Operation: ComDE – Part 1

Long overdue … and, probably going to offend a lot of people, like pretty much everything I have to say . Common sense is offensive to the stupid, it’s the nature of the beast… Problem, dumbasses?

I still accept payment via Cash by Mail for people who want to “stay off the radar.” These people aren’t really thinking it through, or simply don’t understand how the real world works, but I humor them. I agree with their sentiment and desire to “stay off the radar” to a certain degree, but they clearly do not understand that their methods are a complete failure and in no way are they actually staying “off the radar,” but contrarily, making themselves more obvious…

First and foremost is the foolish idea that mail isn’t tampered with by the government on an SOP basis at this point in history. It most certainly is. The seal of that envelope is not protected by the 4th Amendment, because this government does whatever the hell it wants and how are you going to prove it anyway? It’s easy to get a rubber-stamped search warrant for a trumped-up or even completely fabricated investigation of pretty much anyone, anywhere. Very few envelopes I receive do not show telltale signs of having been opened, gone through, photographed, copied, documented, etc. and then put back together sloppily and sent on to me. Yeah, like I totally didn’t notice…

Similarly, many packages I’ve sent out were tampered with in the same way. However, just as a fun game, they would put the wrong items in the wrong boxes with the wrong invoices before sending them on to their destinations. Again, “they” think I wouldn’t notice?

This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory bullshit. This is real. All the stuff your supposedly crazy Uncle who fought in Vietnam told you was going to happen; it has. This is not some future thing that might come true one day. It’s not a theoretical possibility written by Huxley or Orwell. It’s real. It’s now. I’ve lived the proof of it for several years now, death threats, shoot-outs and all. The revolution is not being televised.

So, how can you get around any of this dirty business the government is doing? I mean, the USPS is the government, after all!

4th Amendment Enforcement. Perform your business in such a manner that “they” simply haven’t the ability to do anything about it. To say it another way; you cannot cover your tracks. Ever. Period. No exceptions. If you’re about to say “But, what about…” you need to shut the fuck up. There is no “But, what about…” If you really think your point is valid on a “But, what about…” then you have failed to grasp reality. You are wrong. There is no “But, what about…” on the topic of covering tracks. You can’t do it. Ever. If you think you can, or think you have at some point in your life, you’re wrong. You simply got lucky and nobody happened to stumble upon your tracks, or never bothered looking for them.

All you can do is not leave tracks in the first place. You must be a fart in the wind.

I’m not speaking of breaking the law. I’m speaking of what may become the law. I’m speaking of the political persecution endured every time the psycho Neo-Soviets hold power. The law means nothing when Democrats are in office. They attack everyone and everything they disagree with. I ended that sentence with a preposition. You want to not have to deal with that shit, don’t you?

The 1st and most important step to this is to be NOT A DUMBASS! This is the ultimate problem; extreme dumbassery among We the People. If not for being a bunch of entertained, helpless dumbasses, the government wouldn’t have the foothold it already has. No matter how many “Dont Tread On Me” bumper stickers you slap on that pick-up truck, you are utterly useless if you don’t know HOW to fight back. Willing and ABLE. So very willing, but completely and hopelessly unable. Worse, they don’t even realize how unable they really are… They don’t know they have a problem, so they’re not fixing it. They really think they have it all figured out, and the soooo shamefully do not.

I’ve covered some of the ways that people are dumbasses and think they’re so clever, but aren’t. There are more. Oh, so many more… This is the root function upon which guvthugs seize. Stop being a dumbass and “they” have absolutely no hope of finding you. All of their tactics are based upon the lynch pin of you being a dumbass. So don’t be one!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Operation: ComDE, for more details on dumbasses who think they are clever, and how to not be one of them.

I totally split the crap out of that infinitive…

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