no such thing as too much John Ward

Typical woman…

Abusive Husband = ring had a diamond small enough that she could still lift her arm while wearing it.

While it’s not uncommon for married women to hit on me while still wearing their rings. But, the few that actually use it as a non-sequiter pick-up line; “Look at this pathitic thing, it’s as small as his dick!”

Not that I’m much to look at anymore. It would be pointless to try bragging about it. Women are just sluts that try to fuck everything that moves. Most men can tell these stories…

Women get off on betrayal.

government always supports the criminals…

Government, criminals, a distinction without a difference…

They’re not ‘on the same side,’ they are the same entity.

Squatter’s Rights and Adverse Possession are a fairly routine thing. Been this way for nearly a century. Property owners have no rights.

There’s nothing particularly new about this. It’s handled dozens of times a day.

The only difference is right in front of your eyes, but never mentioned.

These landlords are female.

Plenty of male landlords are thrown in prison simply for reporting squatters to the police.

Adverse Possession was designed to assure that an error in land layout or surveying can’t result in a chance of possession many years later. Now, it’s been converted into Squatters’ Rights by Communist Judges. The cops are willing Myrmidons, attacking whoever they’re told with no concern. It’s SOP to rob land owners of their property, and throw them in prison. Usually, the judges help tie it up long enough that the adverse possession kicks in and the property is transferred to the Squatters’ names.

Just more backdoor Communism. So glad you finally noticed what’s been going on for nearly 100 years. Suddenly it’s bad now that it happens to women…

it made the news this time…

In the various and growing no-go zones a ride Europe, completely taken over by Muslims, this happens daily. But, it doesn’t get reported.

This one was impossible to cover up.

Frankly, I don’t care. Women voted, overwhelmingly, to make this happen. Let them reap it. If a woman hacked a man to pieces, all that would be said is “he probably deserved it.”

So, fuck you, too. She probably deserved it.

Islam is right about women. Hacking them to pieces in the street is probably the only way to get the leftovers to behave like sane, decent human beings… Kinda like cops and niggers… I guess it goes for any beast that deliberately purges it’s humanity and seeks every day to plumb news depths of degeneracy…

You reap what you sow. Far be it from me to intervene against God’s wrath… You filth deserve this and more.

herp derp

At least you can use Manjaro while you customize it. Arch, not so much. I like the minimal install because I am forced to learn stuff instead of being lazy and clueless.

I started on Gentoo back in 2002/2003. If you want bragging rights, do that. Arch is downright easy/holds your hand compared to Gentoo.

I just installed a new ArchLinux laptop. There are plenty of dependencies that don’t pull. Some not even documented. You can find people on the forum having the same issue being told to RTFM, and it’s hugely satisfying to reply to the a-holes saying “TFM is broken. Fix it with […]”

You only learn that on Gentoo…

Aw, man you have no idea the size of my epeen now… “I switched to Arch because it’s so easy and reliable.”

Manjaro: [exists to taunt me]

I rather like Manjaro XFCE. But, I wanted to fool with unconventional encryption.

8 out of 10 times you’re looking for an oops on your Linuxes, you apply the Google’s it the duckduckgos and, yup, it’s arch wiki… In spite of the occasional documentation oops, at least they try. A lot. By far, the best documented distro alive today.

Manjaro double-buffers you against the Arch rolling release cycle… Also nice, but part of the reason my “burned out on Gentoo and derped on xubuntu for years” has finally ended, is because I can’t stand being so damned out if date all the time… Xubuntu, behind by years… Not rolling release…

I really like ArchLinux ARM on all my embedded ARM (pi) stuff. Why use a bunch of different distris. Ok, lame excuse. Manjaro is basically Arch…

Maybe I’ll give up and end up on Manjaro [shrug]. For now, I’m finding Arch to be a massively improved Gentoo experience. I’m trying not to be lazy. Arch doesn’t make me work anywhere near as hard as Gentoo, but everything I liked about Gentio is still there.

Plus, AUR… And, again, Manjaro handles that elegantly. Too elegantly…

Meh, I’ll live with it for a few weeks/months, see if I hate it.

bump stocks are not machine guns

Bump Stocks are not Machine Guns.

This is demonstrable. As in, I can prove it right in front of your face.

herp derp…

If you insist on being this clueless, you deserve what you get. The Cucks and Soy Boys will ask why no man defended her… Whatever. I’d have watched and laughed. She got far less than she deserved. Dumb, arrogant, fat bitches need to get learned.


Why do they always report in buzzwords, but not facts?

If someone were carrying around a (seni-automatuc) rifle, it would have been noticed. There would have been screaming and running before any shots were fired.

It’s amazing that it even made the news. Black people shoot each other all the time.

The only reason it’s being reported, is to get the scary buzzwords out again. Which is why all they’re giving us is buzzwords…

The most puzzling question that no one is asking; how did this fool manage to make only 2 fatal shots? Given the description of circumstances, even with a cop standing right next to me ready to shoot me, I could have done better than that… How do manage to suck this bad? It’s an inhuman level of sucking at it… It’s almost as if the whole thing was a half-hearted setup by someone who deliberately took bad shots… Just doing it for the money promised to someone left behind after he’s dead/locked up.

If I strolled into a crowd with my RFB and started shooting, even if every person there was an armed cop itching to respond, I’d get more than two before anyone cleared leather.

It’s the same pattern every time. I put myself in the shooter’s shoes to analyze the story, and it NEVER adds up.

Let’s say I’ve got 90rds. 9x 10rd mags, not even 3x 30rd mags. Makes no real difference. I’ve made up my mind to go out with a bang. No law matters. I have no intention of seeing another sunrise. I have no demands. All that matters is body coilunt before I go down.

