classy gun-hater broad…

Going through a divorce. Wasn’t getting the entitlements she wanted. Decided to make hubby pay by killing his kids. She would have had to get a job, and that’s too embarrassing to face… So she killed herself, too.

Expect to see more of this as women don’t get away with the shit they’re accustomed to getting away with. They never admit they’re wrong. They only double-down and take it to further extremes. Always. Every fucking time. No exceptions.

But, men are bad, mkay!?

No villains? Only victims? If a man had done it, would that be the line?

How is it they go out of their way to pretend this cunt is a victim? Would they do that if a man did it?

Notice how the media isn’t saying a fucking word? Where is CNN and MSNBC? Where are all the anti-gun activists? None of them care because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

She thought she was going to use her kids to leverage cash and prizes in a divorce rape. It didn’t happen. This is the tantrum she threw.

Are you still fucking confused why Real Men refuse to associate with western females? This shit happens constantly, but it never gets coverage.

The only way to protect children from their sleeper cell feminist mothers, is that they never be conceived.

Every bitch has the divorce planned before she even goes on the first date… If it doesn’t all go according to plan, she flips out and does shit like this. The Government and media are always there to cover for her. Somehow, it’ll be the man’s fault. It always is…

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