they’re so damned stupid they don’t see the contradiction

Strong and independent… And fat and ugly… And arrogant and entitled… And stupid and proud of it…

So, you want a strong, protective, confident man, but before that… You want him to be weak enough that you can smash him and steal all his money. You want to mock him for his virtues, stab him in his sleep, cheat on him; and be praised for it.

Listen, ladies, feminism lied to you. “Strong and independrnt” are MASCULINE traits. Men and women are not the same.

You’re stupid as shit, so I’ll try to use an analogy.

I’m a man. If I brag about how cute I look in high-hetls, are you going to be impressed? Does it turn you on?

No. That’s the opposite of appealing. See, you understand perfectly when it’s selfish…

If you brag about how macho you are, it’s not only not a turn on, it’s a turn off. When you double down by shoving it in our faces and turning it into an insult attacking OUR legitimate masculinity by saying dumb shit like “You can’t handle me.” It only makes you look like an idiot on top of it. Now you’re gross, macho, AND a rude idiot.

In just a few seconds, you showed us you’re macho. Which we don’t want. Then you showed us that you’re vulgur, rude, and stupid, too! Wow, way to sweeten the deal! How can I say no?!

In a morbid sort of way, it really is impressive… You’ve gotta work pretty hard to fuck up that bad. This kind of stupid isn’t naturally occurring… It can only be grown in a lab…

I might be able to forgive fat, or dumb, (because these are fixable) but not both. Heap on the rest, are you fucking kidding me?

And this is just the first 5 seconds of knowing you! What’s 5 minutes like? What’s 5 days like? What’s 5 weeks like? 5 months? 5 years? I admit, I have no idea! And I never will! Because FUCK YOU, LOSER!

I have a simple, ONE step process for getting rid of unwanted women; basic moral standards. There’s nothing women hate more than a genuine respectable, intelligent man with a functioning moral compass. Her entire game is trapping him with degeneracy and immorality. If you’re immune to that, she hates you. If you ask the question “If this promiscuous sex results in a child, what will that child’s life be like, being raised by you, in the “home” you would make? What sort of helpmeet will you be to support me as a provider?” Holy fuck, you can’t make a woman disappear faster! Seriously. The next time a girl wants “real talk,” say this quoted sentence to her. You will never see or hear from her again!

There’s nothing women hate more than a decent, intelligent man. He sees right through her and knows what trash she is. “He makes me feel bad about myself without saying a word.” No. You are trash and you know it. Being in the company of a decent man only makes you think about it more. No. You don’t have a self-esteem problem. It’s normal to feel bad when you ARE bad. It’s supposed to motivate you to improve yourself. But, a satanic society tells you “You’re perfect just the way you are.” No. No you’re not. No one is, you narcissistic freak…

I John 4:8 – For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

That was the very first thing I ever head or learned about God, Bible, anything. I was 5.

It was only a few days later I learned never to trust authority when I used a white crayon to fix a mistake I made, because the pencil had no eraser. I innovated. I improvised. And I was severely beaten for it…

I’ll never forget either of those lessons. Women? The idea has never entered their heads…


Me: “What’s a ‘1?'”

A-holes who write docs: “The best way to understand 1, is to state that 1 + 1 = 2.”

Me: “But I still don’t know anything… Isn’t it obvious from my question that I don’t know what “+” is? I also don’t know what another 1 is, because I still don’t know what 1 is, you sarcastic wiseass! That’s a circular reference and defines nothing! If I look up a word in the dictionary, and the definition is simply repeating the word. That’s not a useful dictionary, and docs that do the same thing are equally unuseful. In fact, one might say that this is not a dictionary/document at all, but the the time-wasting scribbling of a giant asshole. I also have no idea what “=” is, and I have no idea what “2” is. This is completely unhelpful. You cannot teach a lower order concept by presenting higher order concepts that I obviously can’t understand or even know about yet, because I still don’t know what “1” is. That’s not how learning works! That’s not how any of this works!”