I have a huge crowd of targets at my disposal. Drunk. High. Loud music. Nobody’s really paying attention.

I don’t understand how that scenario plays out with less than 70 dead.

Yet it’s never anywhere close.

I’m just not buying it.

I can put lead on CoM out to 25yds with my RFB, several targets per second. No sights! 20rd mags, maybe I have 4 or 5 mags. It’s an absolute slaughter! Let’s say I’m drunk, too. Which is pretty extreme since i don’t drink alcohol and have never been drunk. Not even knowing how to deal with that impairment, I have a logical understanding of it and what to expect. I’d still get at least 30 in under a minute.

How do these mass shooters manage to suck so spectacularly bad? I just don’t believe it. I can’t believe it. It makes no fucking sense. Cops let these rampages go on for 15 to 45 minutes, on average. I choose the crowd so it’s a bunch of idiot Democrats and I know they never have a gun to fight back.. It’s fish in a barrel. I can’t even carry enough ammo to maximize body count…

Yet I’m supposed to believe these shitclowns can’t get the job done?

It’s fucking stupid. I don’t believe it.

If it really is true, the human race has degenerated so badly that it desperately needs purging. Let it continue. Take the warning labels off of everything and stand back… Let these unevolved losers make a self-solving problem out of themselves.

it’s not a price worth paying…

…it’s a debt owed.

I know I posted the BitChute already…

The insidious betrayal can’t be paid for in dollars. How many pounds of flesh is it? Gold bars?

Violence is a repossession of debt, not a price paid. It is a debt owed for unfathomable, unforgivable transgression. It is a debt owed, and it WILL be extracted.

It’s as sure as gravity. It will happen. It has to happen.


Women overwhelmingly support this shit. In fact, so much so, that it would not even exist without females pushing it.

If a man did this to his son, imagine the outrage… Sexual predator, abusive parent, etc. He would never see the sky again, and be buried under a newly built prison exclusively for the purse of having a place to bury him under.

A woman does it, she’s exhalted as “stunning and brave!” It’s not sickness, it’s her gloruios birthright and duty.

Anyone speaks against it, you’re fired from your job, bank accounts shut down, spit on in public (as long as there are witnesses to keep it from getting worse than that), government will prosecute for “hate crime,” kicked out of your home, etc…

It’s not a right, it’s a sickness…


Just another example of The West’s inflated self-image resulting in the trigger signal to The East.

The East has been set up to win, but until recently they were afraid if winning. Now, they have to win or die. They have no choice but to put decades of preparing, but they didn’t know what for or what to do with it, into action.

Now, they can’t hold back even if they try. They’re being forced to win. By the bloviating gerriatric 400lb gorilla who still imagines himself a big deal… Who will be slaughtered, brutally, by the Eastern monster he himself created…

Idiots… The East didn’t really have any master plan. It’s the West’s own stupidity that made it all come together…

RISC-V can’t get here fast enough, but I’ll have to buy it from China because nobody else will have enough industry left to make chips…

Cloud = total government control of everything.

No thanks.

But, will it becomes a forced inevitability once everyone but China has slit their own throats with the blades of stupidity and hubris? China’s not exactly a bastion of Rights and Freedoms. In that regard, China and the USA are a distinction without a difference, so maybe it’s moot…

Then along comes Quantum and fucks it all square in the butt…

At this point, what difference does it make?

Purism is already showing a revolt against this among those with an IQ above 70. But, how many such people exist? Being fumb as shit and proud of it has gained exponentially in popularity in my lifetime, and is continuing to accelerate, not dliw down… When change happens so rapidly that it’s done before the slow-minded even notice, there’s no opportunity for revolt. It’s already done before the idiots even notice…


One point of analytical failure is in “offloading compute-heavy tasks” while also pointing out the absurd compute-capabilities that fit in the palm of your hand. Why offload?

Why does Facebook exist? Laziness and narcissism. That’s why. Just like The Rat Utopia, it isn’t driven by any legitimate need. The same shall it be with the colisdion of X86, RISC-V and Quantum. It’s a high-speed demolition derby the outcome of which cannot possibly be predicted.

All I’m certain if is that the axiom that there are only two unlimited resources on Earth will play a more pivotal role than it has so far in human history…

there is very little “tech” in “big tech”

It’s always confused me why the silicon valley giants were labeled “big tech.” They barely fumble with any real technology… Primarily, they are a bigass database with a network cable. That’s pretty much it. This shit existed in the 60s. It’s not new or complicated.

It’s what they’re using it to do that is new, and that involves no technology at all.

We can thank Google for two things, both of which are tiny to the point of being almost non-existent compared to their propaganda and social engineering units.


Some people like to talk about Elon Musk and Tesla. He’s done pretty much nothing. Detroit set him up to win. All that was needed was someone sufficiently unscrupulous to step into the role, and he fit the bill. Electric is inherently superior, by leaps and bounds, to combustion. Vastly, wildly… So much so, that there’s no way to make money off of it unless you deliberately engineer stupidity into it. And even that is hard to do because electric just inherently wants to work well and last forever. All Musk did was leverage the fact that most Westerners are stupid and don’t understand this. The age of Engineering is long past. The age of Crotch Nazis is upon us. Simple common sense is treated like unknowable, forbidden voodoo. An IQ above 70 is a thing to be feared and hated…

I’m not sure electric cars are sustainable as an industrial product. It’s just too damn hard to impose a lightbulb conspiracy with them. How do you get people to come back and buy a new car every few years, when the 50 year old car still works just as well as the day you bought it, and you’ve never had to fix it?