White men are getting rather impatient with being oppressed and discriminated against at every turn, while being told none of it is real… The gaslighting is infuriating. It’s no surprise that some snap… It’s a surprise that it doesn’t happen more, and frankly, I’d like to see it happen more. These evil shits deserve to see their friends and family killed. The insidious bigotry against white men, followed by constantly telling white men that they are the bigots simply for being born…

…and the helpful idiots applaud it.

The endless hate and lies directed at white men cannot end well. Either with their wrath, or their exodus. Without white men, everything turns to shit. No one else in history has ever proved capable of holding a functional society together, industry, science, pretty much any damn thing… The Left makes fantastic claims to the contrary, but all evidence and history proves it’s all a pack of lies.

You idiots can all fuck right off a cliff for all I care. I’m the white man. Not only will I do just fine without you, I’ll be much better off.

To be cursed by the Devil is a blessing.

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