Are you kidding me?

I had the misfortune of having to use Winblows 8 the other day.

Asside from feeling like I had ventured intot he digital equivalent of a condemened, burned-out trailer park full of squatters, I had this specific experience:

A password was forgotten. Oh, you can unlock it from


Are you fucking kidding me? It’s backdoored and they’re selling it as a feature? People actually buy this product? This doesn’t set off claxxons in your brain and make you run screaming as far away from it as you can get? I say again; are you fucking kidding me?

Microsoft can grant remote access to your computer to anyone they feel like, and you people agree to this?

No, I’m not surprised that Microsoft would do this. I’m in disbeleif that so many people can be so magically fucking stupid that they don’t have a problem with it, and even like it that way…

Are you fucking kidding me? Are humans really this fucking stupid? How do you even stay alive if you’re that stupid? Is this why there are so many Welfare Voters? There aren’t words to describe my dismay… Humanity is such a disappointment. We need a good plague to wipe out this human junk… There is absolutely no fucking excuse for being so exceedingly, magically fucking stupid… A species can’t go this far down the tubes and survive. There’s just no way such a disgrace can continue…

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