Why Doesn’t Your Cup Runneth Over?

Psalm 23:5: Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Waste not, want not.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



I drove a hitch-hiker to Tallahassee today. I wasn’t going to Tallahassee. Again. It was 70 miles in the opposite direction I was going.

Am I bragging? No. It’s just a thing I can do since I’ve chosen a cup of appropriate size. It’s actually pretty small. It’s not that hard to make it runneth over.

If you wonder why there is so much gone wrong in the world, maybe it’s not everyone else to blame? You laugh when I say I’m on a mission from God. So are you. If you laugh at mine, do you laugh at your’s? Maybe that’s why the world sucks? Maybe more people should take their missions more seriously?

How big is your cup? How big is your mission? It’s all just a dream, go back to artificial reality…

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  1. Amen.
    Understanding the difference between Religion and Faith is beyond the mental capacity of most Bible thumpers, and highly discouraged by those who are enriched and glorified through this most ignoble form of Government.
    There are Churches that teach and honor the Word of the Lord, as handed down through the Holy Bible. Some argue that it is a living document, to be interpreted and applied in the light of modern trends. These Heretics believe the same of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    I consider the messages of both to be simple and plain;
    Treat others with the respect they deserve.
    Leave Judgement to those who have been proven qualified.
    Be honest and fair in dealing with others, and yourself as well.
    Show charity to those truly in need.
    Honor and defend the ideals that make us human.
    Throughout history those of great charisma and evil intent have perverted these ideals to accomplish great wrongs. The most tragic results are the ignorant masses led astray by promises of comfort and superiority.
    Can Catholics get to Heaven even though they worship craven images?

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