The left have gone communist. The right have gone collaborator.

Trump, and Republitards in general, have betrayed their base and we won’t vote for them anymore. They have no choice but to cater to communists for votes, because the rest of us won’t vote for them anymore. Stabbed us in the back, then pretended “this is the trend.” You fucks caused the trend by bertaying the people who voted for you. The Democrats do the bidding of the extreme left. The Republicans do the bidding of the extreme left.

I told you this was coming since I was a kid, but you told me a was a tinfoil hat weirdo. Here we are, I was right about everything…

Republicans help spread the lies the Democrats tell, I stead of debunking them and presenting Facts and Truth. The Bump Stock ban is the perfect example. Lied about what bump stocks do. Lied about how bump stocks work. Lied about what bump stocks are. Republicans rammed it through based on blatant lies from the long-corrupt ATF. No due process. Just lie to make an existing law apply, that way you don’t have to pass a new one or ammend anything. Just lie and slander all who speak the truth until you get your way.

Asking the ATF for guidance on firearms is like asking the KKK for guidance on racial tolerance… They’ve even admitted that they lied, and have no authority to do what they did. But, it’s too late, what’s done is done, no recourse. Facts don’t matter. There is no forum to present them. The precedent is set, the Government can simply lie about the facts of a circumstance to make it into a crime.

Your shirt is Cocaine. Nevermind that this is a lie. Doesn’t matter. You are in possession of contraband, off to prison you go. Your shirt is taken as evidence, put in a bag and labeled “Cocaine.” Shown to the judge. You’re guilty.

This is what happens when you elect a bloviating, clueless Boomer. He speaks in feelings, hormones, and generalities that don’t actually mean snything. Never facts or specifics. He can’t. Thus is the language of someone who doesn’t know shit about shit. Typical brainless Boomer. Operating in feelings and lies. He knows you’re even dumber and will fall for it…

The black market for sub-machine guns is about to explode. Blood will increase. Even more stacks of dead people. Just what the Democrats want… They depend on outrage to get votes, so they always create policies to cause more carnage. Nothing is more outrageous than stacks of dead babies… Bring in the ruthless foreign gangs and violent perverts, then blame everyone else. Take the guns away from the good people, give black-market sub-machine guns to the violent criminals and invaders… Of course it’s a horrible idea; that’s why they’re doing it!

You dumb cunts that complain about the “assault weapon” lie are contributing to it, and you know it. You want the US destroyed. Where will your money come from when all the productive, intelligent people are dead/gone? Communist trash… Fuck off and die.

The United States is already a hopeless shithole country. The debt and entitlement spending are already guaranteed to collapse the economy. It’s past the event horizon. Absolutely NOTHING can turn it back now. The only thing that makes the social persecution tolerable are the few tattered shreds of the 2nd Amendment which remain. Failing that, pretty much any 2nd or 3rd world country is a huge improvement. If the official law is “no more guns,” that puts it on a level field with most other shithole countries gun-wise. Which means we measure by other standards. Which means the US is one of the worst countries on Earth. There are only a handful of countries worse than the US when it comes to social decay and government corruption.

communist thugs…

…belong in North Korea, not the US.

No pity for dead cops. They deserve it… Such bold and willing pawns of the seditious judiciary… When government thugs get this uppity, it’s too late… There’s only one way to deal with evil so bold.

Look how overconfident these idiots are. So focused on being perverted tyrants, they have zero situational awareness. The trash do this every time. A big ol’ mob of ’em surrounding one guy. How many are at 200yds+? And no matter how many times this happens, they double-down on being stupid instead of learning! A handful of poirly-trained, clueless nobodies could take out dozens of these communist tyrants without even trying. They’re so arrogant and bold… And better yet, no decent cop would do this, so anyone with such a plan never has to worry about shooting a “good” cop, because a “good” cop wouldn’t be there! It’s an activity that only dirty trash pigs participate in…

It’s a traitors only club. Self-segregating targets with no clue what’s going on, motionless, hormones fully engaged, brains entirely missing… Shooting fish in a barrel would actually be a step up in challenge…

I don’t like it. I wish they’d learn their place instead… They are grossly outnumbered, outskilled, out gunned… Yet they puff up their chests like they’re invincible… They’re so used to simply mobbing a solo doofus, usually drunk, high, and stupid. So much confirmation bias. Even then, they struggle most of the time… It’s going to be an absolute slaughter when these communists make their move… They seem to want it because they believe they can’t lose, but they couldn’t be more wrong… The idea that it’s futile to resist communist tyrants will be shattered hilariously. These shitclowns have no idea the fight they’re picking.

are you fucking surprised?

