way too little, way too late…

At least a few people are finally starting to wake up… But, unfortunately, it’s going to require a lot more blood because these seditious, hormonal trash are not going to fuck off without a fight. They we’re praying Hillary would win and they could run rampant. Now they’re fucking pissed that a few tiny shreds of the Constitution still exist…

How many children could they have raped by now? How many people executed for fun, wallets missing…? But, pesky bastards like me popped up all over the country with cameras…

Put a bunch of pissed off white guys out of work with your gender prejudice and racism, they’re not going to have anything better to do than shit in your Wheaties and get paid to do it online… James is one of the better ones.

If that’s all it takes to make this sissy bitch with a badge fear for his safety, he’ll die of a heart attack long before anyone gets a chance to shoot him… Of course, he’s not actually in fearbof anything, or he wouldn’t have been aggressive and predatory from the get go. He was baking lies into the “totality if circumstances” from the moment he showed up saying James was behind him… Never happened. We just watched the proof.

Communist pigs like this are doubling down instead big learning their place. They’re going to pick a fight with the wrong red-blooded Patriot and get massacred… It’s like all they ever do it walk around with their dicks on their sleeves looking to start shit with anyone who stands out a little in any way…

Please, underestimate me…

If this cop doesn’t get hung for treason, then some other random cop is going to eat it. Proper justice, or law of the jungle. Justice will be served one way or the other, it will happen.

I’ll day it again.

A decent judge will stand up for The Rights of US Citizens as outlined in The Cinstitution, and sentence this cop to be executed, or someone, somewhere is going to reach their breaking point and kill whatever cops are handy. I have no pity. Cops are in full scale revolt against the Constitution will full backing if judges who have been supporting them with slow burn sedition for roughly a century. They are a standing army opposed to everything the US stands for, and want nothing more than to make their communist thuggery official.

This is war, whether you are smart enough to understand it or not. The judicial branch’s plan to overthrow The Republic is in full effect, and cops have a hard-on for it. We are less than a baby step away from cops being declared Kill On Sight. We don’t have any other options left. These perverted, sadustic shaved apes need to learn their place, or we’re going to wipe them out.

Notice a pattern in police monitoring videos.

There’s an important point most people miss.

Cops operate on ‘the information I had at the time.’ That’s always how it is in the report. Duh, how can her operation on information he doesn’t have? But they always manipulate and control this information in a very specific way. Sometimes ‘i got a vall”‘ is all they need to show up and start killing. Never, ever, not even once, do they consider that the “information” might be fake, as long as that information is an excuse for violence. Any asshole can dial 911 and start lying… But cops don’t care. All they want is an excuse to get violent. Once they have that, they will ignore evidence right in front of their faces. They won’t bother gathering any further “totality of circumstances,” because then they might learn something exculpatory. They might learn that their “information” is untrustworthy. Meh, whatever. All they care about is that they might stumble upon material facts that would negate their excuse to get violent. They don’t want that. So, they don’t look for it.

They’re always skeptical or dudmussivr of information that would lead to civilized behavior. Anything that gives them an excuse to get violent us taken at face value.

Of course they don’t ask for more than one side of the story when all they want is an excuse to get violent. Once they get that excuse, they stop asking questions. The investigation stops. They have no interest in “getting to the bityome of this.”

Excuse to get violent is all they want. If the first person they talk to gives them that, no more questions. If the first person they talk to doesn’t give them such an excuse, then they continue to ask questions… Not because they give a shit about sorting anything out, but because they’re looking for an excuse to get violent.

Just keep watching videos like this. It’s the same pattern every fucking time. They pretend to “investigate.” But, all they’re really looking for is the first plausible excuse to get violent. As soon as they find it, they get violent.

They’ll ignore pretty much any evidence of a crime up to that point. They will exclude exculpatory facts, no matter how obvious. All they care about us finflding a plausible excuse to get violent.

No matter what crimes, or evidence of crimes, are plainly observable, it will be ignored. All that matters is the most thinly believable excuse that violence is justifiable. They’ll garnish and exaggerate it. They’ll just plain lie about material facts. They’ll deliberately ignore other material facts.

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