My Faith in Humanity Was at Another All Time Low…

It is nearly impossible to communicate with a society of illiterate people. No matter what I say, some people manage to find the complete opposite meaning, or just make up wild stuff which I never said and can’t happen according to the laws of physics.

According to the emails I’ve gotten, the illegal plastic machine guns which I sell by mail order with magic devil money cause cancer for people who live on the surface of the Sun. I’m ugly and my Momma dresses me funny. In dresses that are, like, way totally out of style. I eat soup with a fork and ice cream with chopsticks. I may have genetically engineered a tree that grows AOWs, too… Last Wednedsay I went dancing with an octopuss named Gretchen who is also my nephew. My skin is made of alumasilicate. When I pee, only a green mist comes out. I went to the moon in a bathtub made of waffles where I live on the second floor of a vacant lot. Can you figure out which one of these is actually true?

At least it’s good misinformation for the datamining machine. Even if I were involved in illegal activtes, there is so much FUD floating around now that no information of any kind could be considered credible. Silver lining… Keep going! Lols! I totally want to see a prosecutor try to use this crap! In modern Kangaroo Kourts, it’d probably work, too! I’d still laugh my ass off.

I wonder how many people are pretending to be me on the darknet? I wonder how long it will take me to genuinely give a crap. I know of two people who have tried to impersoante me and send illegal goods from Post Offices in my general area in the hopes that it’d get pinned on me cuz they’re mad jelly. Don’t piss me off and I won’t fuck your girl, it was consensual you know… You can’t frame me with your own fingerprints…

It’s sad to see an entire species, supposedly the most dominant on the planet, become nothing but a hoarde of marginally useful idiots. Am I really the only person left with any higher brain function? I wish I could say that it’s an “I am Spartacus” scenario, but it’s not. It’s a good thing they’ve got Smart Phones, cuz they haven’t got anything else smart…

I’ve more than lost faith in humanity. I don’t even see them as people anymore. The human race is a joke that isn’t even good enough to make me chuckle…

Buy moar DRKs. What else?

A Fish in a Tree

I wanted to share an idea that had a significant impact on my life.

If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it is not the fish who has failed.

I was a fish born in a tree on the top of a mountain surrounded by people who kept throwing me back up in the tree with the best of intentions.

Fish don’t belong in trees for at least a couple reasons. People stupid enough to put them there are utterly unqualified to decide the fish’s fate, but purport to do so anyway.

Fish gotta step up.


Elizabeth Blackburn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. Along with colleagues, she was instrumental in discovering the mechanisms that enables cancer to grow.

Once healthy cells, cancerous cells lose the control mechanisms that keep them contributing productively to the ecosystem that enables them to live and flourish.

Cancerous cells become overzealous and believe they are more important than the whole. They end up spreading and killing the entire ecosystem that feeds them and eventually killing themselves as a consequence.

The very definition of democrats. They are cancer. Cut them out or die when they bring it down.

Would you drive a car without a muffler?

Short Version: Click here right effing now to sign the petition demanding that Silencers be de-regulated; removed from the NFA.

What if it were illegal to have a muffler on your car?

Why is the most obvious and important piece of firearm safety equipment so heavily regulated that only the elite can afford it? Not just the cost of money, but the cost of supporting that which you know is wrong. Being morally bankrupt is a pre-requisite to selling-out the Bill of Rights… For most gun owners, that is a price too high.

I’m not going to get into the discussion on this topic right now, as it could go on for days. Here’s the link to a glimmer of hope.

The entire NFA is a blatantly unconstitutional steaming heap of guvshit that needs to be thrown out. The one and only person to ever challenge it became a missing person on the very day the Supreme Court was going to throw it down. How convenient. Defendant doesn’t show up, case dismissed, we all lose. The NFA now stands and the guy has never been seen or heard since. Peace and love, man; and hire the government to kill people when you don’t get your way. Fuckin’ hippies… Hypocrite mass murderers is more like it… Peace and love! Get high and vote for politicide! Peace and Love! Steal other people’s stuff! Peace and Love! Hyppies is the new official spelling, I declare it. But, I digress, as usual…

I don’t mind chipping away at it the way the anti-human-rights hoplophobes chip away at gun rights… With the minor caveat that never has such a strategy worked… But, at least it’s a sign of life from the supposedly freedom-loving side of the fence.

You can lose freedom with that technique, but I’ve yet to find an example of getting any freedoms back by using it… Human Rights (a.k.a. Freedom, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Life itself, etc.) are slowly eroded, and when the slaves have had as much as they can take, they give that government the violent, flaming death it deserves and take back those things to which they actually are entitled in huge, bloody chunks.

