how does one become a gun nut?

You start out as a student of history. Then you notice holes. Missing pieces. Then you notice all the holes and missing pieces have a pattern: guns and war. Then you study war more specifically. Then you study the implements of war. Then it all clicks. You become a gun nut because there’s no such thing as “sorta” supporting democide. You realize there’s no such thing as moderacy. It’s not at all a “for or against” thing. It’s just reality. The switch is on or the switch is off. In between is the lie you’re sold by the faction that wants your support by telling you that being wishy-washy is admirable. Why? Because being wishy-wadhy serves their interest. You support that faction without knowing it through falling for lies, conflation, and sophistry. It is this faction, not necessarrilly you, which always has a “‘those people’ must be exterminated” agenda.

History never sleeps… You best start believing is ghost stories; you’re in one!

This faction is always, always, ALWAYS, the Leftists. Bolsheviks. Socialists. Communists. Nazis. Maoists. Democrats. Labor. Whatever the name they’re hiding behind, the game is always the same. They have a childlike utopian idea of society/reality, and in their defective minds there is always “those people” who are standing in the way of achieving it. Their understanding of reality is so deformed, that they even blame “those people” for natural laws that they hate. Things like gravity, economics, and even the weather. It’s all “those people” who are to blame. Because their goal is impossible, there is no goal. They just keep pushing farther and farther. There is no finish line. No matter how extreme the measures they have to take, it’s always justified in the quest for their “noble” agenda. Kill of one group of “those people,” but utopia has still not arrived? Well, there must be some other “those people” still holding it back! We’re so close, we just gotta slaughtered another heap of “those people!”

Keep reading. It happens over and over and over again.

The Devil doesn’t appear before you all red, with horns, a pitchfork, and a pointy tail. He hides the ugliest parts of history, and pleads with you in the name of righteousness.

…and just for fun:

Herp derp goes the femtard

It’s a two way street.

As women have eschewed more and more of what it is to be a woman, I’ve lost interest. They’ve got the anatomical parts, but that’s it. If I were a dumb savage that might be good enough for me. But, I’m not a dumb savage. I require more (a lot more) from a woman than mere jubblies and a sloppy hole.

Essential, the female proposition today is bestiality. Nasty. No thanks.

Call me all the names you want. I give zero fucks. Fugratively and literally.

“Why can’t I find a good man?”

Because you’re a sad excuse for a woman.

The most effective way to lose your interest in western females, is experience with them. Unless you’re a mindless loser that only cares about that one thing… Because that’s all they have anymore.

fuck you fake shit

I tried the “backlash” 15 years ago. All I got was fucked over by cuckservatives. They want this…

Where were you faggots back then? Right, contributing to the very problem you’re now pretending to oppose.

Fuck you. You did this. Don’t pretend that give a fuck now that you got what you wished for and regret it.

Eat a family-sized bag of dicks you fake Patriots.

the FBI are such clueless fucking boomers…


Antifa are the militant wing of the Democratic party. They believe in absolute state control of everything. Where they can’t get the state to implement violence to achieve this end, they do it themselves.

The FBI aren’t actually this stupid. Continuing to get it wrong, intentionally, is one of they ways they support these Democrat terrorists.

Spreading propaganda and misinformation by pretending not to understand isn’t new. But this is worse than getting it wrong. This isn’t merely incorrect. It’s the opposite of the truth.

no problem..

…bit if you dare to defend yourself, nay, merely imply that you might defend yourself; the Fedcoats are right there… And definitely do not talk about defending yourself from the Fedcoats…

Fuck you. I’ll say what I want, and if you threaten me, I’ll fuckin’ kill you.

women have done this to me…

Watch. She’ll sue him for tasting bad, and win…

This is the typical western female. Denial and gaslighting won’t fix it.

We need a few dozen more Jeffrey Dahmers…

Didn’t know what to do because vagina? What a candy-ass bitchboi… When a woman engages in violence, she’s not a woman anymore.