If voting mattered, it would be illegal…

The only votes that get counted, are the votes dispensed from the rooftop… Which is why “they” want to eliminate the means of dispensing those votes.

Gun Control is absolutely Satanic.

History proves out that Rights and Liberties are lost to slow creep, but only restored in big, bloody chunks… There’s no such thing as the government that suddenly decided to stop being evil.

If you haven’t the stomach for it, you’ve already lost. Clearly, the citizens of the US haven’t the stomach for it. Not even close… There’s not going to be a second civil war. All a bunch of brainless pussies.

The Constitution is only as good as those willing to defend it.

No one is willing to defend it.

it’s an IQ test

You failed.

These stupid people are why the US is collapsing.

Listen to the clueless drivel they mouth-poop into a microphone, on camera… Such spectacular dumbness.

Somehow, these people have jobs. These people vote.

Normies are brainless garbage. Totally oblivious. Unable to form coherent thoughts. Heads jammed up their crotches for so long they are unable to process subject matter that isn’t crotch.

Wait, so what you’re saying is that there’s no way anything can endure women running rampant? If you want something to last, you have to keep women in their place? It is kind of a recognizable pattern. Nothing that lets women run amok exists for very long, and we read about it’s catastrophic demise… Everything that’s existed for over 500 years has rules keeping women under control… Everything that eliminates those rules almost instantly implodes… Just like gun control being evil (because it’s a female idea), it’s one of few absolute truths…

I remember back when trolling required creative thinking. Now all one has to do is speak the truth and commies, and the brainless normies that support them, come unhinged. Black is white. Up is down. Short is long. Denying this reality inversion is blasphemy against Guvjina!

democracy is the gateway to communism

No Cheers for Democracy

Democracy is the gateway to Communism.

Which is why the United States was founded as a Republic with limited Democratic governance.

The more idiots have been allowed access to the Vote, the more Communism they have voted for.

A Republic, if you can keep it…

It’s been a loonnngggg damn time since the United States even remotely resembled the Republic it was founded as, and it has destroyed itself with the slow rot from Republic to Democracy to Socialism and now the final stupidity of Communism.

“Regulation” is the seizure of the means of production. US Communism actually takes it a step further, and seizes access to the production. Not only does the government control all productive apparatus to the extreme that they function as State-owned entities, but it simultaneously forbids access to the products being produced on a case-by-case basis, dependent on adherence to The Party’s agenda.

You’re worried about China’s Social Credit system? The US version is waayyy ahead of China! China is playing catch-up!

“You can’t function in society without a bank account, but you’ve comitted wrongthink, so you are forbidden a bank account.”

The same applies to food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, etc…

Everything you need to survive is not merely owned by the state, but handed out only to those the State seems good enough. Disagree with the State, you’re not good enough.

Everything is controlled by the State. The “corporation” is a wholy-owned subsidiary of the government, regulated so heavily that it is a “private entity” only in the minds of the exceedingly stupid. A regulatory takeover happily accepted with the promise of “too big to fail” and sanctioned monopoly. A functionally government monopoly…

They didn’t implement Communism. They actually managed to invent something worse than Communism, and implemented that…

This is why only white male land owners should be allowed to vote. You let all the rabble start voting, it collapses into blood and shit. Every time.

A Republic, and you couldn’t keep it. A bunch of stupid animals who would rather “be offended” by the truth if it, than own the fact that they destroyed the greatest thing thus far concieved… All in the name of burgers and whoring.

This form of hateful Communism has its roots in Estrogen. How dare I speak the ultimate truth of it! Hear them hiss and curse my name! But, at no point do they disagree or argue against what I’ve said… Because they do indeed agree with what I’ve said.

They take issue not with the fact that I have shone a light on this ugliness, but that I dared to say it was ugliness…

You see the pattern in everything. Call out a woman’s hypocritical double-standard on any category, you’re met with seething vitriol. Not because you’ve mis-identified anything, you haven’t, and no such argument is ever presented. But, that you’ve exposed it and called it bad. You’ve torn through the lies, the conflation, the sophistry, and forced her to see the blackness of her own soul with her own eyes, from her own perspective. The undeniable insidiousness that she is.

She never denies it. She only gets pissed off that you have exposed her for what she is. She knows it’s true, and the lies that his it were her handiwork, now torn asunder.

