all women are like this

You damn well better record every interaction you have with females. If you even try to take off your leash or get up off your knees, they will lie, slander, attack you, then say it was you who attacked them… I’ve been through it too many times. Women are evil shit. Everything they do is a lie or deception of some kind. They never back off. They never admit they’re wrong. Even when caught, they still push the lies. They never apologize. They just double down and lie some more… Even with video and audio proof! They just keep lying.

Did you know it’s now illegal to submit video and audio evidence that opposes a woman’s testimony in most States? Yup! Anything that goes against a woman’s story is inadmissable in court. Her statement and the statements of her agreeing friends is all that is allowed.

No moral, functioning society has ever been built by women. Because this is what they are. This is what they do.

The more experience I gain with women, the more convinced I am that the uterus is the gateway to hell.

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