Let me interrupt you and make sure I heard you correctly “as a woman.” Do the rules change based on the prejudice of the listener?

Boobs! The only thing about women that isn’t total shit!

“As a woman…” And your fucking point? Why does your crotch need to be a part of this? How does your crotch have any-fucking-thing to do with it? Just constantly repeat what you have between your legs, and that makes “being offended” into righteousness? Fuck off, cunt.

Are all men required to be gay now? We can’t like boobs? It’s the only thing likable about women anymore, well, the ones that actually have any boobs and haven’t abused them to saggy, floppy fried eggs nailed to a wall… Just like they abuse everything else…

This bitch ain’t got tits anyway… Since that’s the only thing about women that matters anymore, and she hadn’t got any, she’s irrelevant.

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