like it or not, Alex Jones has become relevant…

Virtually every woman alive has voted for this. Of course, they will deny it, and technically they aren’t lying about that…

They’re just so damned arrogant, entitled, and stupid, that they don’t know what they voted for. So they don’t know that they voted for it.

Just like every other right a woman has, it was granted to her in the absence of responsibility. This started from day one of the feminist movement.

Most women are so oblivious to their own special treatment, they don’t even know what Selective Service is. Of course they deny what they know nothing about. They are so completely insulated from reality, they don’t know what reality is, so they deny it.

Women have everything handed to them, then play the victim and demand more. Because life is so easy for them, they have no respect for men who carry the burdens that they do not. They assume life is easy for everyone because it’s easy for them. Demand free stuff, make up lies about abuse and oppression, get more free stuff. Want a fancy job title and a big paycheck? Vagina! Here you go!

If you’re a man? A white man? With experience? How dare you spend all those years not pushing incompetent women up above you! You’re a rapist! #MeToo!!

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