How dare you! How dare I! Umbrage! Offence!

She tries to insult the one who did it. Slander, false accusations, insults, shaming tactics, comments of inadequacy for which she only dreams to possess actual knowledge…

But never a denial. Never a rebuttal. Never an argument… Never a factual refutation… Because she knows there cannot be one. Only the truth has been spoken and seen, something she desperately wsnt d to keep hidden in deception.

It’s all quite familiar, eh?

even once?

Have you ever, even one time, met a woman who lives up to the judgement she passes on others?

Never. Not even once. And it’s not even close. Maximum arrogant hypocrisy. Worse, women are usually the opposite of what they demand. Look at the checklist of what a man has to be, and you’ll see she not only falls short, but she falls VERY short. Almost like she’s deliberately trying to be as horrible as possible.

Rules for thee, but not for me!

Estrogen is Communism is Government.

Islam is right about women.

Uncle Pepe wants you, to do your part on October 31st!

Herp derp

Ban guns, and all you do is lower the bar for the bad guys… Now all they need is a knife because their victims don’t have guns anymore…

Prior to banning guns, bad guys with knives would get shot!

Now, they don’t…

Praytell, how will you ban knives?

The masses are still too stupid to understand how this works, and keep voting to make it worse…

Government is always en bed with the criminals they pretend to be “protecting” us from. No 3rd party can protect anyone. The refusal to take on the personal responsibility of one’s own safety will always spiral ever downwards… It’s logically and physically impossible for government to protect anybody from anything. It’s never been done.

But they can make you into an easy target. Sure, it’s your choice to be an easy target if that’s what you want. But it’s utterly evil to use the power and violence of government to make everyone into an easy target just because you choose that.

they always, always, always lie…

Every form of deception possible… Sophistry, conflation, plain old lies… Typical leftist/female degeneracy. But, best of all, they flat-out explain that it won’t work… Then proceed into an elaborate pile of nonsense which will also not work for the exact same reason!

“If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.” Shuttleworth vs. City of Birmingham, Alabama.

Take the way they manipulated the chart data. This is not an honest mistake. This is elaborate, well-planned deception.

These people assume and frame their argument around the idea that the government is the all-giving god, the source of all things, to which all thing return when they die… Government is Gaia. These people have severe developmental shortcomings…

We even see it in their “gun buy-back” nonsense. Back? How do you buy “back” something that was never yours? I’m not aware of any government, anywhere, ever, designing and creating any gun, ever. These people aren’t trying to be deceptive on this point. They genuinely think government is big daddy and god at the same time. If X exists, it’s because Guvjina created and provided X… Yet Guvjina has never created or provided anything, ever, in all of recorded history.

…and the most hilarious are the idiots crying about 3D printing… Guns are simple objects that can easilly be made using century+ old technology BETTER than any current 3D printing technology. For less than the price of most used cars, you can set up an entire shop to make hundreds of guns a week. Nobody will ever know it’s happening. No paperwork. No serial numbers. No government. No background checks. No registration. You can then dismantle that shop and disappear. No overpriced, half-assed 3D printing nonsense involved.

It’s proof that most westerners have never had a real job, and know nothing about industry, manufacturing, metal working, etc. Their so-called “ideas” only make sense within a frame of total cluelessness. The mind of a stupid, bratty child, in an adult’s body.

same shit, different genocide…

Every government wants to control guns, but never their own.

A few thousand dead a year isn’t going to stop. People who hate each other will find a way to kill each other. Gun control doesn’t prevent a single one.

What does it do? It makes genocide a lot easier.

Gun control has never saved a single life. It has cost AT LEAST 150,000,000 lives in the past 100 years alone.

Done by exactly the same tyrants as we see in control right now.

The Political Left does this every time. No exceptions. They believe in the lie of Utopia. And they are happy to persecute and commit genocide to get it. Of course, it impossible. It can’t be achieved. So they just get more and more evil, kill more and more of ‘those people are the reason it isn’t working.’

Conservatives (are supposed to) believe in reality. We know where that road leads. We don’t want it. We accept that 10,000 dead people is better than 150,000,000 dead people. It will never be zero.

You’ll have to kill 1,000,000 to “save” 100. It will never be zero. This is why the idiocy of “if it saves just one, it’s worth it” is so insidious. It won’t save anyone. It’s all a hateful lie told by idiots. Hateful idiots willing to kill huge numbers of “deplorables” when they don’t get their way…

No. Gun control has already gone waayyy too far, and “the problem” has gotten worse at every step. Gun Control is the cause, not the solution.

