If it doesn’t have a vagina glued to it, it isn’t valid.

They hate men so much that they abandon everything that it is to be a woman, to be a man impersonator. Then, because they’re macho and bitchy about it at the same time, nobody wants them. And that’s the fault of those who don’t want them.

What does it take to find attractive someone who insists on being fake-macho, is immature, and reduces themselves to base animalism? You’d have to be a gay, bestiality-obsessed pedophile. I’m none of those things, so I don’t find these screwed up, trashy sluts attractive.

“You can’t handle a strong, independent woman” Uh, you’re married to big daddy government. You abuse and neglect your own children. A hindrance to partying, but also your meal ticket… There’s nothing strong or independent about you. At all. Even if it were true, machismo with a hairy twat is exceedingly unattractive. Not to mention, morbidly unfit for purpose. Oh no, I defined your purpose!? No, genetics did that… You’re in denial and delusion about it, and that makes you a joke. No sane man is going to deposit his seed in the toxic dementia that you are… Which is why you worship the trash that does want you. You collect them by the thousands on social media. You have a rotating schedule of baby daddies. No decent, intelligent man wants his children raised by and subjcted to that train wreck. Kweenz! No matter the color, they’re all the same and no worthwhile man wants them. Ghetto trash through and through, the lot.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I’ve beat this dead horse so much… They just double-down and double-down… They already busted a decade sgo, but they’re still at the table screaming “hit me!” It’s so embarrassing for them, but they’re so utterly insane they think they’re winning…

Ok, so you “smash the patriarchy.” The pieces fall on your head, and you starve and die… You lose. No matter what. You are stupid garbage.

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