Lols, this guy wins hard

Off message… And that the point. Telling you what to think. I’ve shut off my ears at this point. Language is just a tool for lying. I think it’s part of why I get along with the few Thai people I interface with. There are no words. I suck at speaking Thai.

Sawatdee khrabp!

Kop kun khrobp!



Sip et
Sip song

Yee sip et


Naam bplao

Chai! Pang mak mak! Bpaet rloi leo leo!
Farlang pumpui, pee ba!

Nit noi.

Suay! Suay mak mak!

Katoey? Mai! Mai! Mai!!

Keh foo! Eye skeah! Dik too much! Slo lee!!

Poh Leece no good!

Yoo han sum maan, yoo wan masaaaaaaa?

Er, not the last three I guess…

We’ve passed Clown World, we’re now entering MAXIMUM OVERHONK!

You douche bags going to puss out again? Every time I took a stand, you cowards stabbed me in the back…

Prove to me you’ve finally figured it out, and I will stand with you in spite of everything you have done to me.

Fail again, I renounce.

You can’t even be asked to do more than 1 click, you’re going to put it all on the line at The Boogaloo? Bullshit, you stupid cowards!

You think the situation is going to improve if you do nothing? Yeah, they’re sending in thousands of communist thugs to own the area and kill anyone who has a problem with Bolshevism. And? This is what we call a target rich environment. Own it right back. Kill these traitors.

You’re sooo worried about playing into their hands, looking like bad redneck whitey. Hello, fuckhead, they’re going to frame it up that way no matter what. If you do nothing, they’re going to call you bad redneck whitey anyway! They’re going to do the exact same shit to you whether you sit down or stand up. May as well stand up!

The genocide is already decided. All that remains is for you pussies to decide if you’re going to go out quietly, or loudly. It’s the macrocosmic version of self-defense. The aggressor is already formulating his plan. He has his weapon, he’s lurking in the shadows. Will you defend yourself, or will you let him kill you because your oh so afraid of being slandered on TV? You’re going to be slandered on TV no matter what, you idiot!

They’re going to comitt genocide anyway! They’ve been planning to comitt genocide FOR DECADES! And you’re worried about being called names on TV? Fuck you!


Thank multiple decades of limp-dick Republitards…

The police and military would never turn against the cutuzens! They would be er betray the Constitution! Even though the police and military exist exclusively for that purpose, and have spent decades demonstrating that they are planning to do exactly that…

like it or not, Alex Jones has become relevant…

Virtually every woman alive has voted for this. Of course, they will deny it, and technically they aren’t lying about that…

They’re just so damned arrogant, entitled, and stupid, that they don’t know what they voted for. So they don’t know that they voted for it.

Just like every other right a woman has, it was granted to her in the absence of responsibility. This started from day one of the feminist movement.

Most women are so oblivious to their own special treatment, they don’t even know what Selective Service is. Of course they deny what they know nothing about. They are so completely insulated from reality, they don’t know what reality is, so they deny it.

Women have everything handed to them, then play the victim and demand more. Because life is so easy for them, they have no respect for men who carry the burdens that they do not. They assume life is easy for everyone because it’s easy for them. Demand free stuff, make up lies about abuse and oppression, get more free stuff. Want a fancy job title and a big paycheck? Vagina! Here you go!

If you’re a man? A white man? With experience? How dare you spend all those years not pushing incompetent women up above you! You’re a rapist! #MeToo!!

fucking epic

Republitards deleted conservatism and became Diet Communist. Rejected their Libertarian heritage. Basically became empty nothingness… Moral Coward backstabbing is how they get by.

Yet all the same ideals still exist. Of course it would congeal into a blob of the exact same stuff, but need a new name, and that new name absolutely must be defamatory towards those ideals…

Go on. Label me Alt-Right. You know it’s bullshit, but I’ll play along. I wear your slander as a badge of honor.

I’m surprised…

I’m not surprised this guy works for Bernie. I’m surprised he hasn’t been hired as a cop. This is exactly the mindset that damn near every cop I’ve met has.

You don’t like Communism? Time for you to die, boy! Burn the cities! Kill everyone who disagrees with my petty ego!

Seriously. Try to find a cop that doesn’t have exactly that mentality… You just can’t do it.

this is no big deal…

So this crap happens on social(ist) media? That’s old news. Been this way for at least a decade.

The real issue is that the whole of Western Government operates in exactly the same fashion.

I’m seriously thinking about starting a new company website on the darknet with DASH exclusively as payment. Nothing can be trusted anymore.

do you still deny what this is about?

…and they have the full support of the US Government. Police, military, everything they’ve got is ready to roll in support of these communist freaks. Look at Virginia.

nobody understands…

Nobody understands.

Flying apparatuses are serious heat producers. The various forms of propellers found on all flying machines are there to keep the pilot cool. If you don’t believe me, watch videos where the propeller breaks, falls off, or the engine stops spinning it. If you look closely, you’ll see the pilot begin to sweat profusely…

the short list…

There is a very short list of things that never get old.

Carl ripping dirty, lying, entitled feminazis a new asshole, isnonenif them.

Bahahahahahahahahaha! I haven’t been down to LK for a llooong time. I think imma get some titties in my face.

Eat a dick, ladies; as long as it’s not mine!

think about the big picture for a second…

The behavior of cops and Government in general has become so evil, that “remember that one time you didn’t kill that guy” has become a compliment from the public, and an insult among their own ranks…

Public Servant. A person who serves the public.

A strung out child molester witha knife in one hand and a gun in the other, actively trying to kill you.

That guy is a lot of things. But the one you always forget to mention is: he is the public.

You serve him.

That total degenerate piece of shit. You serve him.

That is the role of a public servant. If you disagree, if you can’t do it, get the fuck out. You have no business wearing a badge or a uniform. You are worse than he is.

Every time you put on that uniform, that so-called “man” is the one you serve.

I am not a public servant. I have a right (though I exercise restraint) to use deadly force. Police do not. I don’t give a damn what the Communist courts have to say about it. Officer safety is not a thing. It’s contradictory to the nature of the job. The only way for an officer to be safe, is not to be an officer anymore. If you’re such a soyboy pansy that you can’t handle that, get the fuck out! You signed up for the opposite of safety. It’s counter-intuitive. It’s oxymoronic. You cannot slam a revolving door. It cannot and will not ever happen. The attempt to make it work out will destroy everything that made the US what is was… Which is exactly what the seditious judges are counting on. Of course they’ll let you get away with this bullshit! And, yes, of course we the people are going to kill you to prevent it… This is how communist judges are overthrowing the republic. Wake up, fuckwits!

8 days to go…

A handful of cops are finally pulling their heads out of their butts and getting on the right side of The Constitution. But so far, it’s just words… Let’s see how their deeds match up… Decades of getting wrong, will take a lot more than some fuckin’ words to fix. The judges they answer to are not pleased…