high-density stupid

So, you’re a dumb nigger in a burning building. Your Spidey Senses kick in and suggest “hmmm, I should probably leave.” But, Teh Gubmint Massa says “Naw, ya’ll niggers’ll be just fine.” So the dumb niggers do what their masters tell them. And they all burn to death. Massa has a good laugh.

Then, when a white guy says that’s nuts, he’s the racist.

Then a long time later, a dumb nigger comes along to explain that dumb niggers are too dumb (because they’re dumb niggers) to ignore their masters and get the fuck out of a burning building … and he’s not the racist. The guy that said burning buildings are a bad place to be is the racist, because he’s white.

Also, I want to see a drawing of Jesus in spandex on a race bike…

Democrats are the same, no matter what nslame they hide behind, or which country they’re in.

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