Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some other option than killing them until the leftovers learn how to get in their place and act right?

Too bad they’re too stupid to realize that the seditious judges letting them off the hook are not actually thirer friends… The hormonal pervert cops think it’s great, but reality is that judges are using them to burn down the Constitution, and the cops are both the cannon fodder and human shields. The cops soak up the wrath. They catch the bullets the judges deserve. But, they’re too dumb to figure it out… They get off the hook and think it’s a good thing. That’s as far as their ape brains can take them. They neither understand, nor care about the deeper problem they’re being used to cause. They’re just sickos that couldn’t quite get up the nerve to abduct and rape a child, so now they do slightly less horrible things on behalf of politicians… They get called ‘hero’ for their evil… They can pin a cheap immitation of manliness to their chests, where the true sort would never be attainable… Soyboys with badges.

The cops are fully on board with the communist agenda.

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