in the beginning…

I couldn’t take this guy when he first started. He wore his dick on his sleeve just like the cops. He went out deliberately looking for a fight. Just like cops…

But he’s really matured. He still puts that aggressive persona out there, but you can tell he’s grown a brain and the ego bullshit is on a leash now.

I look up to the good auditors out there. I do not have the patience for these evil, communist, fuckbag cops… If I have to deal with these worthless, shitbag, soyboys, it’s almost a guarantee that it will end with gunfire and body bags. I’ve run out of patience for evil pervert traitors pushing Bolshevism, and shitting all over the Bill of Rights. This is why I left the country. It’s only a matter of time before one of these shitbag communist traitor cops decides to fuck with me, and it will end badly.

I give zero fucks if “I got a call” comes out of your worthless cunt of a mouth. The Bill of Rights does not get deleted just because some communist asshole dialed a phone number and made up some fake, delusional, neurotic, hateful “concern.”

If all it takes to delete the Bill of Rights is some hateful, lying cunt with a cell phone, the US is doomed.

If we have so many cops with so many cars and so much free time, that they can respond to such bullshit; we have waayyy too fucking much Government. Get rid of 85% of cops. We don’t need this shit. We can’t afford this shit. There are too many positions to fill, and the dregs keep getting the job out of desperation to fill the hole with a warm body.

What happened to the simple, innocent joy of kids playing on the playground? A child’s laughter? Why is it so terrible for someone to take a lunch break near a playground and take in these simple, wholesome things? You’re a cunt. Fuck off and die.

When out in public, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. If you think every human being on Earth is a pervert having impure thoughts about your children, you need to get off the feminist tumbler bullshit and go fuck yourself with a pencil sharpener. I feel sorry that your children have such a worthless piece of shit like you for a parent, and I feel sorry for the human genome. You are trash. You drag us all down. Fuck you.

No. The cops don’t need to respond to every call. The problem is hiring communist political activists in Dispatch. They never send cops after fellow communists. They control when and where cops go. They control the flow of information the cops get. They help craft the false narrative by twisting words, failing to relay information properly, etc. Cops need to figure out that they can’t trust Dispatch.

It’s not always Dispatch that’s lying, or helping the leftist who called in use the cops to kill someone they hate. Sometimes the caller just straight up lies. But, nothing ever happens because filing a false report is a crime which is never prosecuted. Hmm… Wonder why… Maybe this kind if shit would stop? Exactly. These evil pigs don’t want this shit to stop. They know it’s lies and bullshit. But it’s lies and bullshit they can use to kill people. They don’t want excuses to murder people to go away.

I’ve heard ThinkLikeACop explain several times that he has to act on the information he has. Duh. But, what if your information isn’t really information? Are cops utterly unable to figure out that communists/feminists love to dial 911 and tell a bunch of lies? No. Cops aren’t that stupid. They know this happens. They just play along because they like to kill people.

You think that prosecuting false reports will discourage people from reporting real problems? Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! The fact that dialing 911 is like playing Russian Roulette is far worse, and already in full effect. You don’t ever want to call because you never know what kind of unhinged mental defective is going to show up and start killing people. More often than not, you’re better off with out the cops. There’s nothing in the world so bad that involving a fuckhead cop can’t make it worse.

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