wrongspeak and wrongthink have consequences, no shit!

No shit! That’s why all intelligent, respectable people want you out! Anything that disagrees with the leftist agenda is “hate.”

…and most interesting, it’s a self-fulfulling paradox. You trap people in a cage and stab them with spears long enough, eventually, they fucking hate you! “(We’ve been shitting on white men for decades,) look how hateful they are!”

Is it really so clever to call people “hateful” while doing evil to them and instigating hatred from them? In what universe do you torture, enslave, rape, and kill people; and expect them not to hate you?

Duh, The Left aren’t stupid. This is their game… They accuse you in advance of exactly the reaction their abuses are intended to illicit. “See, look!” Then, conveniently omit the part where they abused and tortured you to the breaking point. Pretend they have no idea why you’re so crazy…

A woman starts dinner at 4 because she knows her husband will be home at 6. They’re a young couple and don’t have a lot. She does her damnedest to make the meat they can afford into the best steak dinner she can. When he gets home, she serves it to him in her sexiest unmentionables with a suggestive twinkle in her eye as she unbuckles his belt.

…so he backhands her as hard as he can and she falls to the floor unconscious. He finishes unzipping, pulls out his dick, and pisses on her.

This has never happened. But, it’s the story you always hear… Men are abusive deadbeats, women are delicate, innocent victims. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. It has never happened.

Men are violent abusers for no reason! Whatever… The exact same mental-and-emotional-abuse-until-they-can’t-take-it-anymore game is in every detail of Western Society. It’s not an accident. Only the perpetrators and those complicit are spared.

I will always oppose this evil, no matter where I go. Does it matter where I am?

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