A-holes who write docs: “Well I’m offended/triggered now, I’m going to call you ‘stupid,’ in spite of the ridiculously dumb shit that I just did. Then I’ll run away to my safe space to suck my thumb and demand free Tendies from my waifu; Andrew Yang! He’s Asian! He does the magic maths!”

Me: “I can’t take this sh!t seriously. I’d like to #LearnToCode, but every time I try, I’m surrounded by developmentally stunted freaks that present backwards epeen brags in an effort to impress girls that aren’t even looking, instead of answering simple questions… If I’m so stupid, why do I refuse to waste my time dealing with such ridiculous so-called ‘people?’ Fuck off, nerd, I’m gonna motorboat some funbags.”

The ridiculous people I have to deal with are, far and away, the biggest time suck and frustration involved in #LearnToCode… Snowflake Nerds are the stupidest, most annoying people on Earth… On the occasion that you can pry useful facts and information out of someone, the actual coding part is quite easy. I’d say actually writing code is less than 0.001% of the time spent. The remaining 99.999% is time wasted on giant asshole nerds. And the time and recreation it takes to decompress from dealing with those assholes… Progress is morbidly slow. To the point of “why even bother.”

As long as communist asshole nerds are the gatekeepers, it’s not worth doing


Cops being the trash that they are. Again. Still.

Want to make a race thing about it? The “niggers” are entirely in the right, and have done nothing wrong! This evil communist pig is the real nigger. Yeah, they said “aks ” I rolled my eyes, too… But that doesn’t make them criminals. That doesn’t make their rights disappear. That doesn’t give this fucking shitpig any right or authority to do a fucking thing.

Tell me… If it’s only the bad apples that are out on display for YouTube fame… Why are there so damned many of them? There are dozens of new ones every day! How many “isolated incidents” do there have to be before you Stolkholm Syndrome idiot fucking Republitards stop worshipping the greatest threat to the country that there ever was?

The open, militant sedition of the Judicial Branch isn’t a foreign invasion; it’s much, much worse. They don’t have to cross a border. They don’t need logistics because we’re being extorted to pay for our own executions. They’re already in our towns and neighborhoods. They’re everywhere, like sleeper cells, but they’re not sleeping… “The Terrorists” are next to non-existent compared to the violence and terror of the now openly violent, Communist Judicial branch.

The Judges, by design, virtually never hold them accountable. Why would they? The whole point is a tag-team of constitutional destruction! If you’re looking for justice or redress, you’re a fucking idiot. You’re never going to get it. Is it any surprise cops are being killed? There’s no other option.

This pig deserves the rope. But, he’ll never get it. Which means some random cop is going to get ambushed and killed instead.

You wanted this. You planned this. You worked your whole life to cause this. Now you pretend to be fucking surprised that you got this?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were any alternative to killing them? They don’t even bat an eye when they kill us… Sprinkle some crack on him, fix it in the report…

Eat shit. I have no pity for the families of dead cops. The whore married these evil bastards and produced demonspwan with them. Let ’em twist in the wind for it. Widows and orphans of traitor cops deserve the shame, and should be set up as an example. Police serve Satan above all else.

There are no words to describe my hatred of the judicial branch and it’s demonic footsoldiers.

All’s well that ends well…

The drunken commie gets told to fuck off by a different cop. Everybody with an internet connection has the PD’s phone number, emails of every high ranked officer. Phone numbers. Call them and cuss their ears off. Make this shitbag disappear.

Main take away… This off duty cop is playing security guard. He watches these guys pay for their stuff. Staring them down the whole time. He knows they paid. He follows ws them out. Even gets in his car to follow them some more. Then, having stared them down the whole time, knowing full well they’re the opposite of suspicious, he barks “suspicious” as his excuse for manufacturing a confrontation for no fucking reason at all. Not only does he have no reasonable, articulable suspicion, all the information he does have is exculpatory! And he goes out if his way to start shit with this knowledge!

