This is why smart men have nothing to do with Western Whores. They’re all the same. They’re all like this.

“Why can’t I find a good man?”
“Where have all the good men gone?”

Followed by passive aggressive insults and attacks on the masculinity of every man who was smart enough to steer clear of her…

Hurr Durr! Instead of learning their lesson, they double-down. Again and again and again…

It’s like an old hag at the blackjack table in some hillbilly casino in Reno… She’s been there for 40 years saying “hit me again!” But, she never placed a bet to begin with… Decades passed, she never got the hint. Same old broken record. Occasionally some desperate, pathetic idiot talks to her, she gets him to put money down for her, but she loses it (his money) immediately because she has no idea how to play the game… The older, louder, and crankier she gets, the more she blames the idiots who made the mistake of acknowledging her existence. Affirming over and over again that those who avoid her are making the right move… They’re not going to throw her out. Every penny she manages to get an idiot to put down on her behalf is guaranteed money for the house, and the house ain’t doin’ so we’ll these days… They need to pimp every slut they can get. Even the ugly, crass, fat old hags.

Eventually, she runs her game on a guy with a short temper, who tried too, and wasted too much money hoping she had honorable intentions. Bahahaha! Sucker. He takes “Hit me again!” literally.

After all she’s done, he’s the bad guy…

Women simply don’t have morals, values, integrity, class, chastity, loyalty… They see nothing wrong with being manipulative, lying, vulgar trash. You’re the bigot for not liking her that way. You’re not a real man, you can’t handle her… Blah, blah, blah… The downward spiral of narcissistic delusion continues. Double-down. Again. Still.

They wish it were hate. It starts out as indifference, but she can’t stand to be ignored or unnoticed… The worse she gets trying to get attention, it morphs from indifference to repugnance. She’s categorically the opposite of everything a woman should be, and no respectable, intelligent man is ever going to be interested. Just go away.

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