The fact that he carrie on an empty chamber already tells you he’s an idiot, or deliberately trying to look like an idiot… The fact that it’s a Glock, too… Not all Glock Fanboys are derptards, but all derptards are Glock Fanboys…

Even the derpiest derptard of all time would not do this.

I’ve met those guys that get the concealed weapons badge… Fuckin’ weirdos. It’s always the Glock Fanboys.

But, in the same thread, what do you expect when the Government steals from us something that is supposed to be a right, then converts it into a privilege, and goes around handing out gun permission slips? It sure smells like you’re anointing people with specialness… It’s a normal psychological response to then think you are special, and act like you are special… The Government said you are special! It must be true… The State has created the environment and social engineering that gives the not-so-bright the idea that they have just become wannabe cops when they get a Concealed Weapons Permit. It’s a Participation Trophy. So special!

In this case it’s “wears a helmet and drools” sort of special… And he’s been breeding… The trash always breeds like flies in a dumpster. Idiots are always confident, because they’re too stupid to understand danger or risk… So manly! No, he’s just a fucking moron… Literally and figuratively…

Even among the worst ACTUAL cops… Would any cop take his kids on a chase, ramming, guns discharging rounds, with his own kids? Even in a total justified situation? Even being a real, actual cop?

No. I hate on cops quite a lot. Yes. Yes I do. I doubt even the worst among them would do such stupid shit with his own kids. Perfectly happy to murder someone else’s kids for the thrill of getting away with it. Certainly. But, not his own.

And the worst part. …think about this a second; a woman fucked him at least twice. Of all the options available to her, she somehow managed to be so stupid and delusional that she picked the worst loser she could find. TWICE! Women are truly fucking stupid. Figuratively and literally… They always, always, always make the worst decision possible.

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