Equal rights, equal lefts! Crush that defective shitbag’s skull. Curb it, drag it, string it up. Use it for pinata practice.

the comments are far better than the video

I’m not embedding this video because it’s actually pretty lousy.

It’s the comments that matter.

The cause of suicide is not an unknown mystery. It is very well known and deliberately intended. Again, the perpetrators pretend not to know, pretend not to understand… Absolutely fucking evil… The society that does this deserves to bleed and burn to the ground.

Maybe God can forgive this, but I’m not God… This is what tests my faith. How can He forgive these insidious, evil people? How can I call them people?

There is no such thing as sufficient suffering for the people who do this. Another mass shooting, please! Maybe some bombs? Some poison gas at a preschool… These degenerates still haven’t learned their lesson… They do anything to stave off the consequences and perpetually deny responsibility for what they do…

It’s going to get worse… It has to. The evil comitted can’t go unanswered. Balance will be found…

What goes up must come down. Severe comeuppance is coming due…

I’ve been warning you freaks for decades… Here it comes…

Nature finds a way, and it’s usually messy and brutal…

This is why I hate cops so much. Their fundamental purpose is to guard evil from consequence, and torture for pleasure those who have been beaten down by that evil.

There are few who serve Satan better than the cops.

Keep pushin’ motherfuckers. The bill is almost due…

no deal is best deal

There’s no such thing as “hashing out a good deal” with an entity as insidious as the EU.

Thus, no deal is best deal.

17:25 – 18:46

[ridiculous woman rants stupidly saying absurd, dumb shit]

“You’re part of the problem if you’re not prepared to do the right thing because you’re a coward.”

…women as insidious as the EU. Only a sniveling coward can coexist with them. They hate a real man with standards, self-respect, and a spine. You submit to evil women, you get what you deserve.

nailed it, again

Dinesh D’Souza. Perhaps the greatest brown immigrant of all time. I’m glad he says it, because descees if me saying it, a white man who was born in the USA, have been ignored. He’s brown and from somewhere else. So, maybe the very same words coming out of his mouth will actually be heard…

Not that the category of “gun crime” is valid, but even if we go along with it, the number is tiny compared to abortion, and the extreme mass murder Government commits with it’s weapons.

Why don’t Democrats talk about any of that? Because they’re the ones doing it. Mass murder is an exclusively leftist concept. There is no such thing as an example from history where the left does not try to “progress” to democide. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it is always their objective. The left has no stopping point. They have no goal or finish line, because their stated purpose is a fanatical impossibility.

This is precisely why “gun nuts” are gun nuts. The censored history of guns teaches you this fact about leftists. Leftists always want guns for the government they control, to be used to slaughter the unarmed “those people” designated as the barrier to utopia. “If not for ‘those people’ everything would be perfect.” When “those people” are slaughtered, but utopia is still out of reach; another group is labeled as the reason for failure, the imperfect ones holding back the superior. A new “those people” is created, maligned, persecuted, prosecuted, silenced, and ultimately slaughtered. This is what the left does. The fundamentals of leftist ideology assure that no other outcome is possible. It is the most glaring and absolute fact available to be learned. Which is why the left desperately needs gun owners, those who would dare speak this truth, to be maligned, silenced, disarmed, and slaughtered.

This is why there is no such thing as moderacy. You can’t “sorta” support genocide/democide. It’s like being “kinda” pregnant. You’re either pregnant or you’re not. You either support genocide, or you don’t.

I don’t support genocide. And I will oppose, with all force available to me, anyone who does.

As in the microcosmic, so in the macrocosmic.

If you carry a gun on your person daily, you understand the concept of “stop the threat.” That is the sopping point. That is the finish line that the left don’t have.

Disagree all you want. Oppose me. Believe in anything you want. As long as you don’t threaten the Rights of others.

That’s an idea the Left necessarily rejects, because their farce of utopia requires genocide. It has no finish line because utopia is impossible, and none of the people they blame are actually at fault. It’s simply reality, and leftists reject reality. There’s always someone else they need to blame/kill.

