!

Watching videos on YouTube you’d get the idea that having to wrench your own drawbar for 20 seconds might be like catching Ebola, AIDS and Herpes all at the same time, while falling down a flight of stairs and getting struck by lighting while receiving a text from your 12 year-old son that he’s coming out of the closet…

I think it’s great to have a drawbar at all! I get to wrench on it!

I wonder what I would find to complain about if I didn’t even have one…

Jeez people, count your blessings…

Right after posting this, I saw that Toyota advertisement with the lady who goes for a jog; but she has springs for feet. She doesn’t have to go for a run, she gets to go for a run.