if anyone else did this they’d be executed

If anyone else did this, they’d have been executed by now.

But, the “heros” that are supposedly a cut above, are always held to a much lower standard, or none at all…

The uprising of We the People who aren’t putting up with this shit is going to keep getting worse. More cops are going to be killed. It would be better if judges executed these cops instead of leaving We the People to kill them at random… You cannot allow violent perverts to live among us freely. Much worse, the worst ones are being selected to give them a gun and a badge, and use them as a tool of sedition…

Judges have finalized their sedition. We no longer have any grounds to bring petition. Violence is our only option. This is no accident. It’s exactly what they wanted. Cops are just the perverted savages stuck in the middle, too dumb and hormonal to understand or care. Judges use the pervert cops twice. First, to destroy The Republic by chipping away another exception by letting them off the hook every time they cross the line. Second, as willing meat shields that take the bullets the judges deserve for doing this.

Not only is nothing done about these freaks, they are specifically sought out and rewarded for it. This is why the dumb animals are such loyal Myrmidons. They have no intellect. No moral compass. No empathy. Judges are very smart and very evil. It’s the perfect plan to have their own personal army of sick freaks willing to do anything to anyone. No checks and balances because it’s all within a single branch…

There is nothing in The Constitution which authorizes Police to exist. The law is deliberately misunderstood. Government has only those authorities and powers which are expressly granted. Any statement to the contrary is a treasonous lie. We the People have all the rights and Freedoms not expressly prohibited. It’s the opposite concept. But, it’s been turned on it’s head. Government does as it will. We the People have to beg for permission.

This, in the United States of America. Land of the fee, home of the slave… How could you sink do low. You’ve become the opposite of all you were created to be.

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