Which liar do you believe?

This is what happens when Government goes out of its way to screen out decent people, and hire only the worst degenerates it can find.

The problem is not that cops are crap. The crap is pre-existing. The problem is that crap is carefully selected for the job by much larger turds.

…or are we being White Knights? Women lie about this constantly. How do we know any of it is real? I’ve never even heard a story about a rape or sexual assault, reported by a woman, that wasn’t completely made-up bullshit… Women do nothing but lie, lie, and lie some more.

When do you believe? The demented, evil, serial liar cops? Or the demented, evil, serial liar women? Maybe the demented, evil, serial liar niggers?

Everyone is a piece of shit these days… Fuck off. I’m out.

It’s called a uniform for a reason; you’re all the same. The whole purpose of the uniform is to, uh, be uniform… To demonstrate that one is no different from another. You all stand together. All cops are guilty of what one cop does.

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