Yes, amazon and ebay are anti-gun.

I’ve been asked by several arm-chair researchers to prove my statements that is anti-gun.

My own products are all banned from, how do you think I found out what is doing?

It seems to be selective. They pick and choose. Same product from two different suppliers, they may ban one and not the other. Depends who they like more? Often they ban a product from a seller, then make their own and sell it themselves.

So, for you assholes who thought you were calling me out; maybe you should try to do actual research, instead of just seek out what suits your desire to believe that isn’t a bunch of dicks.

As one of these articles points out, explicitly bans anything relating to so-called “assault weapons.” Since there is no such thing, it’s just a scary phrase made-up by douche-bag liberals, it can mean whatever they want it to mean today, and maybe something else tomorrow. Or one guy’s item is “assaulty” and the exact same item from someone who bribes them more, is not “assaulty.”

I’m sick of being the Fact Welfare. If you don’t want to beleive something, that does not excuse you from doing your own research. If you were in search of the truth, instead of pushinig your agenda, you could have found it just as easily as I did. Here, let me google that for you… Took me a whole 2 seconds to find this information. You say you couldn’t find it? You didn’t look. You’re a fraud and a liar. You know who you are.

eBay is identical in behavior. I’m not going to hand it all to you. You could easily find this data if you made even a tiny effort. The whole “refuse to do any reasearch, demand that someone else prove it” crap is juvenile. No, sorry, even most children aren’t so idiotic. I appologize to juveniles for that comparison.

Just becasue you can find something on there that they haven’t banned yet, or they beat one supplier down while allowing another, or beat everyone down, stole it, and sell it themselves… Get a clue, you simple-headed brats.

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