…no one thinks about this.

The strongest drive of Testosterone is loyalty. This man’s wife betrayed him. The village chopped off her head for it. He still can’t let her go… There are multiple videos of this event. This is probably the least horrible of them…

But think on it a bit more.

The deepest yearning in a woman’s soul is betrayal. This woman knew the penalty for infidelity was getting her head chopped off, and she still did it. That’s how deep the female craving for betrayal runs.

It reminds one of Africa… Cultures where the average IQ goes as low as 60. They behave like animals, because that’s what it takes to promote their version of civilization among so-called “people” who are so underdeveloped mentally.

Women are even worse than that. There’s nothing a woman craves more than betraying her children and husband. No matter how barbaric the punishment might be, they want to destroy the most sacred things there are (family and childhood and parenthood) so badly, that absolutely nothing can deter them in their quest for depravity, decay and perversion.

No matter where you go, no matter what race or culture, women destroy. Some places less than others because the punishment is so severe, but even then… In places like India and Pakistan… All we ever see is the feminist slant “OMG look how badly they treat women!”

Does anyone ever see a man executed by lethal injection and say “OMG look how badly they treat men!?”

When a woman gets executed it’s a travesty and nobody even asks why. We’ve been brainwashed with this bullshit that no matter what a woman does, it is righteous because a woman did it. There’s no such thing as an acceptable punishment for a woman, because women are above morality, above law. Skip the “what did she do to deserve this” part, because there’s no such thing. She could use a broken chair leg to butt rape an entire Sunday school of kids to death. Everyone would ask “what drove the poor girl to do this?” No matter what evil a woman commits, she’s still somehow the victim and deserves compassion and understanding instead of accountability and punishment. No matter what she did, she must be worshipped. No matter what she did, punishing a woman is simply off the table. You’re a bigot if you even think about it. Fired from your job. Property stolen by the state. Thrown in prison… How dare you suggest a woman guilty of crime and deserving of punishment!

Crotch worshipping perversion. Rewarding degeneracy. Desperate need to “get laid.” Don’t do anything to make The Kween mad! You might not get to put your wiener in her… Ugh… How severely demented do you gave to be to find women desirable anymore? Better off alone. Kids are better off never being conceived. Do not reward this evil with your seed…

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