remember when it was called “this week in stupid?”

It is utter insanity to deny that government is in full support of antifa. Sure, they’ll make a few token arrests when it’s too blatant to sweep under the rug. But, the prosecution is either dropped, or the sentence is less than a slap on the wrist.

But the victims of antifa don’t dare defend themselves. You so much as try to protect yourself from these thugs, and the Government is there to throw the book at you. It’s never self-defense, no matter how obvious it is that it’s self-defense.

Antifa is sacred. You not only can’t lay a hand on them without the government coming down on you. If they want to beat on you, you can’t even run away, or the cops will hold you down while antifa beats you. You are required to allow them to beat you bloody. If you try to avoid their attacks in any way, the cops and judges lie and hit you as hard as they can.

If the lies about bump stocks and willful fraud in crypto regulation didn’t clue you in: The US no longer has a legitimate government.

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