think about the big picture for a second…

The behavior of cops and Government in general has become so evil, that “remember that one time you didn’t kill that guy” has become a compliment from the public, and an insult among their own ranks…

Public Servant. A person who serves the public.

A strung out child molester witha knife in one hand and a gun in the other, actively trying to kill you.

That guy is a lot of things. But the one you always forget to mention is: he is the public.

You serve him.

That total degenerate piece of shit. You serve him.

That is the role of a public servant. If you disagree, if you can’t do it, get the fuck out. You have no business wearing a badge or a uniform. You are worse than he is.

Every time you put on that uniform, that so-called “man” is the one you serve.

I am not a public servant. I have a right (though I exercise restraint) to use deadly force. Police do not. I don’t give a damn what the Communist courts have to say about it. Officer safety is not a thing. It’s contradictory to the nature of the job. The only way for an officer to be safe, is not to be an officer anymore. If you’re such a soyboy pansy that you can’t handle that, get the fuck out! You signed up for the opposite of safety. It’s counter-intuitive. It’s oxymoronic. You cannot slam a revolving door. It cannot and will not ever happen. The attempt to make it work out will destroy everything that made the US what is was… Which is exactly what the seditious judges are counting on. Of course they’ll let you get away with this bullshit! And, yes, of course we the people are going to kill you to prevent it… This is how communist judges are overthrowing the republic. Wake up, fuckwits!

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