Shipment Delays

The USPS has screwed up their online system for printing shipping labels. We were promised a solution by two days ago, and it never happened. Shipments may go out by 1st Class Mail instead, simply because Priority Mail won’t ship at all due to this now-perpetual screw up.

There were some medical delays in the shipping department, but since they were eclipsed by this ongoing screw up at the USPS, it’s like that never happend. The only issue having actual impact on delays is the USPS itself.

Need Some Help…

My Step Dad is a Veteran of WWII and a Marine. He’s got a few Purple Hearts to go with it.

He’s dropped some hints about wanting one of the paracord things I’ve been playing with, but I wanted to make him something special to go along with what I just mentioned above. Any ideas what colors/patterns would suit? I’ve been looking around at other paracord stuff and I’m not impressed. Maybe paracord just can’t reach what I want it to… His birthday is coming up soon, input appreciated.


Parkerizing FBAs as we speak.

Some emergency medical issues in the shipping department. There will be delays in shipping, but boxes are still moving. Just not as fast as usual. Returns delayed as well, I’m not ignoring you.

Still using the same Parkerizing fluid I started with. Shooter Solutions is awesome. After over 150 muzzle brakes, it still fizzes like Mentos in Pepsi. I have to be careful when I dunk more than 5 at a time or there might be a mess. Amazing stuff! If you feel like Parkerizing something, I can’t recommend Shooter Solutions enough.

More mail tampering…

I’ve got a tablet in transit.

Tracking number shows it arrived in Georgia, tomorrow.

Let me be clearer. The tracking number shows that the package has arrived at a date and time that has not yet occurred.

“Arrived at FedEx location ELLENWOOD, GA – SEPT 24th 2:27AM”

Same Time Zone as destination…

It is currently Sept 23rd, 11:04pm

This little temporal anomaly happens with every tampered package, among other things only a complete moron would fail to notice.


I wonder what’s being installed on it, and how easilly I’ll get rid of it.

Nice try, guvtrash.

Mmmm… Brains…



The extortion and abuse of ICE and Oil are finally coming to an end. At least for me. Unto the masochistic stupid, their own choices…

Zero will, supposedly, be announcing the 2015 models Oct 1. Waiting for news on those. The Tesla Model S is just too much of a gawdy pavement princess for me. I just can’t justify paying that much money for a prissy, turd of a car. Maybe the Model 3. I’m not going to pay useful vehicle prices for a prissy turd.

Tesla’s Superchargers are a major temptation. But, again, access comes at the price of driving a prissy turd. Just can’t do it.

But, with a pair of those MeanWell DC power supplies, every Type 2 J1772 and RV/Dryer outlet in the world becomes a Supercharger for the Zero S.

I’m not expecting big changes for the 2015 Zero. But, maybe just enough that I should hold off for it… The 2014’s built-in charger is an absolute lolwut. Leaky, self-destructing tank compartment. Shock and bearing drama. Come on October! This stuff shouldn’t be hard to fix. Oh, and another color would be nice… Blue or Green, maybe?

Oh, and The Walking Dead will be back. I find the show to be an excellent satire of Sane People trying to survive the Democrat onslaught. Mmmm, smartphone, DLNA, ╬╝Torrent, BigAssTV…

Defective Perspective

It’s not the panicked whine of “What am I gonna do now!?”

It’s “What am I gonna do next? How can I visit contempt upon evil (government) and expose it’s insidious intent (slavery and genocide a.k.a. liberalism)? It’s not about how far will I go, but how do I become man enough to go as far as is necessarry. My next task is always too big to handle, how do I grow myself to it’s challenge? How do I pull off the impossible? Again. Still. This time. Next.”

Good news? Maybe? Dare I?

Been getting some Parkerizing done with some fluid obtained from a new supplier. I’m intentionally doing small batches and deliberately taking time in between.

So far; best Parkerized finish I’ve ever seen.

All I did was switch to a new supplier. Everything else is the same. So, to everyone who says I’m stupid and incompetent; suck it. I was being sold junk.

To those who tried to help me sort it out; I appreciate it, but, the problem wasn’t me or any detail of my process. All I really needed was more confidence in my experience instead of letting a supplier insult me and listen to it. I figured “he’s the expert,” right? Wrong.

There is, of course, the chance that the material was tampered with while in transit. Everything I buy via mail-order is tampered with by guvtrash these days. But, this kind of packaging is hard to mess with, so, I doubt it could be done without me noticing. If this is indeed the case, I’ll see a decline in quality after a few re-orders as the guvtraitors tamper with the new soure’s product in transit, again.

My main concern is Winter supply… WA State; how does one keep the fluid from getting way too damn cold and self-destructing in shipping during times of such very low temperature?

Shooter Solutions – Wish I would have switched to them sooner, good stuff!

…so far…

I’m a Misogynist Bastard – Part 1

Actually, my parents were married long before my conception.

Speaking the truth is always maligned in modern liberal society. Anything that speaks truth against their agendas has a name; racism, bigotry, misogyny, outdated, ageism, sexism, stupidy, etc. Any time truth opposes the liberal agenda, they have a name to call it.