“weapons of war”

Democrats: “Just keep lying. Never stop lying.”

He’s partly right… We don’t need AR-15s and AK-47s anymore. They aren’t good enough. With so-called “people” like Beta O’Dork around, we need something waayyy better.

It needs to be belt-fed, and at least .30cal.

Democrats want death to all who disagree with their communist agenda. They want government to do it for them. That’s why democide is never included in their “gun violence” statistics. Killing tens of millions of “those people” is perfectly acceptable.

This has always been the Democrats’ plan. Thus where leftists always go. Gun owners know this through study of the history of guns. It’s why gun owners must be slandered, silenced, and killed first. It has already begun…

As long as democidal maniacs like Beta O’Dork exist, we need guns. He is the reason the 2nd Amendment exists.

Magical Powers!

“We need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

As with most brainless boomertards, Greg Abbot doesn’t comprehend the realities of 2019.

Manufacturing has exploded into garages everywhere. What required $250,000 and a 5000sqft industrial building in 1990, can now be done better for $10,000 in your garage.

There is no such thing as “keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” It’s not a thing. No mortal being has this absurd magical power. It’s a ridiculous fantasy entertained only by the exceptionally stupid.

You’d have better luck regulating farts! You can’t do it!

The only workable option is to grow the fuck up and carry a gun of your own to protect yourself.

You will never control access to guns. It was a dumb idea in 1980, it’s utterly ludicrous today.

Supporting gun control is nothing more than a declaration of “I’m a giant fucking idiot who has zero contact with reality.”

Never in the history of the world has it been easier for any Joe Blow to make a few dozen guns a day in his garage. And even more importantly, the easiest guns to make are zip guns and sub-machine guns. If you’re so goddamned stupid that you can’t figure this out, you deserve to get shot by someone who has snapped; you’re a contributor to why they snap! You deserve it! Karma’s a bitch, fuck you.

“But muh feelz! It’s so terrible and scary! How dare you say these mean things to me, you poopie head!”

Yeah, you’re right! And it’s gonna get worse if you keep playing the stupid shit you’re playing! Being dumber than a box of hammers is not an option anymore. Get your head out of your ass and grow up.

Gun making has already become a massive cottage industry. Eventually the criminals will figure it out, and realize that sub-machine guns and zip guns are the best options. You can make them from garbage found laying at the side of the road!

Not only has Pandora’s Box been opened, there’s no box left. You can’t put it back even if you’re absurd enough to try. There no box left to put it back into!

All you idiots who’ve never had a real job, never welded, never run a CnC machine, don’t even own a bench grinder or a cordless drill… YOU are the reason these shootings happen. You support stupid policies that make it worse, not better, because you don’t understand reality. You have no clue how easy it has become to create anything, because you’ve never created anything. You’ve never done anything of legitimate value in your lives. You work useless welfare jobs that keep you insulated from reality. So, you have no idea how dumb these “keep guns out of the wrong hands” proposals are.

Gun control was always an evil idea that advantaged criminals while hurting good people.

Now, it’s not just evil, it’s plain stupid.

The bad guys aren’t going to set up clandestine shops to manufacture obnoxiously complicated AR-15s. They might find 80% convenient for now, but when you ban 80% and private transfers, they’ll soon discover that it’s actually easier to build zip guns and sub-machine guns from scratch. They won’t be ordering anything online. You won’t have any billing info to trace. They’ll make it all from scratch. They’re going to build zip guns and sub-machine guns because they’re simple, easy, and reliable. These guns are also resilient to ammo supply. You jackoffs will try to regulate/ban ammo, and while of lesser quality, one can make that in a clandestine fashion, too. Maybe it’s not the fanciest, but it’ll get you idiots dead just fine.

You’re just too fucking stupid to be making these decisions, but you dumb motherfuckers want to do it anyway…

OMG, right wing!