Totality if circumstances? Cops will let black people get away with pretty much anything. They know it’ll be the race card, in the news, etc… They don’t want that, so black people can pretty much get away with anything. This guy cast that aside. Even in spite of that this guy was willing to play the game…

What happens when it’s white guys? Nobody gives a shit about white guys. Cops can kill all the white guys they want, no one bats and eye. Not only is it not questioned, nobody even notices. How many times do cops like this start shit, kill a white guy, and make up a bullshit story. No witnesses. No outrage. Nobody cares. Nobody looks into it. Just another white guy. He’s already guilty of being a white guy, so he deserved to die anyway… Who gives a shit, eh?

the Virgin whore…

Never thought about the idea that a guy buying your virginity might be a filthy shitbag with diseases? He’s rich! Rich guys are always prince charming, right? Only rich guys should be considered good guys by default… See the mentality here? Money = respect him. Don’t even question it, because money.

If she’s got a price tag, she’s garbage. A poor man doesn’t buy garbage. A rich man doesn’t buy garbage. Only the mentally ill pay for garbage… Women screen expressly for the mentally ill, and consider it a good thing…

It became even more obvious to me when I could, indeed, afford them. I wasn’t good enough for anything but married cheaters when I was broke. When I scored, suddenly I was good enough for everyone else… Whores!

5 things? Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. Eat. Eat. Drink. Drink. That’s 8 and I didn’t even try…


“Last February, I was working as a waitress in downtown Manhattan.”

And now she’s a flaming embarrassment to women and the country, by proving again and again that the dumbest piece of shit to ever live, can get into Congress because the voters are dumber, bigger pieces of shit.

…and also proving that sentence to be a factual paradox.

It started out so well, with only land-owning white men being allowed to vote.

Now, look at the place… This is what happens when you let any old trash have a ballot.

Bernie must have an unlimited supply of the blue pills… No, not those blue pills. I mean Viagra.

…how can this even be said out loud?

A man who will pay all your bills and not want sex…

How did these two things even end up in the same sentence?

Oh, right, a whore! Money and sex are inseperable for them… She utters these words, doesn’t even realize she’s outing herself as a whore, and of course,bit means men are evil, or something …

It’s that desperation of the feminist whore… No man ever did this to her. No man ever said ‘Gee, I would totally okay this fat bitch’s bills if only she would jump me.” She wants to push an agenda while implying that she is oh, do desirable. Because she’s not. Nobody wants her. She wants to insult men for not wanting her in a passive aggressive “money is all you’re good for anyway” manner… As if any of this were an option on the table for her… And she’s cranky expressly because she has no such options…

Nobody wants this ho. Nobody offered to “solve her financial problems” in exchange for sex… But it tells you what’s on her mind that this unprovoked statement comes out if her… She wishes she could get paid for her pussy, but no man is dirty or dumb enough to do it. So, off to Twitter to use shaming ta tics on all the men she can’t have +all of them) for not “Manning up” and paying her bills for her fat, lazy ass…

If men really were such pigs, there’d be nothing to complain about! They’d be lining up to pay her bills in the hopes of getting action, only to be told he’s an idiot for giving her money, bye now!

What makes her mad is that this is NOT happening. If it were happening, there’d be nothing to talk about.

Think about that.

She’s mad that this isn’t happening. Which means she finds the idea desirable. She wishes it were happening. What kind of classy lady wishes she were getting solicited to pay her bills? Worse, it categorized men as “bad” for not wanting to pay bills for a whore! A good man would just give money to a random woman on the internet who is so irresponsible that she can’t pay her own bills, and out if nowhere, sex is part of that equation?

What part of “men should pay my bills” involves sex…?

Oh, right. She’s a whore!


This isn’t a slippery slope. We’ve already slid down.

Listen to what the argument is. Look as the advertisement.

Absolutely unrelated. There is absolutely nothing about that ad which resembles what he’s saying.

What if I showed you a picture of a truck, then just said “assault” and “toxic masculinity” a dozen times.

