you brought this on yourselves

Cops are communist thugs. They deserve this for following orders from these evil politicians. Yes. It is pure luck. Luck that the people doing this are clumsy and stupid. Keep pushing this communist BS and soon you’ll be dealing with us who are good at it. I’ve been pleading for decades to turn this handbasket around. Those of us who are good at this, know how ugly the ultimate stupidity is. We don’t want to do it. Quit pushing the communist agenda or we will have no choice but to do the dark and ugly things we are good at…

The narrator is stupid. These cops are anti-constitution communist thugs. It’s so sad that conservative Republitards are so fantastically stupid that they can’t figure it out, and end up supporting communism and the dismantling of the Constitution… Stupidity and Stockholm Syndrome…

Both sides of this argument are stupid, egotistical liars. This situation can do nothing but get worse.

The objective is to blame guns. Only complete tyranny can make “peace,” through total enslavement, when human beings are denied their fundamental right to own, carry, and use guns.

Notice that they conveniently forget to mention that every major city, either by law or by brainwashing, have banned guns for everyone except the criminals. Deliberately increasing violence. Ramping up the social engineering war against intelligence, masculinity, productivity, etc… Doing everything they can to make the walls close in from every direction all at once.

And the police fucking love it! The worse it gets, the longer their leashes get. Until, eventually, as all communist regiems do; they are turned loose entirely to do whatever the hell they please to anyone. The people hired for the job get increasingly sadistic and perverse. Then the economic collapse ends all oversight. Total gun control gives them ultimate power.

This is exactly what they want. Following the blueprint of history where exactly the same damn thing has been done over and over again, and the evil bastards censor and lie about it. “That wasn’t real communism!” “It’ll be different this time!” “It can’t happen in my country!”

The police are always, always, always, leading the charge for genocide. Not one exception. It’s the motherfucking police every single fucking time. It’s not different this time. The police are Satan.

Police have become exactly the same evil as they always have. Republitards keep on worshipping them anyway… Fucking stupid.

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