I’m no more or less “right” than I’ve ever been. But, now that I have so little left to lose, the words come easier…

You’ve already stripped me of my rights, my property, my privacy, any option to petition for redress from those who did this to me, and my humanity…

What do you think happens next? I fade away quietly? Lols!


So-called “hate crimes” comitted by blacks against whites are rarely categorized as such. But even with massive cheating to fake the numbers, they still lead the pack thanks to Democrat entitlement rhetoric and conditioning their pet blacks to ideologies guaranteed to make them fail, become frustrated and violent, and blame whitey for shit whitey didn’t do.

no clear motive?

Bullshit! Motherfucking BULLSHIT!

You beat him down, you beat him down, you beat him down some more. You strip him of all hope for the future, tell him it’s all his own fault for being born a man every waking moment of his life. You kick him out of the worthless shit job that just barely kept him alive and trying for another day…

He’s been pushed almost to this point once before…

You motherfuckers finally broke him, and you act surprised, pretend you didn’t do this to him, act like you have no idea what the motive is…

Fuck you! You deserve this, and worse. You’ve socially engineered these circumstances for decades. You worked hard to create the perfect hell. Now you have it and you’re mad? Confused? Blaming the peoe you beat down until they snapped? Denying your responsibility? Writing them off as “crazy” after all the evil you’ve done to them gi Ally has the perfectly logical and predictable result you were trying to accomplish the whole time? Fuck you, you evil trash! You deserve this. You absolutely fucking deserve this. How dare you question God’s wrath. You invited it…

Kill unborn babies by the millions, and you think there won’t be a debt come due?

Nature finds a way. It’s usually messy… Kerpinshing… You bring this upon yourselves, and you absolutely fucking deserve it.

Here’s your motive, assholes: you beat him down and destroyed his life. So he destroyed some of yours. More than one… This is the best outcome his life could have; he got more if you than you got of him.

Looks like a new definition of ATFOTRAF is in effect. Lols, always has been. These concept have been written about since the beginning of time… You fuck boys/men over, they get you back for it. You engineer an entire society around heating them down and treating them like they aren’t even people… The whole society be ones the target. Shooting peoe at random, because none are innocent who support such a society.

Lying about it, saying it isn’t so, won’t fix it.

Writing it off as “crazies” won’t fix it.

Face reality. You are an evil society. You hate men for being men. You hate white for being white. When a man chooses to be decent and virtuous, you fuck him over for it. You abuse his children and use them as a weapon against him. You tell him he’s worthless every day of his life.

…but you don’t know what the motive is… You gaslighting, lying, evil pieces of shit!

Fuck you evil trash. You deserve this, and I pray God makes you bleed until those who remain get the message.

The amount of bleeding is dependent on how arrogant and stubborn you choose to be. You will not win your war against God and Nature.

Confess and repent, or it’s only going to get worse…

Herp derp..

Every party involved in the “gun conversation” tends to be an idiot. It’s a shining example of those who were born with no eyes, leading those who had their eyes put out recently…

The only topic that has even dumber people running the show is the “economy conversation.”

Gun control is outrageously stupid. Economy control is even worse…

I never had the hubris to consider myself all that smart. Mostly because legitimate intelligence is very humbling. It teaches you that no matter how much you know and understand, there’s so much more that you don’t know and understand.

Some topics have a finite amount of data with absolute truths. Others don’t… Or, at least I haven’t reached the end of them yet…

Only the truly stupid claim to know everything, because they cannot see beyond their current limits into the unknown.

However, topics such as guns and economics are actually quite simple. For a mind to contain all that there is to know ON THOSE SPECIFIC TOPICS, is really not difficult.

I find it bizarre, and hard to believe, that matters so simple are considered complex to the point of being unknowable by the average western citizen of today… How can people be so motherfucking stupid?

I’ve actually lost a lot of mental capacity due to the stress of the “Knowing effect.” Yet, I’m still wildly more intelligent than anyone I’ve heard speak on either of these topics…

Look around the world… This is a stupidity level that has rendered peoples’ of equal stupidity incapable of ever creating a functioning society to begin with. They can’t collapse because they never created anything worth a damn in the first place.

