It doesn’t matter if Tyranny is the plan or not. Doing exactly the thing which enables Tyranny opens the door, and there’s always a bunch of evil motherfuckers who take advantage at the earliest opportunity. Why set up evil for success?

Why would you prepare to do X, if you have no intention of doing X?

Gun-control is preparing to commit Democide. If you have no intention of committing Democide, why prepare to commit Democide?

Right; because you are the evil motherfuckers, and you very much are preparing to commit Democide, and Tyranny very much is the plan.

Gun control has only one purpose; oppression and mass murder. Those who want him control, want oppression and mass murder. No if’s, ands, or buts. No exceptions. This is an absolute truth. Obviously, people who want to commit oppression and mass murder aren’t going to tell you that what they’re planning. Just like Joy Behar recently explained on The View. You don’t tell people you’re planning to kill them. Duh! They obviously won’t vote for you then… You lie to get power, then you kill them.

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