Hooray, Government!

“I’m so glad Government came along, fixed all the problems, then rode off into the sunset, never to be seen again.” – No One, Ever

The true point of this marginally clever statement is so subtle as to be completely unstated. Which is cleverer still… And that’s not a whole lot of clevers given the starting point.

The problem is not that nobody has ever said this.

The problem is that there has never been cause to say this; because it has never happened.

Even on the rare occasion that Government actually fixes something, it then procceds to hang around, meddling, until it undoes that good and fucks everything up even worse than is was to begin with… Which is similar to when Government shows up and fucks up everything even worse than it was to begin with, while skipping over the rare getting it right first part…

Just fuck off into the sunset already… Nobody needs you. No matter how bad the circumstances of life might be, it’s always better without Government.

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