[Name calling is, fundamentally, admitting that you know you are wrong and have no argument to present; if you had one, you would use it. It should be noted that there is a difference between identifying stupidity, and calling someone stupid. Some people are stupid. It’s just a fact. It’s not an insult. It’s not ‘name calling.’ It’s just a thing that’s true. Some people are fuckin’ stupid.]

Let me be clear: I find it sad. So many cultures of the world where women are treated like trash, struggling to be more. Then the women who live in supposedly “better places” choose to throw it all away and deliberately stoop to being trash! I do not believe, for one second, that women are inherently inferior to men. They choose and insist upon being inferior, and it’s sad and revolting. Even worse, pathetic, weak men led around by their dicks with no brains at all, follow them downwards into this shitty hole.

I realized the final few pieces of a puzzle I’ve been building for over a decade. It came while studying Falconry. Since these final pieces have recently been exposed, my full breadth of thoughts on the light they shed are still congealing. My thoughts on the topic are subject to change as I discover facts that change my beliefs. Did you see that? My beliefs change based on the facts I find. That alone makes me an outcast in any human society because humans push their hatred and agendas instead of adjust to reality and live and let live. But, I digress, as usual…

Raptors and Human Females are just about the same. Except Raptors are at least useful. Their behaviors, mortality rates, attitudes, and even the reasons for it all, are almost identical.

I’m covering only one aspect today. It actually branches into other things. Like all of reality, it’s a spiderweb and can’t be oversimplified like the average brain-dead human pretends the world to be… So it’s going to be a lot of thinking and writing that I’m sure very few, it any, dirty damn humans will give a shit about. They’re animals; they don’t, and can’t, care about that which they do not understand, refuse to understand, and don’t want to know becasue it would require them to step up and be something more than, literally, dirty fucking animals. Humans never want to step up, least of all, female humans.

Raptors do not form affectionate relationships with their hunting partners, the humans. They hang around for their own interests and their own interests only. The raptor is just barely smart enough to realize that life with the human hunting assistant is much safer, more reliable, and more productive than without the human. This is what the ‘training’ is; simply demonstrating to the bird that it’s better off with you than without you. It has no loyalty and is 100% selfish. It’s an animal, that’s how it is. If the Raptor believes, even falseley, that it can get more elsewhere, it leaves. It’s not a smart bird, so you have to keep it convinced that it’s better off with you in very simple ways that it can understand. If it learns something that is untrue, and bases it’s decisions on that stupidity, there’s nothing you can do. It’s going to leave. Exactly like a female human! Much like a woman, Raptors do not understand the better life, medicine, and unheard-of lifespan available to them as a result of what the human hunting partner can provide. All they understand is their hunting/eating instinct, and if the human increases the utility of it, or not. You teach them not to fear you, then you teach them to join you. Harris Hawks are a bit of an exception, and it would be an unforgiveable insult to the bird to compare it to a human female.

Human Females are exactly the same, but their game is a little more complicated. They won’t catch rabbits for you. Instead, they fake “love” and use empty genstures of fake affection, up to and including sex, to make a man “feel” like there is more going on than simple animal instincts and hormones. There isn’t. Love is an idea that exists in the brain of a man, and nowhere else except maybe dogs. Women use it. Women are dirty animals and that’s it. There really is nothing else to know. If you can understand how to train dogs and birds, you can have any woman you want begging to hump you inside of 40 minutes. They really are that simple. They “give” something of no actual value, which does not actually exist! It’s an act and an illusion. They have no loyalty, no class, no integrity, and the shittiest me me me attitudes of any living thing thus far discovered by man. Women see infidelity as a rite of passage. If they’re not sleeping around with every dick they can find (doesn’t even have to be human), while abusing the one they’ve got fooled, they don’t consider themselves to have fulfilled their womanhood. Their higher intellect is used, on the occasion that it is used, exclusively for behaving worse than an animal, for being as abusive and manipulative as possible. At least the birds will help put meat on the table. Women expect to be “taken care of” and/or “supported.” For what? It is genetics alone that allows them to just barely qualify as people! They bring nothing to the table! If I wanted to fuck a goat, I would! But I don’t want to fuck. And I sure don’t want to fuck a damn animal! Women are worse than this because they play on emotions to get a free ride, and have no emotions of their own. Women are not, absolutely NOT emotional creatures. They fake them and manipulate them in others. They are instinctual and hormonal because society encourages them to subdue their human traits, dispose of their higher intellect, and indulge in being as depraved and disgusting as possible. Even their own children me nothing more to them than an alimony/welfare check. Why would any self-respecting man tolerate this? He wouldn’t. That’s why the losers get “the action” and real men are loners. Real Men are completely unappealing to a woman, because a Real Man lives to a higher standard than putting up with abuse to get pussy. A Real Man is not interested in that shit. He can’t be manipulated with sex because he wants more than that. He’s not a damn dirty animal and won’t be treated like one. He doesn’t “support” her because he knows it’s nothing but glorified prostitution. Call it tradition. Get your hormones involved in pretending you’re “a good man” for being her sucker. Real Men can’t kid themselves about that even if they want to.

This is just part one. Comparing one single aspect of how Raptors and Human Females are similar. I intend to explore this further.

I blame the rap, so-called “music.”