I admit that I crave the blood of my enemies and carry tremendous guilt for letting them live. Every time I pay taxes, I know I’m giving aid and comfort to the enemy that will be used to harm my fellow man.  I hate it. Do you live with that kind of guilt, too? If you don’t, you’re not much of an American.

“But, Mr. Internet Wannabe Blog Man, why don’t you talk about non-violent means by which We the People get our Freedom back?” you ask?

Because there aren’t any. I can’t bring up an example of something that doesn’t exist and never happened, can I?  Nice try, dirty liberal.

History shows us that which actually happened, and taking freedom back a little at a time has never happened. By definition, History cannot show us any examples of something that never happened…

Yet, the fools push on, clutching their delusive phantom of hope…

That doesn’t mean I refuse to dream of seeing it happen for the first time in all of known history…

I’m just not holding my breath.

Because I’m not a dumbass.

“How far are we gonna take this, Da?”

“The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?”

A Word on Four Letter Words

You will find them here.

Don’t bother giving me the faux-high road insult of “You should be able to make your point without using them.” A (marginally) clever dig trying to make yourself feel smug is still a dig trying to make yourself feel smug…

So, without further adieu, here are my reasons:

1) Sometimes, I don’t feel like going off on a tangent. I do that enough already… There has to be a limit.

2) I don’t need to be a showoff. It’s obvious when a writer is going out of his way to be a twit about how great s/he is.

3) It’s Earthy.

4) It’s concise. Elaborate avoidance is rarely 4 letters or fewer.

5) I don’t like to waste good words on that which does not deserve it.

Do you take a girl you just met out on an expensive date? You do? Well, you’re a dumbass! Save the good stuff for the ones that deserve it. Sometimes a subject isn’t worth it. Just cuss and move on with the topic.

The ability to turn a phrase is fun and says much. It is a lost art in this day and age and I very much appreciate it. But, there is no reason to go out of your way on a subject better left handled quick and to the point.

Most importantly: If you can’t handle a few bad words, you definitely can’t handle the subject matter on which I speak. Reality is much worse than a 4 letter word. I’m in touch with it. I talk about it. Go back to pictures of cats and vines or whatever. I’m not wasting my bandwidth on dumb shit that caters to dumb shits.

If you disagree, go fuck yourself.

Women, what a mess…

Most people who have spoken with me for more than 5 sentences know my exceptional loathing for what American women have become in the last 50 years. They use the usual political slander to deride the truth; modern women are dumb whores. The Men who fall for their shit are just as bad.

Speaking the truth about a black president being the biggest douche bag to ever waste oxygen in the Oval Office results in being labeled “racist” by the entitled trash of the world. I’m only judging the man by Martin Luther King’s standard: The content of his charater, not the color of his skin. Or, in this case, the complete lack of character… Obama is a damn nigger if there ever was one. I don’t often use the “n” word, but Obama has earned it many times over. A truly sick and evil thing, he is.

Calling “the modern woman” what she really is draws like ire; being labeled “bigot,” “asshole,” and “mysoginist” by those who think that being a dumb whore is a rite of passage. I have the same opinion of the “typical American woman” as I have for Obama.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to talk about an exception I know. Someone who isn’t my mom… Who, by the way, is also an exception. She’s a tough act to follow and showed me, growing up, what a real woman is like; a boast very few can make.

They just don’t make ’em like they used to… But I digress, as usual.

Most people would not consider this girl Woman to be special. What the hell kind of metric is that, anyway? Most people barely qualify as people. But, again, I digress, as usual…

She’s a mess. All women are a mess. At first glance she’s just a well-preserved better-than-average-looking life support system for a uterus.

I loaned her a bunch of money. My entire month’s pay, actually.


Because she goes into her messes with her eyes wide open. If she had balls, they would be bigger than yours. She knows there’s going to be hell to pay, and she does it anyway.

She’s not a wandering fool looking for a man off of whom to mooch and pay for all her stupid, wasteful decisions. She makes it happen. She doesn’t need help, but she certainly deserves some.

Lets not even bring up the medical problems, and the handicaps forced upon her by this demented government for it…

This woman is unique and gives me hope. No, I’m not trying to get laid. She’s spoken for and I’m not trying to change that or step on any toes.

So what kind of hope? If there’s one, then maybe there’s two?

Chicks are everywhere; chicks worth knowing, well… I’ve tried to kid myself and make a ho into a housewife several times. It doesn’t work. Duh.