Maybe the Average IQ of westerners is 95 – 100, but those people are excommunicated. The IQ of those in charge, and those making the decisions, is about 70…

How far the mighty have fallen, because they are no longer mighty… How much further they still have to fall… And they see this as a goal for when ch to strive! Just how dumb, backwards, perverted, amoral, disgusting, and savage can they find a way to be?

I return to an old mantra… The Jerry Springer Show didn’t become unwatchable because it stopped being hilarious to watch degenerates make a spectacle of themselves. It became unwatchable because degeneracy became the norm, and there was nobody left to see anything in it. A show about normal? Who watches that? In any major population center in western society, you can look out the window and see worse than the TV censors will allow…

wow… nailed it…

Infowars is actually doing rather decent stuff lately…

I’ve got waayyy more than 15 guns, and the AR-15s are the sissiest of the bunch… Kicking me out and making me homeless due to your ignorant, hateful, lie-based agenda isn’t going to ramp it up harder, and make more of this shit happen? The answer to the ideological prejudice that is causing people to lose it, is even MORE ideological prejudice?

Woman/Soyboi logic in full effect.

These people know nothing but lies and hate, and do nothing but push harder… These shootings are a result of their hate and lies.

1) People who can’t live with it anymore. Can’t get a job. Kicked out of shitty apartment. Slandered endlessly simply for being born. Mental and emotional abused, followed by being told he deserves it for having toxic masculinity. Most of these commit suicide, not go on a shooting sprre, because they’re good people. But, whinging about “manspreading” is far more important…

2) People dumb enough to believe the hate and lies are justified. Mostly this one. Violence is almost exclusively a Democrat thing. Preach entitlement and ridiculous ideologies which will always result in failure, then blame “white men” and “whiteness” and “toxic masculinity” instead if that fact that the ideologies are batshit insane… The ideologies fail because they a dysfunctional and stupid, not because of whitey.

You’re lucky I can afford the guns I have. I have something to live for, until you take it away by force, with guns…

The ones that can barely afford a gun are what you need to worry about. They’ll buy the cheapest thing they can and go out with a bang… The Democrats. Damn near every shooter is a frustrated, hateful, entitled Democrat mad at the world for not handing everything to him on a silver platter. Ban Democrats, violent crime disappears.

Why have these shootings ramped up in places like Texas and Floriduh? They used to be Red. Now they’re Purple and Blue. The more RINOs and DemonRats you get, the more violence you get.

Leftists = death.

The ones with nothing to live for. Republitards.

The ones who falsely believe they have nothing to live for. DemonRats.

But there’s no Data, Picard, or Worf. Only a bunch of sissy, hormonal, brainless, “Alpha Male” Rikers…

No matter how many times the ugliest parts of history are repeated, the stupid want to do it again…

The hull is beginning to buckle, it can’t handle stupidity of this magnitude… The US is failing because no one with an IQ above 80 is considered worth listening to…

I’m telling you brainless fucks to drop the shields while you still have a chance, but, of course, you won’t listen and only hate me, slander me, and threaten me for my troubles… Fuck you losers. I’m not going to be on board that ship when you blow it up.

Reap what you’ve sown, shitbags.

exactly the crux of it

TFM’s analysis is about as wrong as it gets. Because he’s half right.

It’s a lot like the Huxlian/Orwellian arguments. They’re both wrong because each describes only half of the matter. Huxley/Orwell is Yin/Yang. Two halves of the whole. TFM describes only half, because it’s all he has had the opportunity to observe.

Anatomical Fundamentalism discounts intellect. We’re not merely a bunch of animals. When a society degrades so badly that this barnyard talk becomes truth, that society is doomed. Why? Because the society has become nothing but a bunch of animals. When this analysis becomes true, it is a litmus that the society has degenerated too badly to sustain itself. The superior specimens get the hell out, while the dumb animals remain in the box to kill each other off.

