so much privilege…

How dare you criticize the retarded vagbrat! She’s a retarded vagbrat! You have to obey her! How dare you refuse! How dare you criticize! Facts don’t matter because you used them to ATTACK the retarded vagbrat! Invalid! Obey the retarded vagbrat!

She’s not immune to criticism because if her age. That’s just one of the reasons. She has many mental defects. She’s a she. She has the correct opinions. All of this adds up to deleting reality. Yes, she responds poorly to stress. Which just makes you even that much more of a mwanie-face poopie-head for opposite ng her! She can’t handle it! You must obey because she might cry if you don’t! You made a retarded vagbrat cry! That makes you wrong about everything forever. Whatever you say becomes wrong because you said it! If you say “1 + 1 = 2” then that isn’t true anymore! You’re a bigot and a racist! Aahhh, stop raping me with disagreement and ideas I hate!!! Police! Help! I hate this guy! He, like, raped me by not obeying my stupid demands!

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