Oh, she’s a stripper. Yeah, talk about a needle in a haystack. Last place you’d expect to find that kind of person, eh? Or is it? Are you willing to go that far for the people you care about? Or do you just pretend to care about them? She knows exactly what it is, and she does it anyway.

She’s made some bad decisions; but for the benefit of others. Her kids and her friends. I dare you to find another one. I dare you to find just one woman in the US of A that has kids for any reason other than to extort money with welfare/child support/alimony. Pre-planned divorce extortion from a guy she hasn’t even met or married yet! Just one, I double-dog-dare you!

Generations of Escalade Babies. What’s it feel like to be a child who knows the only reason he’s alive is to pay for spinning rims? Women are the nurturers? The infallible fountain of life, and men are all pigs? I got one word for you shitbags; Abortion. No, two words; Fuck You. I’ve never seen a man kill a child while it was still inside him… As wrong as some so-called “men” are, I have never been convinced that even the most defective man would do that. Women think it’s their right! Fucking demented…

She defies the norm and I’m glad to know her, even if not very well.

She’s a lot like me. A lot like anyone who understands that hedonism is not the highest calling of a human being. Unselfish.

She stares into the Sun and flies into it anyway. Kinda like me and the BATFE&RBF. I know damn well I’m dancing with the Devil. That’s why I do it! No, I don’t get off on any adrenaline rush. No, I don’t get an ego boost by fancying myself David against Goliath. Neither am I jousting with windmills. Hiding under the bed wetting my panties and making excuses isn’t going to fix it. Those who can do a thing, must do that thing. Those who can’t obviously won’t. So, who else is going to do it? I know damn well I can be squashed like a bug. But, I do it anyway.

“Self-preservation” is the pathetic mantra of The Hangman’s greatest ally.

“Somebody should do something!”

I’m somebody.

Aren’t you somebody, too? Are you sure? What have you done to piss in the face of evil, knowing full-well the consequences? Are you sure your idea of “smart” isn’t a re-branding of cowardice?

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” – Optimus Prime

Will you take a stand only when it’s convenient? Only when you know the crowd is on your side? What does that make you? Smart? Or just another dumb animal who still isn’t making a difference? Let your grandchildren inherit your excuses?

Step up. I met a woman who steps up. If she had balls, would they be bigger than your’s?

I stare into the Sun knowing exactly what will become of me when I fly into it. Where are my loud-mouthed fellow countrymen? Draw another line in the sand as the enemy casually walks over it without even looking down? Why should they? How many lines have you drawn? How many times have they strolled over with no consequences?

A kindred spirit is hard for someone like me to find. Her fight may be “small” or “domestic” by the standards of shallow thinkers; but she fights it instead of whining about it. Wish I could say the same for all these big-mouth gun owners…

Use it or lose it. When you lose it, don’t you dare fucking complain.

Who is the government helping?

Interesting point to be made here…

When only criminals were allowed to go into a place and shoot it up, there was no money spent on “security.” But now that the good guys are allowed to carry a gun, they want to spend millions to keep them out?

Interesting… Shows you who the government is really working for…

I think I need to drive up to Valdosta. It’s only 40 miles…

Open Carry with a Handgun comes by reciprocity with an FL CWP.

Open Carry a Rifle via The 2nd Amendment, no bullshit “permit.”

You get one guess which one I’ll be doing.

The Hydra of the Free Market

“They” cut off one head, and about 20 grew back:

Like catching smoke with a pitchfork… Government will always loose it’s War on Freedom and it’s War on Human Rights.

So they caught SR and BMR; big whoop. Now, there are dozens of Dark NEt markets, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies, not just BitCoin. Some, like Darkcoin, are focused on privacy and have some very innovative features that no other cryptocurrency has. Why hide it? Do you publish your bank account balances every day? It’s not more anonymous than cash. Is everyone who has a dollar in their pocket a drug dealer? People really need to pull their heads out of their asses… Privacy is not a crime. It’s a Human Right.

I have a prediction to make:

The Deep Web markets that allow weapons will probably last. Why? Mentality of the operators. Not so much Karma, though it might seem…

Druggies just don’t know how to do the job right. They fall into the category of people who just barely get it to work and don’t shore up their security because they don’t know how, and worse, are oblivious and don’t even know that they should. Ulbricht was using VPN for fuck’s sake! How dense can you get? LIVs in charge of deep web security on a tor hidden service… Riiiiiight…

Those markets that allow weapons are truly open, free markets. They’re much smarter people. They know what they’re doing and shore up their security because they know how and they know that they should. They’re not oblivious to the gaping holes. They don’t code while drunk and high. They might actually know what port knocking is…