We see this exact same result in the Rat Utopia experiments. The smart mice keep to themselves and become “the beautiful ones.” They would have left to start anew elsewhere, but are trapped in the box. In human terms, they would be the mass shooters. Humans are too intelligent to be content simply keeping to themselves trapped in a hopeless handbasket getting ever warmer… That unavoidable awareness detects the pressure, the stimuli. It’s not an accident. Just like the Rat Utopia, it’s engineered and controlled. The smart mice could not be forcibly re-socialized, because that coercive force only exposes them to the underlying stimuli that triggered the exit response in the first place. Being completely alone is what eventually draws them back. The agenda behind the Rat Utopia is glaring when you see the one-sided meddling and one-sided interpretation in the late stages of the experiment.

It’s not about high testosterone, it’s about low intelligence. Low intelligence does not create or maintain functional societies. High intelligence detects the early stages of collapse. It begins the preparations for departure. The so-called “alpha males” are not alpha at all. They’re just dumb animals that kill each other off. And rightly so. Survival of the fittest, and from a human perspective, dumb animals are unfit.

From a simpler and different angle… If TFM’s Anatomical Fundamentalism were accurate, there wouldn’t be a demographic collapse. But, there is…

The Blue Pill argument is that men need to step up… MGTOW is helping destroy the family unit!

It takes more than just a man to have a family. Since women refuse to do their part, no amount of a man doing his part can fix that. All he can do is step into the meat grinder. The more committed a man is to fulfilling his proper role, the harder he gets screwed, and his children along with him. This argument is stupid because it fails to hold women accountable for their part. Typical gynocentric, crotch-worshippung, blue pill stupidity. Never, ever blame a woman for anything! Always blame the man! If you dare to suggest that a woman might be in the wrong, you’re a misogynist bigot! Don’t you understand? Whatever a woman says becomes the new truth! If you question it, you must be destroyed! Wait a few seconds, the slander and false accusations will start rolling in… All the soybois will join in with the dogpile of knives and fire… They have to wait for the OK from their owners… Same old shit, different failed society…

MGTOW is merely refusing to step into the meat grinder. There’s nothing a feminized pseudo-brain hates more than a man who refuses to celebrate his own enslavement to her petty, vapid whims and lies.

Their hubris is greatest when on the verge of collapse. That’s why they hate and attack the very people who made their society so great. They think they don’t need the real men anymore; high masculinity AND high intellect. Typical female hatemongering. Use, then throw away.

The men of the Atomic Age were excellent examples of exactly what made The West great, and exactly what is being targeted for destruction today. The Manliest, most Intelligent, and thereby the most Virtuous men I know of, were those working on the MSRE.

…so, we’re thrown out, or killed…

When delicate, bloviating pseudo-men like Donald Trump are considered manly, it shows you how far we have fallen…

What happens when you push the superior specimens to the point of withdrawal, but forbid them to withdraw? When there is nowhere left to retreat, no escape, and you keep advancing on the cornered animal? Fight or Flight, and you keep eliminating every option for Flight… You keep closing the walls in tighter and tighter… One by one, they lash out. You condemn them to a fate worse than death, so they choose to die on their own terms, and take a bunch of you with them… Then you call them crazy and pretend yourselves innocent… Anything but take responsibility for your actions. Always lying. Always ramping up harder the very pressure that causes it.

“More power to tyrannical government!”

The thing you think is going to “keep you safe” is exactly the thing that is destroying you, you fucking morons!

“Transfer WARP power to tyrannical government freaks! Give up ALL the Human Rights! Everything!”

Fortunately, there were no Democrats, RINOs, or Normies on the bridge of the Enterprise that day. If so, they would have blown themselves up just like the ship they were investigating.

The United States is destroying itself with exactly the same failure to observe the obvious.