I’m not sure what an ar-15 has to do with a man card… Ar-15s are pretty gay… If you think going out and buying an ar-15 makes you a man… Im inclined to say that revokes your man card, not reissues it…

A man buys a rifle. He buys it because he is a man. He understands it’s value. Buying the rifle does not make him into a man. He already was a man, or he wouldn’t have been interested in it to begin with. The ad is odd, maybe a bit cringey in have a sadly mistaken idea of what makes a man… But, this encourages violence how? It’s just goofy…

Even so, what’s that have to do with this absurdly frivolous lawsuit? There’s nothing that connects what he said to reality… Just because he says a bunch of words while showing a picture of a gun, does not mean that his words have anything to do with the gun… And they clearly don’t.


Paris exists.
Sometimes I drive my car.

Crime! Sue! Supreme Court!



I’ve met a lot of people with engineering degrees. With the exception of only a few… I’m head and shoulders above them. Mechanical and Electrical. The Gubmint and the Gubmint Skoolz rate you on only one thing; adherence to left wing ideology. Parrot the left work my ideology, you get a degree and a license. Deny left wing ideology, get accused af rape and tossed out. Science or math are not involved. Gubmint “Engineering” has absofuckinglutely NOTHING to do with Engineering.


Lols, shouldn’t weighing over 150lbs be birth control all by itself? What losers are knocking up these fat chicks? Ugh…

Listen to that attitude when he says “So you’re 25 with a 10 year old kid.” And she replies so damn proud of it… 3 kids! 3 different dad’s!

What douche even speaks to a trash sluts like this, much less roll her in flour and pound the wet spot? Ugh! How do you even? So damn nasty!

And she calls up to argue that this disaster is a good thing, and any man that doesn’t like it this way is the one that’s defective? Not her!

And the bit about it being men’s fault that she’s a whore that sleeps around and plays fake marriage games… Deliberately choosing to have unprotected sex with the worst losers she can find… No decent man would do that, duh!

Why can’t I find a good man!!! Whaaaaa!

is it really about the children?

At no point was nothing but money for HER mentioned. She wants what she’s owed… Do you hear this shit? Owed for what? Existing with a vagina? She ended the relationship! She proves that it’s purely a prostitution transaction. Noore pussy. No more cash! The steps in the government… You don’t have 40 hours a week because weves destroyed the possibility of full time work. So, now you’re going to jail for 20 days, which will make it drastically less likely that you’ll ever have decent work, which makes it even less likely that this fake vagina debt will ever be paid.

At what point was the child even mentioned? How well off us this child with a father in jail for no reason, and this precious cash going from unlikely to pretty much forget it? How does this do anything but put a man in prison for being a man? She’s not going to get any money. The kid isn’t going to get any benefit. What job does he work while in jail? What are his prospects when he gets out? Will he even have the job he’s currently working? Nope!

It’s a setup. Worse, women are do vindictive they don’t even realize the state is using them, too! Where’s the money now? She’s getting shit from a dude in prison! But she doesn’t care, because she’s teaming up with government to ruin a man’s life.

At no point was the child considered. Not even fuckin’ mentioned! The actions taken can’t benefit anybody involved!

Except one…

The Satanic Government’s war to destroy families, men, and children.

death of the family, women did this

Make being a husband and a father into a hellish liability; don’t fucking do it anymore!

These parasites should go latch themselves onto a dumbfuck who can’t figure it out. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what they do, and that’s why they always betreay and cheat on him! They know he’s the dumbfuck who fell for it, and have zero respect for him!

It’s disgusting that this is what it’s come to… Empty, petty, animalistic, shallow… There’s more humanity and values in a petting zoo orgy than a woman’s head.

No one worth a damn wants this.


Any halfway ok-looking stripper can walk into a hospital and demand a job as a surgeon. They will bend over backwards to find a way to put her on the payroll. They won’t actually let her perform surgery… But she’ll get paid a quarter million a year just to let them claim they hired a woman, woooo, look at our male:female ratio of amazing girl brain surgeons! Of course, only the men will ever actually perform surgery. It will be questioned why, with the number of surgeons they have on staff, why don’t they do more surgery? Why is there such a backlog? Well, those worthless men are holding us back! That’s why we pay them less! Wait, the timesheets don’t show any of these “amazing” women ever setting foot in the hospital! Aside from the job interview, they can’t be found on any security camera footage going back years… What’s going on? They sure do have a lot of half hour appointments with the head of the organization tho…

