its about time a bitch got pinned for this

It’s only one out of millions, but it’s about damn time one of these cunts got smacked for doing this shit.

Making false accusations to ruin a man’s life every time she doesn’t get her way has become the most common thing a woman does in her daily life.

Of course they’re mad when they get punished for it. It’s a fundamental entitlement in their own minds. Like breathing or walking. It’s the only thing most of them know how to do to make money… It’s the crux of their existence, and now they might lose it… They’ll have to get by on merit like men do! Lols! They know that’s not going to work worth a shit! Their only skill is lying and depending on evil Big Daddy Guv to make sure they get away with it!

What was that about privileged people being blind to their privilege? Please lecture me again, you obnoxious cunt!

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