US voters, unfortunately, are far too stupid to trust the manly and intelligent, so they assure their own destruction. Too stupid to trust the lone voice of reason in the 99th percentile… Mob rule, the ever sagging center of the bell curve bellows it’s stupidity the loudest, so that’s what we’ll go with…

History shows this same pattern over and over again, but a society reduced to hormonal animals never learns… Go ahead. Discuss harmonic amplification with a cat. It’ll get bored and lick it’s own ass. Just like a woman saying “you’re boring” because she’s far too stupid to see what’s going on right in front of her… You better not question her, you worthless white male! You’ve got toxic masculinity! To the gallows!

There is no LtCmdr Data. Even if there were, no one will listen to him. It’s not going to be different this time. It won’t end well. There won’t be a happily ever after. It’s going down just like every other wad of fucking idiots who can’t think beyond their crotch throughout history.

“Lulz, MSREs are dumb! Te he! Buy my bath water to prove you’re a real man!”

If you want X to stop, then you should stop doing everything in your power to cause X! Lying about by saying “I’m not doing anything to cause this!” Will not fix this. I’m even willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you genuinely mean it because you’re waayyy too motherfucking stupid to realize you’re causing it. But you’re arrogant as all fuck, and prefer to start with the insults and flat dismissive “You’re ridiculous! You’re crazy!” No, bitch, you’re ridiculous for doing the very thnling that causes X, while simultaneously lying about it and/or being too stupid to realize you’re doing it!

The person who understands that matter in excruciating detail is “stupid.” The person who can’t even form a rational thought is “smart.”

This is The West of today…

CRS, FATCA… There’s no way out of the box. There is no escape from feminized communist empire. And, typical of anything feminized, it never questions itself, and kills anyone who dares to question it… There are no good choices. There is no path left which doesn’t lead to the ultimate stupidity. Even when a marvel like Cryptocurrency is created as a new path when all others were cut off, they destroy that, too…

Evil crotch-woshipping feminist government is exactly what every society for time immemorial has warned us about. Even religions that hate each other, agree on this one topic; never let women have power or control of ANYTHING. If you do, nothing but destruction, chaos, misery, and death will follow.

Not matter what tragedies happen, no one ever calls for “object bans” unless that tragedy involves a gun. Why is that?

If the most popular rock is a purple rock, and someone decides to throw a rock through a window, it’ll probably be a purple rock… Ban the purple rocks? Call purple rocks “assault rocks” to make them sound somehow worse than other rocks? Secretly create a law to ban all rocks, while claiming it’s just “those” rocks.

Or maybe ban throwing rocks through windows?

People choosing to be helpless invites predators, it doesn’t prevent them. That’s why gun control makes violence worse, not better. Gun control has been increasing, so has violent crime… To make matters worse, media makes them famous, so it encourages more…

If you give up rights to get safety, you’ll end up with neither. This is why democide isn’t included in gun-control statistics: it would make the truth obvious.

Right. If a “bad guy” kills a dozen helpless idiots who refuse to protect themselves or their own children, that’s bad. But, when government kills hundreds of millions for wrongthink, that’s good…

The problems of “too much freedom” can be easilly mitigated by the people possessed of those freedoms choosing to embrace the responsibilities that come with them. But, in our all-crotch, no-brains society where nobody takes responsibility for themselves, that doesn’t happen. So they call out to be enslaved. They trade the dollars for dimes…

Democide on a scale not yet witnessed by history is what these evil retards are asking for. They will pass more infringements. The violence will get worse. If only “those people” didn’t exist…

Into our town The Hangman came, smelling of Gold and Blood and Flame…

As long as it’s “those people,” mass graves filled with “those people” are considered a good thing. It’s not mass murder. It’s not included in the statistics.

…the cops and military are foaming at the mouth to kill “those people.”

Doing everything they possibly can to socially engineer the perfect environment to create these events… Then ramp up the pressures that cause them as a “solution.” Only the extremely dumb can’t see what’s happening… Sadly, the overwhelming majority of the US population is extremely dumb… The beg for The Hangman because personal responsibility has not only been made socially uncool, but stigmatized.