decades ago…

30 years ago I was like this guy… It was stupid. Of course the passive behavior is considered good. It allows the evil to progress. Sure buddy, laugh it off… You gave the communists more ground. You didn’t even try. Be proud!

It has nothing to do with being mad or any personal desire to retaliate. It’s about losing ground to the communist perverts. If you don’t fight back, you lose.

This guy has likely become aware of reality only recently. He doesn’t have decades of much worse to teach him that laughing it off is letting them win. He’s a boomer. No clue whatsoever. There’s nothing honorable about pretending everything is OK when it isn’t. But he’ll be told that it is. That he did the right thing. His ego will be stroked for bending over and taking it. Smiling as the rot spreads, smugly proud because a pretty, young girl told him he’s a good boy. While the country spirals downwards, and anyone willing to fight back is maligned.

Imagine fighting a war where every time a soldier fires his weapon at the enemy, he is court martialed… The only acceptable action is to get shot to death and smile as you did… Of course it’s rewarded! It’s a deliberate loss. That’s exactly what the enemy wants.

This is why the west is doomed. They’re still too dumb to realize what’s going on. Even when it’s too late, they still smile and laugh it off. Even as it all burns, they act like everything is going to work out fine… If you dare suggest otherwise, call the cops, drag him away! If he refuses, kill him.

There is no hope. There is no future. There is no escape. Execution is coming, no matter what. May as well go down swinging.

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