nailed. it. again.

I don’t want to make babies with a baby.

I’m not interested in a developmentally stunted animal.

“Can you handle me?” I shouldn’t have to. You’re supposed to be a functional, adult, human being. But, here you are bragging that you’re not… Like it’s a good thing…

If she’d make a bad mother, she’d make a bad everything. Even if you’re not interested in reproduction, this still applies.

If you have to discard reason, if you have to be a pedophile, if you have to like bestiality, if you have to accept the 100 miles of loser dick she’s rammef through her naugahyde meat curtains, if you have to accept all of her gross character failings that she describes, could work on, but doesn’t; because she knows there’s an ocean of desperate crotch-worshipping pansies out there that will submit to her degeneracy instead of her submitting to a man’s virtue and authority… Then they double-down by lashing out at the decent man they can’t have. This is why they get off and enjoy sex so much more when they’re cheating. It’s the ultimate betrayal, and there is nothing they live more than betraying a good man who’s dumb enough to trust them. That is a woman’s truest fulfillment. A woman never feels whole until she destroys everything good and decent. Depravity and rot. Celebration of Hell.

You have to destroy all that is good within yourself or you will be discarded, stripped of all assets, thrown in prison, and possibly killed. Your kids will watch it happen, brainwashed with only one side of the story. A story which is almost entire fabricated; a pack of lies forcefed to children…

This is what subconsciously drives men out of their minds. It’s not an accident. The State and Women work in lockstep do do it.

You have to be horribly screwed up to find women desirable. We’re trapped by a biological imperative that pushes us to be intimately involved with very, very sick people that hate us, want to destroy us, are only involved in our lives so they can destroy us from the inside, and corrupt our children.

This is what women are.

This is Government.

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