A Word on Four Letter Words

You will find them here.

Don’t bother giving me the faux-high road insult of “You should be able to make your point without using them.” A (marginally) clever dig trying to make yourself feel smug is still a dig trying to make yourself feel smug…

So, without further adieu, here are my reasons:

1) Sometimes, I don’t feel like going off on a tangent. I do that enough already… There has to be a limit.

2) I don’t need to be a showoff. It’s obvious when a writer is going out of his way to be a twit about how great s/he is.

3) It’s Earthy.

4) It’s concise. Elaborate avoidance is rarely 4 letters or fewer.

5) I don’t like to waste good words on that which does not deserve it.

Do you take a girl you just met out on an expensive date? You do? Well, you’re a dumbass! Save the good stuff for the ones that deserve it. Sometimes a subject isn’t worth it. Just cuss and move on with the topic.

The ability to turn a phrase is fun and says much. It is a lost art in this day and age and I very much appreciate it. But, there is no reason to go out of your way on a subject better left handled quick and to the point.

Most importantly: If you can’t handle a few bad words, you definitely can’t handle the subject matter on which I speak. Reality is much worse than a 4 letter word. I’m in touch with it. I talk about it. Go back to pictures of cats and vines or whatever. I’m not wasting my bandwidth on dumb shit that caters to dumb shits.

If you disagree, go fuck yourself.

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