nailed it. again. still.

An Empire Self-Destructs

Crisis in Argentina: “The Time to Buy is When There’s Blood in the Streets”

I’m not do sure there will ever be true opportunity in Latin America. They’ve been chronically obsessed with Communism and Corruption for all of recorded history. I doubt it will ever change. It’s also far more rough and savage than southeast Asia or even most of Africa…

I agree that the time to buy us when there’s blood in the streets, duh. But that presumes that, at some point, there will be better times when there isn’t blood in the streets. Venezuela is the only bright spot in South American history where that was briefly true… Now look at it… Latin America spends almost all of its time with blood in the streets. It has only one moment contrary to that… It’s perpetual bedlam. Don’t talk to me about Uruguay and to a lesser degree, Paraguay… They tried to be bright spots, but never quite made it. Fuck you if you even try to mention Columbia or Ecuador. Chile, maybe… I might let you slide on that… But it’s got blood in the streets right now, too…

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