herp derp goes teh wahmenz

…really, who gives a shit anymore? Women have proven their own worthlessness, viciously. They think they’re taking you down with some obnoxious insult that doesn’t even make sense. They make absolute fools of themselves, and think they’re winning…

I’m not sure why so many are still talking about it. It’s a millennias old concept. It never changes.

Reject your proper nature to live in peace. Move on. Yeah, you’re right about everything. What are you going to DO about it?

Women are absurdly stupid and equally arrogant. Exceeded only by their capacity for lies…

Amputate. Forget. Society so defective deserves further decay. Do your part to assure that only the trash breeds.

Stop putting out their fires. Let it burn. Let them have exactly what they wish for. Let them import the brown demons. Let them get raped and hacked to pieces. If you try to stop it, they’ll stab you in the back first.

The petty try to make themselves look good by saying “Some men just want to see the world burn.” The people who say this are the very same people pouring gasoline on the fire.

Stand back. Let them do it.

To be be reborn from the ashes, it must first burn. We don’t want to see the world burn. We see you guaranteeing that it will. We don’t want a civil war. We know that you insist on it.

So let’s stop fucking around and get it over with. I do not relish any of these horrors. But, I’m willing to see it through to the other side…

You notice nobody that says “Some men just want to see the world burn” never think about what comes next? Because they know only those they malign will survive it to rebuild and clean up the mess.

For the assholes trying to look good as they pour gasoline in the fire, whole telling everyone with a brain that we’re the ones that want to see the world burn… There isn’t going to be a “what comes next.” Is there ever? These people never bother having a thought beyond the next quip they imagine to beore clever than it is. This is their currency. A marginally clever petty insult… As they pour gasoline on the fire, telling me that the fire is all my fault. I’m the one that wants to see the world burn… After I spent decades explaining that pouring gasoline on the fire makes it worse not better, and told I’m a crazy idiot for suggesting such a preposterous notion… Brawndo, it’s got what plants crave!

Go on. Burn it down already… I’m sick of waiting. I’m sick of the weak bluffs. Just fucking get on with it you idiot pussies. You’re past the event horizon anyway. There’s no turning back. You wanted this.

I’ll survive. You won’t.

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