Breaking Bullshit!

I mentioned this a little while ago. They spend decades building the biggest hornet’s nest in human history. They throw rocks at it. They announce that the hornets are trying to overthrow the guy throwing rocks at the biggest hornet’s nest in human history. White man bad. Or something. No one can possibly be this… Read More

I am not impressed.

Reminds me of Elon Musk. Taking credit for the fundamental laws of physics as if he invented them… Floriduh had the best results BECAUSE Floriduh “acted” late and ineffectively. This gave group immunity the opportunity to actally happen. It would have been even better if DeSantis did not “act” at all. But, how could he… Read More

do these evil motherfuckers ever stop lying and provoking?

It’s just dripping with reality inversion, exactly like Orwellian News Speak… I’ve seen the “Law Enforcement Bulletins” from this organization many times. With few exceptions, it is always deliberate misinformation designed to put Law Enforcement on the wrong side of We the People. They are deliberately inciting and fomenting rebellion against The Republic from within… Read More

How long did it take?

America is finally coming to the conclusion that none of this makes any sense. How long did it take you stupid fuckers to figure that out? Holy fucking shit you motherfuckers are stupid… There was never any excuse for this in the first place! It’s high-school level science! Absolutely every high-school graduate in this country… Read More

Stay classy, ladies. Men are such pigs!

Stating an imperical fact is not “misogyny.” The conversion of Christianity into gynotheism is blasphemy. Gynotheism has never resulted in anything but decay, injustice, and destruction. Notice that none of those gynotheist “artifacts” have any kind of muscle tone… Hideous, obese blobs of hate, failure, and destruction. You know you’re in the midst of gynotheist… Read More

the state is a mob of violent Karens

Any business providing goods and services outside of the Government system, will be shut down. Only state approved distribution points are allowed. The crux of communism; sieze the means of production. Total state control. They’ve siezed more than the means of production. They’ve siezed the money. They’ve siezed the means of exchanging it. They’ve siezed… Read More

rule of law is dead

There are those the elites choose to attack, and those they don’t. Period. The courts are completely corrupt. We have no rights. Civility is gone. Intelligence is mocked. Morality is punished. Facts are irrelevant. Merely acknowledging reality is “hate.” Every Government in the world has gone Lord of the Flies at the same time …… Read More

what women want

If this is not what women want, why gave they dedicated over a century to spreading it everywhere? Women weaponize Government against any civilized, intelligent man with the express intent of providing every advantage possible to degenerate savages, and as much harm as possible to all who are good and decent. If this isn’t what… Read More

fuck you, Karen

You wanted this. Ridiculous, obvious lies. You didn’t care when they did it to white men. You didn’t care when they did it to gun owners. You didn’t care when they did it to rich people. You didn’t care when they did it to Christians. Now they’re doing it to everyone.

it’s boogaloo time…

Let’s do this already… Why would you lower the standards of evidence to pretty much nothing, at the cost of wrongfully assigning guilt? Duh, because the whole point is to deliberately and wrongfully assign guilt! That’s the whole point! To destroy the legitimacy of the justice process! Any leftist (double for women) can make an… Read More


Lying, communist White Knights abusing fathers and children because the Government pays them to do whatever the lying, abusive Karen feminists say… Even when I filed my own divorce, they never sent a notice even once. I had to hang around the courthouse and check every day. Even when I went in to ask they… Read More

maximum Karen

It’s just the flu. It’s obvious bullshit. This is fundamental biology taught in high school being denied in favor of commie government voodoo. It’s hilarious when hateful idiots wish that I catch the ‘rona virus. Dumbass, I’ve had it twice! It’s just the flu! Oh no! I’m totally immune now! Cough right on me! It… Read More


This is a direct result of letting them get away with the bump stock lies… You didn’t want to “die on that hill.” So, there’s another hill. You want to die on the new hill? Toljaso, you fucking backstabbing cowards… Having a serial number on a gun makes it no more or less “traceable” than… Read More

resistance is futile, you will be incarcerated, for the lies if a communist thug

Nazi Germany would be an improvement. This is much worse. At least the Nazis were in favor of their own people. The Judicial Branch wants to purge/incarcerate/kill all Christian, white, gun owning, men. Anyone with an IQ above 70, a functioning moral compass, and a healthy Testosterone level is considered a threat. For obvious reasons…… Read More