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  1. Business, Politics, and Journalism.
    All claim to have moral and ethical standards.
    All of which are taught in college, those institutions of higher education that value independent thought free speech , providing the thinker and speaker are of the proper mindset.

    1. Morals and Ethics cannot be taught. You choose to be a damn dirty ape, or you don’t. Same goes for “training.” Training is for pets. Humans are supposed to learn and better themselves. Funny you should mention college in that… I’m pretty sure this troll comment is going to get deleted anyway (like all of it’s others), so why not play a little…

  2. Having no college experience myself, my opinions on the subject are based on my observation of some products of higher education.
    What may be obvious to me as right or wrong behavior seem to be more complex decisions for those educated in the traditional system. They tend to consider abstract notions of political correctness and global views when deciding right from wrong.
    For instance;
    Discrimination is wrong. Unless it is mandated by the guvtrash and given an enlightened title. Something like Affirmative Action.
    Equal Opportunity. I would expect that to mean that each has the opportunity for success based on their abilities and ambition. Nope. Smarter folks than I have determined that all should enjoy equal lifestyles, regardless of any contributions to the greater good.
    Journalistic Integrity. The Fourth Estate. Final Defenders of Freedom.
    ‘Nuff said!

    1. “Does this adversely affect the indivudual?” – This is the only question that matters when determining Right from Wrong. Rights and Life itself are named only by an individual, so no other nebulous concepts of collectivism can apply or impact upon Rights or Life. Pretending a thing is more complicated than it is, is the realm of educated idiots.

      There is no such thing as “contributing to society.” You cannot contribute to the forest. You can contribute to the tree. Which tree needs a contribution more than yourself? Who is to decide otherwise? The Individual is the ultimate minority, and the only one with Rights and Life.

      The best way to grow a strong forest, is to grow strong trees. Mulching up the tallest and strongest and sprinkling them among the dead weeds does the opposite. This is why Collectivism is always an abysmal failure, and individualism is always good for everyone; we’re all individuals. None of us are a collective.

  3. Well-explained and sensible. Thank you.
    I have much to contemplate in truly coming to grips with the concept of individualism. Most of the isms I’ve understood as compliance with others’ expectations, patriotism, communism, socialism. My impression of individualism has been that of selfishness. Maybe that’s accurate, but not evil. After all, without self, what’s the point of existence?

    1. You just nailed it! Everyone is promoting their own collectivism. when you fall for it, you contribute to them. This is the lie of “contributing to society.” It’s funneled to someone, an individual, who isn’t you.

      The one thing they all shout in unison is that you’re a selfish asshole if you don’t bleed yourself dry into their bank account. Individualism and Selfishness are not at all the same thing, but every single one of them profits from telling you otherwise. It’s the one thing that even collectivist class-enemies agree upon; never let you see Individualism for what it is.

      It’s not so much about Individualism, but realizing the lie that any of these collectives actually exist. Individualism is the only Social truth. Collectivism is just smoke and mirrors, no matter what brand. There is no collectivism. It’s an illusion to get you to give your life to some other individual hiding behind that illusion. You’re a selfish dick if you don’t, so bleed yourself so you don’t look like a dick…

      The only people who will think you look like a dick, are the ones stupid enough to fall for it themselves. And, as an Individual, why do you care what those sorts think of you anyway? They’re the one’s bleeding their lives into the Pigs’ Troughs! Only a complete dumbass would concern themselves with the thoughts of beings that do such a thing…

      The best way to grow a strong forest, is to grow strong trees. It is not that you are the most deserving, it is that you can contribute to none better than you can contribute to yourself. It is not selfish, it is that you can never truly be responsible for anyone but yourself. Set an example and allow others to follow it. Then we are all strong trees. It is not at all selfish to do the one and only thing you ever really could do. The rest was always an illusion…

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