Imagine paying all the whores you want with a federally subsidized bottomless budget. And you get to do more than just pay them tons of money that isn’t yours… You get to provide a title of senior level surgeon! They get to tell the world what stunning and brave feminist brain surgeons they are! But, they’re just whores…

Pretty much all female employment operates according to this premise. They do nowhere near the work men do, they only got hired due to virtue signal culture or because they can suck dick really good, they can’t get fired no matter how incompetent they are. In fact, to hide this incompetence, they are often encouraged to take the pay and never show up or do any work. Most people who actually work there have never seen her or heard of her, except when she fucks the boss in his office… The men get paid less, are worked to death because the staff:productivity ratio cannot be accounted for, and they’re blamed for it. All while women complain that they don’t get enough money or respect.

Women are garbage…

what would it take?

Take her. Make 3 clones. And as a tag team effort, spend 7 years proving spectacular feminine virtue, then, maybe, I’d think about it… Maybe…

Tucker Carlson is right, which is why he’s wrong. Taking on responsibility is what makes a man whole. What Tucker doesn’t understand, is that this has been converted into a weapon against children, men, and the very idea of family. Only a fool signs up to have his children abused as weapons to extract cash and prizes. Only a fool signs up to be slandered and his future destroyed. The better you are, the harder they hit you.

Western society hates all that is good and decent. Women are leading the charge. This is why, since the beginning of time, every document you can find warns about keeping women under control, and what will happen if you fail to do so.

…in this world, but not of it.

We the People have been voting with their crotches, instead of their brains, for decades. How could they not; they don’t have brains. They’re dumb animals. You can’t explain it to them. They’re too dumb to understand how dumb they are… Worship some more crotch… They don’t even know they’re doing it. They’ll deny it when you point it out. At least 9 out of 10 Westerners cannot be taken as people anymore. That’s how severely they’ve devolved…

Doug Casey on How the Homeless Crisis Could Soon Become an Epidemic

What did you think was going to happen, you dumb motherfuckers? And you’re just going to keep doubling- down?

Ahem?! They’re not Junkies! They’re Extracurricular Pharmaceutical Enthusiasts! So rude… It’s like you were raised in a functional home or something, you worthless white male, with your colonial values, productivity, intelligence… Morality is racist! You can’t get laid! Degenerates don’t approve of you! Aren’t you embarrassed now?

Kali Yuga. The West is in accelerated self-destruct mode, and damn proud of it.

government has become irrational matriarchy by proxy

I’ll let John Ward say it again.

Strange game, the only way to win is not to play…

Actually no.

It’s worse than that.

You can play, and you very much can win. But, the prize is that you just proved you’re a fucking idiot.

The contest is that of being the biggest turd in the bowl.

I’ve no desire to marinate in the turd water of a bunch of other smaller turds.

Aw, did you take first place at the Special Olympics? Congratulations! You’re fuckin’ retarded!

I’ve been telling you this since the 90s

There’s a reason the Gubmint is completely ignoring this guy.

Look at your Apple, Microsoft, and Google products. Your “smart” tv. All deliberately backdoored. And not in a sneaky way. The masses wanted tech, but they refused to learn how. So, the lazy and stupid masses DENANDED that Big Brother invade everything.

Why listen? You fixed the problem! Government wanted access. They knew there were objections. But, that’s the problem. They don’t care what the objections are. They wanted access. They wanted spying. Big Tech delivered. Yeah, security problems. SECURITY PROBLEMS ARE EXACTLY WHAT GOVERNMENT WANTS! Why the fuck would they listen to anyone trying to solve security problems.

The phone I’m using right now is completely transparent. I can’t trust it at all. Everything I type is logged and handed over to the government. Everything that ever appears on the screen is captured and handed to the government. I’m surrounded by stupid, lazy people who cannot communicate any other way, forcing me into the surveilence system that I paid for with my own money. I pay the bill to be spied on.

