Electric Car Incentives

This is not exhaustive, only exemplary.

Fed Guv gives a $7,500 Tax Rebate for buying an Electric Car.

There are some State Incentives, notice the locale…

Us stupid inbred hillbillies who can’t even do math, much less buy an electric car:
Georgia; $5,000
Louisianna; $13,600 (!)

Enlightened hippie liberal elitist snobs who look down on everyone:
California: $2,500
Massivetwoshits: $2,500

Such green. So progressive. Wow.

Oh, and that Federal credit… Created by Dubyah.

So, yeah, who’s got their what up their where?

Way to go, liberal hippie douche bags! You sure showed us!

Of course, Floriduh is $0 – just like it is with everything that matters… Floriduh is such a trash state…

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  1. Wisconsin treehuggers are in a frenzy due to the state planning to join others in imposing an annual fee on EVs and hybrids. Seems dodging the fuel tax was another reason to go Green.

    1. Electric cars do not have the trait that ICE cars have; which causes the overwhelming majority of wear and tear on roads.

      Ever notice how a dirt road gets that washboard pattern? It’s caused by the pulsation of the ICE’s impact loading on it’s cylinders translating through the tires. IT’s also a major contributor to why ICE cars have such a short lifetime and ahve to be so ridiculously overbuilt compared to electric.

      Electric cars don’t do this.

      Imposing the same fee on an electric car that causes less than 1% the damage that an ICE car causes is irrational. That 1% disappears in the waste of government job contracting.

      Seems Wisconsin is just really, really stupid…

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