Gun control is a declaration of intent to commit democide. It is a corrupt Government’s act of war against it’s people.


Remember the Guyger chick? The female cop that flat-out murdered a guy for not wanting her?

While it’s a small miracle that she got charged, and convicted (most women are let off Scott free), the sentence is exactly what I called; a slap on the wrist.

10 years. That’s it…

If any man did something like this, he’d probably not live to see a courtroom. If he did, he’d never see the Sun again. Which is appropriate punishment.

…and women are oh sooo oppressed…

criminals ze discussions that communists can’t win

First, it was slander and call names at anyone who dares speak words that obliterate the communist game.

Now, it’s a crime to even bring up the topic. Only the left is allowed to speak. Only their twisted language is allowed. Anything different from them is a crimem. Fill force of government into persecuting anyone who defies the communist agenda.

Nah, this isn’t exactly they same thing they’ve done throughout history.

Yes, actually, Bill deBlasio’s biggest problem is people speaking ideas that are better than his commie agenda. He needs them silenced.

There is no such thing is hate speech. Only speech that communists hate, coming from the mouths of people they want slaughtered.


The sentence will be a slap on the wrist… But at least they found the evil cunt guilty. A cop AND a woman? Holy shit, someone must have divided by zero somewhere… Sure, thousands more get away with it every month… But, at least one finally got half of what she deserved.


Men are committed.

Women are not only not committed, they’re actively encouraged to betray. Rewarded for betrayal. His children abused as leverage.

Sign up, then she and the government change everything. Well, not really, it was represented fraudulently to begin with.

This is why women are so uppity about comittment. They want to know their mark is locked in, so they can screw him as hard as possible. They want him comitted, so they are free to be the opposite of comitted and get paid for it.

Women have betrayed their own nature, of course they betray everything else…

Only an idiot gets involved. Women are evil garbage. They’re already married to the government. The government pimps them out to screw over children, men, and the concept of family.

all hands on deck?

Motherfucker, it’s been “all hands on deck” for decades, where the shit have you been?

Fuck you. I really hope you figure it out, but you put too many knives in my back. I’ll be watching. I hope you get your shit together, but there’s no way I’ll call any of you worthless mother fuckers “friend” or “neighbor” after all these years.

Now you suddenly act like you give a shit now that it’s waayyy past too late?

I’ve been on deck waayyy too long all by myself. Fuck you.

idiots telling lies

Anti-gun idiots… They’d trade a few thousand dead for a few million dead… Because, in their hateful minds, as long as those millions are the ones they hate, that makes it OK. Just look back in history. It’s exactly the same pattern over and over again.

Neither notion is perfect.

But the idea that has killing hundreds of millions being presented as the good idea, next to the idea that only kills a few thousand…

These people are genocidal freaks. Their fake “arguments” prove exactly why sane people want every gun they can get.

If water didn’t exist, no children would drown…

Rubio is a backstabbing pinko. Fuck him.

NRA = Negotiate Rights Away. Fuck them.

Conservatives have grown worse and worse with their moral cowardice. They pander to their constituents, then ignore them completely… Watch Trump say he supports the Second Amendment, then immediately attack it. Piece of shit. Fuck ’em all.


Women just keep flying their red flags higher…

“He’s not a good man if he doesn’t have/make $XXX,XXX.XX”

Yup, you just shut yourself out of the dating market, whore!

Money should not even be on your list. If it is, massive red flag, no decent man will look at you twice.

Worst of all, women are the cause for men not making money anymore, and then women pretend not to know what they’ve done.

Women get all the good pay, then claim they’re being discriminated against. They lie and say they get paid less, when they actually get paid more! They just don’t show up, and worse, they’re totally incompetent. But you can’t fire them or you’ll get sued! Women have life on easy mode! Of course they don’t understand what it’s like for people who actually have to earn it with skill, competence, and merit! They’ve never faced these things. It’s all handed to them on a silver platter simply for being born with a vagina. Pretend not to know. Blame men.

Any man with an IQ above 80 wants nothing to do with these insufferable cunts.

There are tons of excellent men around, but they want nothing to do with these horrible, screwed-up, so-called “women.” Arrogant, lazy, fat, ugly, entitled, clueless, hateful, belligerent… Who wants this in their life? Is this what you want raising your children? FUCK NO!

