a good demonstration of two things…

Cops need to stop wearing their dicks on their sleeves, or real men will keep cutting them off.

A fairly good Audit. James is one of the best, if not the best…

But all this ego… Epic shutdown? Yeah man, you really told that cop where he can stick it… That shit is immature and dumb. Dealing with shitpigs isn’t supposed to be an ego trip. Ego is petty. You’re obviously not worried about anything real when you’re being petty. It’s just pathetic chest thumping dick measuring contest. Weak and dumb.

Yeah, the cop is a piece of shit. How is that a surprise? Playing interrogator with him is a way to deal with them in the same way they make baseless accusations in the form of a question. Been drinking? Got any drugs on you? When was the last time you were arrested? Typical Communist Rules for Radicals bullshit. Just make shit up! This is exactly what these filthy communist shitbag cops do. It’s kinda interesting to see how they react when the same thing is done to them. Make up random, nonsense accusations and put it in the form of a question just like they do.

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