another cop that belongs in North Korea, not the USA

Listen to this pig’s ridiculous commie-splaining bullshit… The freak just can’t stop lying, making shit up, and inventing nonsense under color of law… Then he acts on the lies and bullshit he just made up.

He must have a death wish, because this behavior is a great way to get himself killed. Or just a few random cops instead.

It’s called a uniform for a reason; you’re all the same. The whole purpose of the uniform is to, uh, be uniform… To demonstrate that one is no different from another. You all stand together. You are all the same. It’s your idea! All cops are guilty of what one cop does. This us why the failure of justice results in random cops paying the price instead of the specific one who did it. You represents the same demonic government force. You claim it yourself when you put on the badge and uniform. One way or another, you will pay the price. If you deny the civilized option, you will get the uncivilized option. Nature abhors a vacuum. This includes a vacuum of justice. You will never defy the laws of nature. Even in the most controlled environment there is, a prison, the drive of human nature to take back the dignity and humanity that the evil state strips away, continues. Weapons. Drugs. Every day, these things are found inside if prisons. Smuggled, or manufactured inside. You try to destroy humanity, humanity fights back. You deserve to suffer and be destroyed.

How can we file petition for redress based on the violation of our rights, when seditious, communust judges take these incidents as an opportunity to delete our rights instead? When that option is gone, which it is, all we’re left with is the delay in The People realizing it, before the next shoe drops. Once We the People figure out that the entire nation is a prison, there will be carnage.

There are going to be a lot more dead cops… I have zero pity. Kill these evil traitors until the leftovers get the message. We’ve tried everything else. This is what they wanted… Let them reap it.

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