Our entire society has turned into a titty bar. Make it rain on the worthless sluts…

stupid people

stupid people have been falling for this “assault weapon” lie since the late 1980s…

“Assault weapon” is nothing but a new, scary word for gun. Looking for shock value. And stupid people can’t figure it out. It’s a made-up name to trick the dumb.

The guy who invented the term expressly described that it was his intent to create a new scary name for guns, and that confusion and cluelessness would be their platform for success.

And that’s exactly what they have been doing ever since…

Josh Sugarman is an evil shitbag.


This is exactly how anti-gun shitheads think… If you can call that thinking…

I carry a scary “assault weapon” and nothing bad ever happened… Coincidence? Maybe…

But, I’m pretty sure nobody wants to start shit when they see a guy with an RFB strapped to his back… No crime ever occurs in the presence of an open carrier… But violent crimes occur almost exclusively in gun-free zones… Hmmm… There’s probably a logical conclusion to be made there… Whatever could it be…

It just seems logical to me that a bad guy might see that as more of a threat than a bunch of idiots declaring how helpless and unarmed they are.

But what do I know? I’m white. I’m male. I have an IQ (well) above 70. So, I’m a worthless nobody. Oh, I’m not gay or a cross-dresser, so I’m less than a worthless nobody…

I’m not a brain-dead shitbag, so I don’t fit into a country whose population is almost exclusively nothing but brain-dead shitbags… Yeah. I’m talking about YOU Communist States of America. Fuck you worthless trash. You deserve to see your nation rotted and collapsed. Lazy, stupid, degenerate, communist trash, the lot of you. Fuck you all. Burn in Hell. Eat shit and die.

gee, cops lying, again, still…

I guess the Government wants more dead cops in Indianapolis.

Maybe they can’t cover the pension liabilities?

No, really, I’m just trying to find a reason why Government keeps hiring sadistic perverts as cops, when it’s so easy to pick a decent person instead… Why do they screen for exactly the worst choice? Are they figuring it out too late and looking for cheap ways to get rid of them?

I can’t see a nice explanation for why the Government goes out of its way to make the worst possible decisions… I mean, it couldn’t be that Government is evil. Naw, couldn’t be that…

Well, whatever. Since justice won’t come anywhere close to what it should be, the laws of nature will have to do something about it. More bullets for cops…

You cannot escape justice, only receive a different kind from a different source… Cops should be begging for judges to punish them more harshly, because the alternative is random cops being executed by We the People. An unweildy rabble, us serfs…

You motherfuckers are going to die, and you deserve it.

but you pretend not to know…

Woman stabs child in face.

The biggest outrage? That the father didn’t chase her down…

Why didn’t Momma Bear do anything? We hear so much about strong women… How you’re a fool if you come between, oh bahahaha, women don’t give a fuck about their kids beyond using them as a meal train cket. It’s clear as day here… Quick, make it all about insulting the man before anyone notices!

It’s always a man’s fault. But, we pretend to forget what would happen if a man chased down a woman, tackled her, etc…

Women have Carte Blanche to commit any crime they want.

She’s a woman. A fat, ugly woman. A woman who stabbed a child in the face.

This makes her a hero. Stunning and Brave!

Attack her? Subdue her? Preventer from anymore stabby fun time? How dare you have such a thought! You should be in prison just for suggesting it!

If he chses her down, he’s dead. If the cops don’t murder him on sight, hell go to court on false charges of rape, assault, terroristic threats, etc. Dozens of White Knights will attempt to intercept him, and help the bitch get away with it. There are at least a dozen other problem that will condemn him and treat the stabby bitch like a queen

But, the bottom line is that his children will have no father.

He did the only thing he could go; nothing.

If a women does X, and a man takes any action whatsoever, that man’s life is over. Whatever a women does becomes the new righteousness as she does it.

His children still have a father. Pretty much no other course of (in)action could have had that outcome. He’s lucky the state hasn’t had him executed for offending a woman.

Which is a miracle given the circumstances. He dared to have a problem with it when a woman declared it her right to stab his children. Simply for opposing her newly declared rights, he is a bigot. That he tried to protect children, his own, from her right to abort them, is unforgivable. There is no such thing as a cop or judge that would see this as anything but an evil, bad man trying to rape a fat cow of a woman. She is the victim! She has no children because no man would ever want her! She has to stab other people’s children to achieve equality! How dare he stand in this strong, independent woman’s path to success! Proof of glass ceiling! Patriarchy!