all crotch, all the time

Janice always does good work, but every once in a while she outdoes herself.

This is one of those videos.

Men think about sex several times a day.

Women think about it once, but they don’t stop until they fall asleep… Maybe. Dawn to Dusk; crotch, crotch, crotch. Women are obsessed with crotch. You can’t speak to one without the subject becoming crotch. If it’s not crotch, they call it boring and stupid. They never have any thought, idea or conversation topic that doesn’t revolve around crotch, and her crotch being the center of the universe… If you disagree, you’re a worthless loser. A bigot. A [insert petty, immature name-calling here].

At least a barnyard animal thinks about something other than crotch now and then…

…and it makes perfect sense!

Women are told from an early age that they are perfect for being born female. No need for self-reflection. Keep everything focused on judging others, no matter what a dumpster fire she is… If you’re perfect because of your crotch, why wouldn’t you stay focused on it? If being a crotch is why you’re perfect, and nothing else matters… You’re perfect because you’re female. You’re perfect just the way you are. Can it be spelled out any more obviously? Pussy is all that matters. Well, if you’re trash you believe this crap. So, find a woman who doesn’t subscribe to and promote it… Right. Men are pigs when they only care about pussy. But, women are glorious when they only care about pussy… Always hypocritical double-standards… It’s righteous when she’s a degenerate, but it’s bad when a man is good, bad, righteous, degenerate; doesn’t matter. Man = wrong. Woman = right. Whatever the narcissistic cunt says becomes the new gospel because she said it.

Is it any surprise women have turned into the disgusting shit that they are? Is it any surprise that the best way to tell if a woman is lying, is that her lips are moving?

How dare a man have standards! How dare he hold a woman accountable for her actions!

Family Values? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

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