Worse, they have so much access they can fabricate and plant anything they want. It’s easy to manufacture fake evidence of absolutely anything. Child porn can be put on my phone by the very people who will then “find” it. Directly through the wireless radio, with no knowledge of it by me.

It’s never been more obvious that Big Tech was created by Satanic Government for exactly this purpose.

It’s the Corporations!
No! It’s the Guvermint!

Idiots, this is a distinction without a difference. “Corporations” are just a front for the Government… More power. More control. What the fuck is derpy boy Zuckerberg going to do with that? None of these Silicon Valley people have anywhere near the brains needed to accomplish what they have. They’re Post Turtles. But Government… Zuckerberg and the rest of Big Tech are brainless puppets. They are allowed to do the criminal things that they do, because they aren’t going them and have no idea what’s going on. They’re paid well to put on a show and keep their mouths shut. They are nothing more than sock puppets of Government.

It’s embarrassing that you idiots are so easilly confused and distracted… Fuck you. You’re not even people anymore.

Tom for President!

Too bad he’s a leftist douche…

The ugly side of Social Media is the unspoken. Not the censorship, that’s obvious. What I’m talking about is the Lie of Omission. Internet Sluts never show you how many times they get kicked to the curb by a man with standards. All you see is Sluts celebrating the degenerates/gangstas that are dumb enough to give them time, cash, and seed. These trash are promoted as the “real men” because it’s all they can get.

Her: “You gotta pay for this pussy, or someone else will!”

Me: “Someone else!”

Women have become missionaries of MGTOW. They’re moving from man to man so fast, teaching them to stay away…

Treason is the new normal

I’m not normally an Alex Joner… He’s just a bit too much for me. But, one cannot deny that he has been right about more than any other “news” entity.

Should I deny facts just because it was Alex Jones who spoke them?

I hate the shit out of Nancy Pelosi. But, when she says “1 + 1 = 2,” I do the unspeakable; I agree with her.

Facts and ideas matter, but we’ve fallen into the lower level of Cult of Personality. I’m seeing it on the right as well. “Loyalty to Trump” is being questioned… Uhm… Are you fucking kidding me?

I bear loyalty to Facts and the notion of Good and Decent. Blind allegiance to any demagogue is utter stupidity. I held my nose and voted for Trump, but then he repeatedly stabbed me in the back. Now I’m somehow the bad guy? If you want my ‘loyalty,’ then you must give the same to me in return. You want my ‘loyalty,’ you cannot betray what is Good and Decent. You cannot betray the Truth. When you seek to tear down the foundation of The Republic, you definitely don’t have my loyalty.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

While attribution of the quote is questionable, the wisdom contained within it is not.

(It does bear notation that, as usual, the quote is often attributed to a woman, but, actual reseearch shows us it was first spoken and posited by men. Later plagiarized by a woman and claimed as her own. Typical. You’ll find this pattern in virtually every “great woman” or “great brown people” claim. It’s never true, and it’s not hard to find the facts. The lies and plagiarism are so transparent it’s silly…)

When your decision making is no longer loyal to ideas, but to people, you’re heading for the Stone Age.

Laws to prevent such absurd lawsuits exist for a reason, but are being ignored by the highest court in the land…

Companies can be sued into bankruptcy if someone, somewhere, misuses their product to do harm. Buy a pipe from Home Depot, beat someone to death with it. Home Depot and the Pipe Manufacturer are liable. This is what the Supreme Court has just ruled in defiance of facts, logic, common-sense, and the law.

Throw a rock through someone’s window? It’s not your fault! Who’s rock was it? Who ‘made’ that rocks? Who sold that rock?

The trend of refusing to hold accountable those who do evil deeds, is increasing. The person who does X is not responsible for X. So says the highest court in the land… Yay! No person is guilty of a crime ever again! Was the person wearinga shirt at the time? Find the store where he bought the shirt! Find the manufacturer of the shirt! Was it imported? Find the shipping company! Who sold the fuel that powered the boat that brought the shipping container!? Who unloaded the pallet onto a truck? Who made the tires on that truck? Who paved the road? Who put up the stoplights! Why didn’t the police use a Red Flag excuse to stop this delivery? I KNEW IT! EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED WAS A WHITE MAN (because they’re the only ones who produce and do work)!!! Ugh, so racist and sexist! Go after THOSE DEPLORABLES! Leave the person who actually did it alone (pretty much all crime is committed by women and brown people)!

