I dare you

I dare you to find a woman who didn’t vote for this. I dare you to find a woman who didn’t slander and make up lies about anyone who dares to oppose this.

There is no such thing as a woman who didn’t do everything in her power to make this happen. There is no such thing as a woman who did not do everything her power to destroy all who opposed this perverse insanity.

Reap it.

There’s a reason nobody watches WNBA.

But… What’s that got to do with anything? Social Media made the new rule: “It has to be popular to be worthwhile.”

If girls like to play basketball, why should they be shit on because they’re not fun to watch? Men didn’t invent this dynamic. Women are the attention whores. Women are the ones who did this. Women are the ones who pass judgement in this disgusting manner. If you have a vagina and you enjoy playing basketball, does it matter if anyone watches? It is women who push the narrative that popular approval validates or invalidates your entire existence as a human being. Popular approval being womens’ approval.

Just sit back and watch how they pass judgement on men. They simply assume that all men exist to be their slaves. All men are options at their disposal. The narcissism is blinding. The delusion hits like a bus when they age. All those men you ‘rejected’ were never interested in you in the first place. You never had any of the options you deluded yourself into believing you had… Also, you’re a menopausal, fat, ugly, old hag now. Shave that mustache! No, I’m still not interested.

People, specifically men, are seen as nothing but a pile of money and stuff at her disposal. It’s an assumed entitlement that she can pick whatever stack, or several stacks, she wants. When it turns out that this isn’t the case, just watch her flip out. The tantrum is epic. Especially if one of these inhuman piles of stuff she thinks she’s owed has the audacity to evolve lingual skills and utter the word “no.”

But, it only matter when the consequences effect other females. Men aren’t people. So, we listen to this girl complain about what happened to her as a result of older females who can’t find a good man throwing their “destroy the fabric of society until I get my way” tantrums.

Men aren’t even a consideration. We aren’t people. What is done to us does not matter.

…until the lights go out and the monkeys rape you to death. Suddenly, you complain about chivalry being dead, even though you are the ones who savagely murdered it. Why can’t men be gentlemen anymore? Where have all the real men gone? Again, men aren’t people. Shit on us for decades, and expect us to be ready to serve your whims? I thought women understood feelings? Like the feeling of being insulted for being born. The feeling of lies and slander being told about you because you refused to fork over the cash. The feeling of having your family destroyed just for a giggle. No? Oh, right. It’s sophistry. It’s not about feelings. It’s about her greed and entitlement. The sick pleasure of destroying all that is good and decent, and being rewarded for it by big daddy guv. Nothing turns women on more than chaos and betrayal.

Maybe the next generation of women will care? They won’t be any less selfish or shallow, but perhaps that selfishness will take enough of a bruising to restore the balance, for their own benefit… You can be sure men won’t ever cross their minds… Men don’t matter. Men aren’t people.

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