Basically the same analysis I have…

Ehh… Trump’s “trade war” is not to blame. This has been underway long before he was even aware… So, last week sometime… Trump is a clueless fuckin’ blowhard. He poured gas on the fire and the Trumpanzees are dumb enough to think it’s good. Nobody cares about reality, they’re all too busy sucking each other’s dicks. Trump sucks your dick, you suck his fuck. Facts don’t matter. A circle of derp… It’s a race to see who blows up first. The difference is that China has always intended to be king of the ashes. What would happen to the average US citizen with only minor disruptions in their opulance? The Chinese will gladly live in shit just to be the ones that fucked your ass. Even if they implode, they still win, because you’re going down with them… They’re looking forward to it. You can’t deal with a 2 minute power outage… They are hard as fuck. You are soft and stupid.

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