…toljaso. Just like Trump, I motherfucking told you Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were Trojan Horse RINOs. Yeah, I did celebrate when Kavanaugh got #MeToo’d, just to see someone in the Ivory Tower Squad have to deal with the Pagan/Wiccan Femtrash squad that’s been attacking us nobodies with impunity for decades. But, at no point did I fall for the idea that he was a Constitutionalist. His confirmation was an empty, Pyrrhic victory.

Empty and fake… A good description of all Western Culture today… It deserves to burn.

This is how I came to MGTOW. It wasn’t the sickness of women that got to me first. It was the whole of society being an empty hole. To me, women were just a sideshow to the Clown World idiocy. Historic record showed me which came first, the Chicken of the Egg… Western Society is an empty hole. Women are an empty hole wrapped in tits and ass.

This insanity is what replaces the Pariarchy, now that it’s been smashed.

Be careful what you wish for… It’s going to get a lot worse than “Why can’t I find a good man!?”

Mao came out and said it…

This is precisely why The Left, Democrats, Communists never point out the murder that the State commits in “gun death statistics.”

When Democrats commit mass murder for wrongthink, that data is excluded.

Worse, it’s been lied about since history has been recorded. It has never been accurately recorded. The best we can do is estimate it.

Somewhere between 100,000,000 and 250,000,000, that we know of.

Think about that.

The motherfucking margin of error is 150,000,000!

Just how many million people need to be murdered by government for the crime of wrongthink, before you stop voting for more of it?

Wouldn’t 1,000,000 be kind of a hint? You voted to murder 1,000,000 people, it was never recorded or included in “gun death” statistics, and this doesn’t disturb you just a little? No, in fact, you like it! You want to get rid of ‘thise guns?’ no. Another lie. You want to get rid of “those people” who own “those guns.”

Anyone who makes you get rid of, or hide, your guns, is a genocidal tyrant. Is it unsightly? Scary? Make it go away or we’ll slander you? Pay us off or we’ll lie to the cops about you?

Someone willing to invent insidious propaganda terminology like “assault weapon” is someone who wants to kill everyone who isn’t a fellow Communist. No honest, respectable person has ever used this term.

You invite this evil into your home… People who make you hide your so-called “assault weapon” are genocidal communists. They don’t think of murdering 250,000,000 people for wrongthink as bad! On the contrary, they consider it a good start, and want to kill more.

Worship the crotch! Obey the Guvjina!

No honorable, moral man worships genocidal crotchmongers.

A really complicated way of saying “Women need to stop being horrible pieces of shit.”

Women aren’t merely acting like men. If that were true, it might be tollerable.

The problem is much worse. Women are taught to imagine the most horrible douche bag trash excuse for a man that they can; then be “equal” to that.

This fantasy degenerate man does not actually exist. It’s a hate fantasy that women invented.

But, all women are doing their best to be a copy of him.

There is no such thing as a man that is this bad. But, pretty much all women are “aspiring” to it.

…and women say they can’t find a good man. Duh! You’re fucking disgusting and you know you! You’ve dedicated your live to being a vulgar whore and damn proud of it. No decent man wants that raising his children. So, you mock his vitue… Create false accusations and slander to muddy his good name.

This results in pretty much all women being horrible pieces of shit. On top of that, they’re macho, which requires one to be gay to want them… “You can’t handle a strong, independent woman!” Yeah, whatever, man impersonator. Nobody cares what delusional language you use to present your false anymore. It’s not working. You can’t force men to be just gay enough to like you, but not too gay that they have no interest in women… It’s fucking dumb. You wish men were as shitty as you are so you’d have a chance. But men can’t help but notice that’s not a healthy, wholesome family environment…

Women are shit. They work hard at being the shittiest shit they can find a way to be. No, Prince Charming doesn’t find that appealing. SHOCKING!!